Is this Ferrari’s 2010 livery?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Spanish newspaper Marca claims to have exclusive illustrations of Ferrari’s 2010 Ferrari. See here for pictures of the design.

The livery shows a heavy presence for Santander as expected. But the front and rear wings are white, even though Santander’s corporate colours are white text on a red background.

I’ve contacted Ferrari to find out if the images are genuine but haven’t had a reply yet. What do you think?

Update: These are official pictures of the drivers’ 2010 race suits issued by Ferrari, which also has the Santander logo red-on-white:

Thanks to IDR for the tip

Image (C) Ferrari spa

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  1. that’s horrible.

    1. Awful! Either keep it all red or bring back the black wings. This is a huge step backwards.

      1. And why does it look like they have stickers on their racing suits??

    2. wats horrible in that. That looks good to me.

    3. The clour of the gear dont matter, question is, will they and the cars be up to the rest of the field?

      1. Matthew Wilcox
        22nd January 2010, 22:44

        I agree with this guy, i dont care what the suits, cars, helmets look like, i just want f.Alonso to win it again…

    4. perhaps it’s just a special livery for the advert. to make santander stand out a bit more.

    5. Jraybay-Hamiltonmclarenfan
      22nd January 2010, 19:15

      what is horrible about it?

  2. Oddly enough I quite like it. Although I’d be inclined to like it more if there hadn’t been a plethora of white cars in recent seasons (I’m looking at you; BMW, Brawn, Toyota, Force India and Renault! – That is a depressingly long list :-()

    1. fear not for 2010 tho. sauber will be any colour, brawn are now silver/grey, there is no toyota and renault hopefully will be yellow/black.
      as for the new teams, virgin should be black/red like their logo, lotus are green/ yellow. and i’m not sure about usf1 or campos.

  3. I hope that’s their livery, that’s the best Ferrari paint job I’ve seen for years! :D

  4. Thanks Keith. I think there could be a bit too much white (I always think Ferrari should be almost completely red) but I do quite like it. I think the shade makes it look better than it is mind :P

    1. Jraybay-Hamiltonmclarenfan
      22nd January 2010, 19:22

      Ferrari has had white on their chassis and fire suits since the 1970’s I don’t see what the big surprise is here that is not alot of white :\ . Also in the 2000’s there has been alot of white on the chassis and fire suits. only in the 90’s and 2008 ferrari has had a little amount of white.

    2. Jraybay-Hamiltonmclarenfan
      22nd January 2010, 19:26

      Actually no in 2008 they had white gloves for the race and a big white line down the sides of the torso and arms.

  5. If those pictures are real then wont ferarri have someone to answer to seeing as they shouldnt be testing the car yet or have i missed something?

    1. I think the teams are allowed to run their cars anytime they want for media shoots etc, provided they keep below a certain speed.

      1. Is anyone else a little tired of seeing Santander all the time? They’re on the McLaren, now they’re all over the Ferrari, and they even give out Santander-logo-shaped trophies to race winners.

        1. i HATE those trophies. who’d want to win those?

          1. I think those trophies were against the rules, which rules, I dunno, maybe just the rules of good taste! :)

      2. Is anyone else a little tired of seeing Santander all the time? They’re on the McLaren, now they’re all over the Ferrari, and they even give out Santander-logo-shaped trophies to race winners.

        As for the livery itself, it looks a bit strange but we’ll get accustomed to it soon.

      3. Massa is testing an 07 car on Friday, not this years car! #:)

    2. That looks very much like last year’s car to me.

      1. (Should add, I’m talking about the car itself being last year’s…not the livery)

        1. Actually there are rules for how F1 trophies must look – but it only limits the size of them and specify F1 logo must be on them if I recall correctly

  6. Translation to English via GoogleTranslate:

    The more Spanish Ferrari with Banco Santander

    The bank appears next to the white coat and repainting of the wings, something almost unheard of. They are only the official colors, the Model 2010, the 28th.

    Banco Santander sweeping the new Ferrari, presented Wednesday to the media in his new official colors. To view the 2010 car design will have to wait to January 28. What will not change now is that the team will be more Spanish than ever, not only by Fernando Alonso, but also by the large bank’s presence in the car. Rarely in history had cornered a brand so much attention on Ferrari’s new weapon, displacing even the ‘title sponsor’ such as Marlboro, which maintains the exclusivity of the bonnet.

    Santander The word appears in the rear wing and the striker, who will be white, something that had not happened since the ’70s, except a slight incursion into the 90s. The brand is also present in the deflectors under the hill, in the rearview mirror and on the pontoons. Furthermore, it appears next to ‘cavallino’, which is an almost unprecedented novelty. Literally, where he is photographed by shooting, the Spanish bank leaves portrayed, a successful negotiation of bank marketing.

