F1 Fanatic round-up: 20/1/2010

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I was looking forward to seeing how Robert Kubica fared in the Monte-Carlo rally but sadly it looks like it’s all over for him before it even started. Maurice Hamilton reports on Twitter that his engine failed after just 4km and he can’t join in the rest of the event.

Today we should see Valentino Rossi back behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Here’s some pictures of Rossi’s last Ferrari test and here’s the rest of the round-up for today:


Campos car passes final crash test (Autosport)

Adrian Campos: “The car is now homologated and we are still working very, very hard. We are very confident about our position, and we are close to a deal with an investor that will help us even more.”

F1 cockpit negotiations ongoing (Christian Klien)

“I was well aware that my main rival for the [BMW Sauber] seat was Pedro de la Rosa. In my view, the fact that the decision was taken so late shows that it was not an easy one for Peter Sauber.”

Q&A – Nelson Piquet Jr. (Speed TV)

Nelson Piquet Jnr: “I could?ve been there (Formula One) if I wanted to. A team offered me to be there. I just thought I was sick and tired of all of the stuff over there.” I feel much the same about the Crashgate fall-out, not to mention the driver at the centre of it.

In Detail: Building a Nose (US F1 YouTube)

We’ve seen quite a few videos from US F1 so far but this is the most interesting and impressive so far.

Comment of the day

Prisoner Monkeys isn’t sure Nick Heidfeld will find a seat for 2010:

He has had his chance. He played his hand and decided to see if Mercedes would take him. They didn?t. And now there are just five seats left and it?s becoming plain that there is not much room left for him. Renault is likely to take a pay driver. Toro Rosso have said they?ll have Alguersuari. Campos are talking with Petrov and Maldonado. And USF1 are expected to take Jose Maria Lopez, and have admitted their second seat will probably be a pay driver as well.

It seems Heidfeld?s reach has exceeded his grasp. If he wants to stay in Formula 1, he?s got some choices to make. He?s probably going to have to swallow his pride, too. And we all know how hard that can be??

From the forum

Georg29 wonders – as I do – what’s the point of Sauber keepng the ‘BMW’ bit in their name?

Site updates

Nothing much apart from a small update to the biography of Pedro de la Rosa for obvious reasons.

Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes to two F1 Fanatics today – Qazuhb and Cathal. Happy birthday guys!

On this day in F1

BMW launched their F1.09 on this day last year. The team had high hopes for the car after three years of gradual improvements – but it proved a flop and the manufacturer announced it was withdrawing from Formula 1 halfway through the season.