Fernando Alonso’s new helmet for 2010

Fernando Alonso in Ferrari's ice kart race (click to enlarge)

Fernando Alonso in Ferrari's ice kart race (click to enlarge)

Fernando Alonso sported what looks like an updated helmet design for 2010 at Ferrari’s media event today.

The design features his usual blue and yellow – a nod to his home city Oviedo – mixed with Ferrari red and, of course, the team’s sponsors’ logos.

Here’s another angle on the design (taken while he gets a big hug from Fisichella):

Fernando Alonso gets a hug from Giancarlo Fisichella (click to enlarge)

Fernando Alonso gets a hug from Giancarlo Fisichella (click to enlarge)

I’m a bit old-fashioned – I like to see drivers sticking with the same design no matter who they drive for. But it seems almost every driver these days bring out a new design when they change teams and some seem to switch styles almost every race – like Sebastian Vettel last year.

Alonso’s new helmet didn’t bring him any luck, though: he crashed out of the race one lap from the end. More on that here: Massa second in Ferrari ice kart race as Alonso crashes

What do you think of Alonso’s new design? Here’s his 2009 skid lid for comparison:

Fernando Alonso's 2009 helmet design (Click to enlarge)

Fernando Alonso's 2009 helmet design (Click to enlarge)

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT

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39 comments on Fernando Alonso’s new helmet for 2010

  1. I like it better then 2009 version but it is nothing special.

  2. Although I quite like a driver changing his helmet design for a one off special event every now and then, I too like to see drivers keep the same basic design throughout their career.

  3. Rick DeNatale said on 16th January 2010, 19:15

    Actually, to me the 2009 helmet looks more Ferrariesque than the new one.

  4. F1fan said on 17th January 2010, 0:34

    Don’t know what the big deal is when people disagree with Pilots changing *their own helmet* design. They all look good these days lets get to racing now.

    • I think some people, me included, may prefer a driver to stick with the same helmet design because that is what has traditionally been done. I remember Brundle saying during commentary saying that he wasn’t a fan of drivers changing their helmet design all the time and saying when he was racing drivers kept the same design for their whole career.

      I suppose you could argue it would be similar to Ferrari acting like all the other teams and dropping their traditional Red based livery to suit their sponsors.

      • Rick DeNatale said on 17th January 2010, 15:55

        And other traditions have changed which make me prefer that drivers keep their helmet designs stable.

        It used to be the case that it was fairly easy to distinguish between cars on a team because the numbers and sometimes the drivers names on the cars were actually visible, even at a distance and at speed.

        These days, that’s no longer true at all, and the only clues are the helmet and the color of the on-board video camera, which is small and often not visible in TV shots.

      • F1fan said on 25th January 2010, 4:17

        traditionally. well that doesn’t mean every pilot is going to keep the same helmet because back in the day the helmets were usually one design for a whole career. This is a new age of formula 1 and a lot of these pilots seem like they want to look good while racing. creativity on a helmet is one way of looking good since we see them the most.

        Well I suppose there isn’t really another team or manufacturer that is soley based on a red paint. There is no bigger team or color than ferrari, great example. But I do remember a good stretch of atleast 7 years when ferrari put white on there traditional red livery so there sponsors could be seen. I believe 2010 they are gonna put a lot of white on the nose and rear wing so santander can be seen. looks a bit like toyota :\

  5. In fact, blue and yellow are the colours of Asturias, the spanish region where Oviedo is found. By the way, you can spot the asturian flag in almost every F1 circuit where Alonso is running: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asturias
    Alonso’s identification with the colours is logical, those where also the colours of the Renault F1 team that made him double champion. When he signed for McLaren, he stated that he wanted his followers to keep the colours. It seems logical that he keeps the tradition with Ferrari.

  6. MacBromba said on 17th January 2010, 15:44

    bad looking helmet…

    massa has the most cool helmet in f1….

  7. The Limit said on 17th January 2010, 21:30

    It seems Fernando has returned to a style more simular to that worn during his title winning years with Renault. Personally, I like it when drivers incorporate their national colours on their helmets. Felipe Massa’s helmet design is nice, as was Kubica’s last year. My least favourite was Kovalainen’s, but as someone else just mentioned on this blog, they are wearing the damn things not us.

  8. Pankit said on 18th January 2010, 12:30

    i like the new design more for sure… it will contrast nicely with the ferrari … but i do like the olden days when drivers usually kept the helmet designs same for their entire career , it holds a certain charm

  9. Stefan said on 30th January 2010, 2:28

    I like this helmet, I expected more red but this is a much better choice. The red is allready there on his F10 and his suit so the blue-yellow Asturias and the Spanish flag maintains.

    It is not like his McLaren helmet, when he changed it dramatically.

    Look at this image, It’s awesome!!


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