    Banco Santander will provide the 40 million over 5 years (200 in total) and will sponsor the races in England, Germany and Italy, while it is second sponsor of Brazil and two in Spain. ”

    I could only guess that white-text-on-red would not really stand out on an all-red car, so they’ve inverted it… looks a bit rubbish and un-Ferarri if you ask me :)

    1. It does technically match what they’ve done on the race suits…

  7. If it is, why is it being driven before the golden first test date of February 1st?

    I think Ferrari should be banned for the entire season…

    1. Giuliano Vilela
      20th January 2010, 22:28

      Calm down man. If they were testing, why the hell would they put images online?

      1. Yeah, it was sarcasm.

        But anyway, it looks alright. But like many others, I feel the red and black Ferraris look much better than the red and white ones.

  8. i think rear wheel fairings not banned for 2010?

    1. they are, but that photo could be photoshopped.

  9. This is the 2009 car with 2010 livery. Simply as that!

    The article says:

    “To see the car with 2010 livery you must to wait until 28/January…”

    1. pretty much sums it up. plus its not impossible fake this in photoshop if you have the skill set

    2. The head line at the bottom of the picture says:

      “Primera imagen del nuevo Ferrari que pilotará Alonso en este Mundial”

      “First image of the new Ferrari that will drive Alonso in this season”

      1. After reading the whole article, not just the headlines, it seems is only an exercise with the color scheme.

        I take the news from my iPhone when I was returning back home, and I could not read the whole article.

        As always, Marca is doing sensationalist headlines making confusion, sorry, for that.

      2. thanks for finding these images IDR!

    3. Actually, Marca is saying that Fernando have drove the car in Paul Ricard some days ago for a Santander ad.

      So, this image is real…

      1. Reading another article in the “As” newspaper, they confirm some days ago, Fernando drove 2009 car for a commercial spot for B Santander.

        But they confirm also the color scheme is the one selected for the 2010 car.

  10. Ergh not a big fan, a Ferrari should be all red. Call me a purist but it just seems not a Ferraro paint job!!

    It doesn’t really seem to make a whole lot of sense to be honest.

    1. Well, Ferrari had white rear wings in 2002 season:

  11. From what the translation says it is 2009 car in 2010 livery (for commercial purposes probably).

    It looks genuine enough for me, but it will look strange to see so much white on Ferrari.

  12. NO!!! Pl let that not be the genuine thing…

    That much white on the scarlet car…
    thats sacreligious!

    1. Oh come on :) there’s no less white on that car than there as on this one!

  13. Bad times :( that doesn’t look right.

  14. Looks pretty real to me. I love seeing teams change their livery rather than keeping it the same year after year. So in that sense I approve.

    But its back to the future for Ferrari- it looks pretty identical to the livery of the Schumacher era to me.

    Challenge to any photoshoppers- can you edit the white bits to become black, just to see how it could look?

      1. Giuliano Vilela
        20th January 2010, 22:30

        Maybe a bolder font for the Santander logo, then it’s awsome

  15. Yeap that’s an ugly livery, if it is real. Why wouldn’t they make the Santander logo white on red, like it is everywhere else.

    1. “Why wouldn’t they make the Santander logo white on red”

      The original Santander logo was in green on white, and after several years they changed to Red on White.

      And now, the international image is White on Red.

  16. Looks real…

    Looks disgusting too…

  17. HounslowBusGarage
    20th January 2010, 20:46

    I followed the link to the Spanish site to have a look at the Ferrari livery and then poked about on some of their other stories. There’s one about the competition for the last five places for the 2010 grid. So I copied the text and translated it via Google.
    Google translated Campos Meta as Field Goal.

    1. Google translation is dangerous….

      Campos = Field

      Meta = Goal

      Literal translation. :-)

    1. That’s was I was going to say, I don’t know what’s the big problem, they had enough white on their livery back then when marlboro were on the car… is literally the same livery but whit santander instead of marlboro

  18. Looks like a mediocre photoshop exercise to me- just look at the barge boards and the mirrors on the second image

  19. Looks plausible to me. It reminds me of the white bits on the Ferrari F93A, which in turn reminded everyone of the late 70s’ Ferrari 312Ts.

    White on a scarlet car is far more usual than the black wings they had during the 80s and early 90s, e.g. on the Ferrari 640 a.k.a. F1-90 (although I have to say that this is the most beautiful F1 Ferrari ever).

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