USF1 Barber test closed to public

Barber Motorsports Park has confirmed USF1’s test session at the track will not be open to the public.

A circuit spokesperson said other details of the test have not been decided yet:

In regards to the USF1 test, we are still in negotiations at this point. If the test does come to Barber Motorsports Park, it will be closed to the public.

It’s understandable that USF1 want some secrecy, but when they’re positioning themselves as an American F1 team it’s a shame they’re missing out on such an obvious opportunity to court the fans.

I know several F1 Fanatic readers near the Alabama track including mfDB, Eric, Chris McCoy, Wesley and Justus were considering going, so I’m sorry if this news comes as a disappointment to them. Or are they still planning to go anyway?

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42 comments on USF1 Barber test closed to public

  1. F1Yankee said on 15th January 2010, 9:02

    if i were testing an f1 car, i wouldn’t invite you jerks either.

    • “if i were testing an f1 car, i wouldn’t invite you jerks either.”

      And we love you, too, F1Yankee. :)

  2. Theres no such thing as bad PR :D

    The attention USF1 has received in the last few months is incredible. Not heard much from Campos and the whole Lotus thing has died down quite a bit. Peter Windsor knows what he is doing. Although I was cringing at the interviews around the office.

  3. Herbie said on 24th January 2010, 21:03

    I myself wanted to visit the facility as a fan of F1 and excited about having an American team. I sent 3 emails from their contact link and tried calling a couple of times to see if the facility was open to the public and fans, but have had no response. Anyone else tried?

  4. Kevin said on 30th January 2010, 4:59

    The museum (world class motorcycle collection)should be open at the track. Go there in hopes of a sight or sound of USF1 testing. The paddock area will probably be what is closed to the public. When Indy has tested at Barber’s in the past tickets were sold and the paddock was open to the public at no additional price. High turnout for those testing events resulted in Barber’s being added to Indy’s racing schedule.

  5. Perry said on 3rd February 2010, 16:42

    If someone discovers the date of the test please let us know. I’m in Atlanta, but my folks live 20 minutes from the track. I might need to visit the museum that day with my camera to shoot ‘um…. some motorcycles.

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