Is this Ferrari’s 2010 livery?

Spanish newspaper Marca claims to have exclusive illustrations of Ferrari’s 2010 Ferrari. See here for pictures of the design.

The livery shows a heavy presence for Santander as expected. But the front and rear wings are white, even though Santander’s corporate colours are white text on a red background.

I’ve contacted Ferrari to find out if the images are genuine but haven’t had a reply yet. What do you think?

Update: These are official pictures of the drivers’ 2010 race suits issued by Ferrari, which also has the Santander logo red-on-white:

Thanks to IDR for the tip

Image (C) Ferrari spa

90 comments on “Is this Ferrari’s 2010 livery?”

  1. ahhh i hate it…..the suit and plus the helmets….these too look so boring with these colors…..
    Look at Kimi’s Helmet even though he looked boring his helmet always matched with the Livery and the suit….

  2. its totally rubbish.
    first the uniforms remind me of the white stripes for some reason.
    the car looks horrible in red and white (sure its like the f2004, but it really doesn’t fit with the red lettering). I totally agree that the car should be totally red with white lettering like every other sponsor (etihad, Marlboro, acer, etc). Also I believe the sponsorship deal is a bit excessive. Santander’s wording and logo all over the car are simply too messy. black would not be a bad option either like in the old days as well.
    I hope its one of those other spanish media fakes.

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