Jaime Alguersuari stays at Toro Rosso

Teenager Alguersuari will get a full season at Toro Rosso

Teenager Alguersuari will get a full season at Toro Rosso

Jaime Alguersuari will remain at Toro Rosso for the 2010 season, the team have confirmed.

Team principal Franz Tost said:

This season, he will again face a steep learning curve, as all the circuits in the first part of the season will be new to him. Jaime?s appointment also confirms our team?s commitment to bringing on graduates of the Red Bull Young Driver Programme.
Franz Tost

The mystery here, though, is why it took them so long to do it, having only brought Alguersuari into the team late in 2009.

Tost added:

Considering that he made his debut only halfway through 2009, at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with no prior testing, he did a good job, making steady progress throughout the second half of the year, with a mature approach considering he is still only nineteen years old.
Franz Tost

Alguersuari will remain alongside Sebastien Buemi but the length of time it took Toro Rosso to confirm him suggests they were having second thoughts.

Alguersuari is still a teenager and was the youngest driver ever to start a Grand Prix when he made his debut at the Hungaroring last year. He joins Fernando Alonso and Pedro de la Rosa as one of three Spanish drivers in F1 this year.

The news means there are only four places left un-filled for 2010: one at Renault, one at Campos Meta and both the US F1 seats.

2010 F1 drivers and teams

Image (C) Red Bull/Getty images

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39 comments on Jaime Alguersuari stays at Toro Rosso

  1. I wish Anthony Davidson or Takuma Sato, Giancarlo Fisichella or Nick Heidfeld had got this seat :(

  2. Icthyea said on 23rd January 2010, 2:06

    It always struck me as ironic that Felipe Massa warned about such a young driver being allowed into F1, and then he got injured (albeit by accident) by the most experienced guy on the grid.

    Anyway, Jaime deserved to stay for this year, and I hope he gets a fair crack at his drive.

    • Massa’s accident had a lot of bitter irony even eeriness about it.
      There was your point, the tragic incident with Henry Surtees and that being a freak accident followed by another case of something coming lose from the car and striking a driver on the head, everyone’s attention was on Jaime and the testing ban saying how it wasn’t just his age but lack of testing that was a danger, Massa was also one of the first drivers I think to offer condolences to the Surtees family and one of the most outspoken criticisng Jaime’s step up to the sport, Massa had been on pretty strong form and looked good for at least a podium, he generally has bad luck there (07 worst race of his career perhaps, 08 engine failure three laps from home) and every time a Mclaren wins (not a direct link but it seems when he has a bad weekend there then the silver cars do well). Not sure if he even really needed to do that lap.

      Anyway back to topic there has been some very inetresting points from fanatics and generally I think they are spot on.
      STR have been caught short with their drivers. It isn’t ideal the situation they are in and dieally when they are building their own chasis they should have someone of experience. These two do however show potential.
      Jaime has to show he can cut it by midseason or he will probably go if they can find someone to fill his cockpit. He may not have had much testing and could be a bit unnerved by this confirmation taking so long but there are going to be plenty of other rookies. If the new kids show him up then that’s it he is gone. He’s still young so he could always come back but really he has to keep his focus and keep imrpoving. I like the boy a lot and I’ve been impressed with his maturity, his feedback on the radio at his first practice was very good and that he mostly brought the car home. His only real fault was Japan but almost everyone crashed that weekend and he was still finding his feet. Buemi made a bigger error at Monaco with Piquet I felt so I think Jaime has done a nice job keeping his nose clean. The pit blunder at Abu Dhabi was hardly his fault as the pit crew for RBR look exactly the same as Toro Rosso. Hopefully it will have taught them to seperate their liveries and uniform a bit. They loook too similar for casual fans to follow.
      People say STR didn’t set the world alight but they were never ever going to be allowed to last year. The success of 08 caught RBR off guard and they did not want to be shown up by the team again. Maybe they pulled the reigns a little bit on their sister team when it came to developing the car.
      I think PM makes very good points but I think they should still be ahead or at least challenging the new teams. They had Newey’s influence on their car previously and they have had time to understand that and carry it across. The new teams immediately have to get to grips with aero but STR had a full year with these rules. The refuelling ban will still be a big issue to overcome though.

  3. Sush Meerkat said on 23rd January 2010, 9:28

    “The mystery here, though, is why it took them so long to do it, having only brought Alguersuari into the team late in 2009″

    Its the Torro Rosso way, they always take their sweet time about confirming drivers, Scott Speed didn’t have a drive until about 4 minutes before 2007 qualifying.

  4. James_mc said on 23rd January 2010, 13:22

    In all fairness to the lad, he was promoted too early. Even then I’ve not been overly impressed.

    I think he should drop down to F2/GP2 for a season or two and then come back. Remember there was once an Irishman who went to Jordan and then came back a few seasons later much stronger in a Toyota? Tim O’Glock I think his name was…

  5. What’s happened to Sebastian Bourdais. I did not expect him back in F1 but he seems to have sadly disappeared…

  6. The Limit said on 24th January 2010, 4:21

    Message to the Toro Rosso mechanics. Better buy yourselves some good steel toecapped boots boys, anybody remember Jaime’s stop at Abu Dhabi?

  7. GeeMac said on 25th January 2010, 6:45

    I think it would have been a bit harsh if Toro Rosso let Jaime go. He was dropped in at the deep end with no opportunity to get acquainted with the car (and as Badoer and Fisi showed that isn’t exactly easy) and he did a fair job. He deserves another season at the wheel of the Toro Rosso.

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