F1 Fanatic round-up: 19/1/2010

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The Monte Carlo Rally begins today with Robert Kubica taking part in a Renault Clio with co-driver Jakub Gerber. The event ends – 1,600km later – on Friday.

There’s some especially interesting stuff in the links today including more details on US F1’s car. Here’s today’s round-up:


US F1 Type 1 revealed (Racecar Engineering)

Renderings of the new US F1 car.

No running on thin ice (Toro Rosso)

Red Bull had to abandon their attempts to drive an F1 car on ice at Montreal because the weather wasn’t cold enough.

World council member questions FIA appeal (Pitpass)

“The decision to appeal is a decision that should have been taken by the World Council but we haven’t had a World Council meeting.”

McLaren Electronics Fuels Analysis of Formula One Racing Data with SQL Server (Microsoft)

One for hardcore techies this – a look at the software in the electronic control unit which is fitted to every F1 car. Seems they picked an Indy Car for one illustration though. Thanks to Andrew Lighten for the tip.

Comment of the day

A lot of people agreed with my take on the mandatory pit stops debate so I wanted to promote a solid counter-argument for those who aren’t sure. Here’s one from GQsm:

Are you ??No?? voters thinking that drivers will have to pit for tyres anyway? In which case what?s the problem with it being mandatory? Allowing them not to pit just means they can work their strategy towards that goal and when they achieve it we end up with a parade.

This isn?t GP2, there is no reverse grid. The cars are closer than ever, on track overtaking isn?t going to suddenly become more possible than it was before. I?d say quite the opposite. Without cars running varying fuel weights and fresher tyres I would expect on track overtaking to fall not rise.

Races without a single position change the entire race are perfectly possible if qualifying goes without a hitch and no one pits.

From the forum

Now that Canada’s back on the F1 calendar it’s time we got an American round to go with it. Dlaird asks where an American Grand Prix should be held.

Site updates

There’s a good chance we’ll be moving servers later this week which could mean a brief period of outage. I’ll keep you posted with developments, but hopefully once we’re through the difficult part we’ll end up with a faster, more reliable F1 Fanatic.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to MarkG!

On this day in F1

Jenson Button was born on this day in 1980 – many happy returns to the world champion.