Incredible amateur video of Fittipaldi’s 1993 Monza crash

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No-one who saw the 1993 Italian Grand Prix will forget Christian Fittipaldi’s heart-stopping backflip across the finishing line. And plenty of other fans will know it from the video that aired at the time.

But I’d never seen this video of the accident filmed by a fan at the track before. Here’s a new angle on one of F1’s most famous crashes.

You can hear the crowd gasp and see the gantry where the man waving the chequered flag was standing, just a few metres away from where Fittipaldi flew through the air. The side-on angle shows just how far he travelled in an accident which began as the cars were pushing towards 200mph.

Fitipaldi was trying to pass Minardi team mate Pierluigi Martini for seventh place at the time. The two cars made contact, Fittipaldi’s M193 flew into the air and, with incredible fortune, landed on all four wheels, still pointing the right way. And he still had enough momentum to get across the line.

Afterwards, Fittipaldi was furious with his team mate. The crash illustrates just how dangerous and unpredictable crashes between open-wheel cars at high speeds can be. And why rules on acceptable driving standards need to be clearer than they are now.

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