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Driving the F1 simulator which gives teams “the best way to cheat” 17th January 2010, 18:22

F1 drivers will get their first runs in their new cars at Valencia in two weeks’ time. Actually, that’s a lie – they started driving them months ago. The increased use of simulators in F1 means that while the FIA puts ever greater restrictions on testing mileage, teams are relying more heavily on virtual testing […]

Great F1 cars of the last six decades: Renault R25 (Autosport International)

The Renault R25 is featured at this year’s Autosport International show as one of the great racing cars of the last six decades. The R25 was the last of a breed – the final V10-engined machine to win the world championship, and the car which broke Ferrari’s six-year winning streak in the constructors’ world championship. […]

Kubica visits Renault team (Updated)

Another first glimpse of an F1 driver with his new team – Robert Kubica has been to visit the Renault factory in Enstone. Kubica met new team principal Eric Boullier during his visit. The Renault R30 will be launched on January 31st but Kubica’s team mate has not been announced yet. Here’s the first pictures […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 17/1/2010

We’re eight weeks away from the first race of the year at Bahrain. Here’s today’s F1 Fanatic round-up: Links No ??equalising?? of engines for 2010 (James Allen) “After extensive discussions got nowhere, the FIA is believed to have ruled that the engines will stay as they are with no re-tuning.” M I G BANK – […]

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