Kubica visits Renault team (Updated)

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Robert Kubica at the Renault factory
Robert Kubica at the Renault factory

Another first glimpse of an F1 driver with his new team – Robert Kubica has been to visit the Renault factory in Enstone.

Kubica met new team principal Eric Boullier during his visit. The Renault R30 will be launched on January 31st but Kubica’s team mate has not been announced yet.

Here’s the first pictures of Kubica as an official Renault driver.

Robert Kubica and Renault team principal Eric Boullier
Robert Kubica and Renault team principal Eric Boullier
Robert Kubica at the Renault factory
Robert Kubica at the Renault factory

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Update: Renault have published a Q&A with Kubica:

Robert, you visited Enstone last week. What were your first impressions?
I had been to the factory before when I tested for the team a few years ago, but it was great to return and see how much has changed. The site is bigger now and there are more facilities such as the CFD centre, which is very impressive and will play a big role in the development of our car this year. When you walk around the factory there is a great atmosphere and everybody seems motivated and up for the fight ?ǣ just like me!

How did the seat fit go?
We’ve only done the first stage in a mock-up chassis as the first R30 isn’t ready yet. So we checked the dimensions and took measurements to make sure I was comfortable in the car. There are some small changes to be made, but no major issues. Later this month I’ll go back to Enstone to try out the proper chassis and to have my seat made so that we are ready for the first test in Valencia.

How is your relationship with the team developing?
So far things are going really well and the factory has given me a warm welcome. It’s still very early days and I need to get to know everybody in the team, but at the moment things are going well. I already have a good relationship with my engineers and we talk on the phone every week as I want to know as much about the new car as possible. The only difficulty I have is being patient enough to wait for the first test as it has been a long winter out of the car. Valencia cannot come soon enough!

Thanks to Mariusz for the tip

Image (C) Renault/LAT

19 comments on “Kubica visits Renault team (Updated)”

  1. You welcome :-)

  2. All the Best Kubica with Renault

    1. I think they should have a better year this year…well I hope so for the kube…anyways!

  3. I hope that the new Renault car is not a flop again.
    Come on, Frenchies! Build a fast car, please!

  4. The fleece top he is wearing is black with a yellow logo, a clue to the 2010 Renault livery?
    oh by the way, when viewed on an iPhone, this page appears fine. It is all formatted so the text fits on the screen but the photograps go off the edge ofthe page. For example I can only read the caption : “Robert kubica at the ren” the rest is off screen

    1. Also with the iphone, when you post a lot of images it can create a very long page to scroll down sometimes. I know you are in the middle of designing a new layout so perhaps you would consider perhaps a button at the bottom to load images, would help when your on a dodgy connection when out and about too.

    2. did mention it before, however since maybe Caulums description is better: same here on my Nokia 6120

    3. I am hamsur :D
      20th January 2010, 5:10

      No renault is a yellow logo. he could haf been wearing red top and the logo is still yellow.

  5. Very nice to see you, Robert! :) Welcome to RENAULT! :)

  6. I hope this top is clue to livery too. Black and yellow are my favourite colours. Polish fans believe in new renault car! ! !

    1. Black and Yellow go beautifully together but White Red go perfectly together so i hope the yellow and black take it over the finishing line and the white and red will be flying once again just like it did in Canada in 2008

  7. I want a black and yellow Renault!

    1. I am hamsur :D
      20th January 2010, 5:08

      John player special the best chassis ever

  8. The picture of both men looks strange in the sense that they looked artificial :-( . I think Kub is still sceptical of his new Boss.

    Understandably after that shock experience with BMW and rushing to sign a new contract with Renault. Anyway, good luck long nose :-)

  9. The photo he is standing next to of the Renault logo looks awesome.

    1. I think that looks beautiful.

  10. All the best to Renault & Kubica,hope they produce a good car.

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