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Massa to test F2008 on Friday 20th January 2010, 19:49

Felipe Massa will join Michael Schumacher by getting some testing done before the season starts. He will get behind the wheel on Friday, taking over the F2008 currently being used by Valentino Rossi at the Circuit de Catalunya. Massa last tested a car on December 16th when he drove an F2007 at Mugello. The drivers […]

Is this Ferrari’s 2010 livery?

Spanish newspaper Marca claims to have exclusive illustrations of Ferrari’s 2010 Ferrari. See here for pictures of the design. The livery shows a heavy presence for Santander as expected. But the front and rear wings are white, even though Santander’s corporate colours are white text on a red background. I’ve contacted Ferrari to find out […]

YouTube starts broadcasting live sport, but will F1 ever get on board?

YouTube has signed its first deal to broadcast sport live on the internet. Its contract with the Indian Premier League has surprised media analysts because it allows YouTube to stream live coverage in every country including those where TV deals for the IPL are already in place (apart from the USA). F1 rights holders FOA […]

Are F1 fans getting ripped off? Cheapest and dearest tickets prices revealed

F1 fans will pay between ??18 and ??822 for a three-day Grand Prix ticket in 2010. But which circuits offer the best value deals – and which track has the most expensive tickets? (Clue: it’s not Monaco…) Compare the prices of the cheapest and dearest F1 tickets on sale below.

Buemi’s ice-capade abandoned (Pictures)

Sebastien Buemi didn’t get to drive his Red Bull on ice after all. The team had to abandon its “Frozen One” event near the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve because it wasn’t quite frozen enough. However the team were able to do some photography with the car in uncharacteristically icy surroundings. Have a look at the results […]

Rossi tests Ferrari at Barcelona (Pictures)

Valentino Rossi has finished the first day of his test in a Ferrari F1 car at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Because of testing restrictions Rossi cannot use a current model, so he is driving a 2008-specification Ferrari F2008 supplied by Corse Clienti and using GP2 tyres. His distinctive number 46 is emblazoned on […]

Harlow explains refuelling ban challenges

Force India chief race engineer Dominic Harlow reckons the ban on in-race refuelling in 2010 will make driver skill more important. Harlow added that tackling wet weather races with heavy fuel tanks will be especially challenging: In wet conditions the extra weight of the cars will be another interesting factor, and will probably accentuate the […]

Schumacher: “We want to win the titles”

Michael Schumacher says he and the Mercedes Grand Prix team are aiming to win both championships this year. In an interview on his official website Schumacher said: The constellation we have here is pretty unique – with Ross and his world championship winning team, with the know-how of Mercedes, with the best engine at the […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 20/1/2010

I was looking forward to seeing how Robert Kubica fared in the Monte-Carlo rally but sadly it looks like it’s all over for him before it even started. Maurice Hamilton reports on Twitter that his engine failed after just 4km and he can’t join in the rest of the event. Today we should see Valentino […]

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