Massa racks up laps in Spain (Pictures)

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Felipe Massa covered a lot of ground at Barcelona
Felipe Massa covered a lot of ground at Barcelona

Felipe Massa covered 400km – around 20 laps more than a Grand Prix distance – at the Circuit de Catalunya today.

He was back behind the wheel of the F2008, the car in which he almost won the 2008 championship.

The team have not yet released details of his lap times for comparison with , but here’s a few pictures of Massa in action:

Image (C) Ferrari spa

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  1. Why keep Massa after getting hit in the head? . What about Raikkonen? He’s a world champion, and always better than Massa. It’s all about the money, and who can buy their own seat in F1… like Alonso did.

    1. I’m not sure that is entirely true. Massa beat Kimi in 08 and for 09 when he was in it. Kimi was a superb driver but only when he wanted to be. I doubt a team like Ferrari care as much for money when they can get any sponsor they want.

  2. Seems to me that Felipe’s car has got less wing downforce. Maybe because the track was drier. Anyway, let’s await Valencia’s testing.

  3. What would it matter on lap times when he is in a car outdated car. I do look forward to seeing him on the grid.

  4. Also don’t forget, the F2008 they’re driving they’re is a much updated Brazil spec beast to the one that actuallly visited Spain in 2008.

    Another reason it would have been a lot faster then the spain spec 08 and 09 cars.

  5. massa would of been running a skinny wing to emulate the lower downforce settings of the 2009-10 cars.

    they were testing totally different things, for different reasons. rossi was just driving. massa was actually testing stuff. fuel levels, ride height, tyre wear on heavy fuel, etc etc.

    the lap times cant be compared.

    only massa 08 Q2 time can be compared to Rossis low fuel lap. in which massa was 2 seconds faster, with grooved tyres.

    not need to get excited yet.

  6. Great Massa! Go and defeat Alonso!

  7. The Nude Wizard
    24th January 2010, 22:16

    from James Allens blog as i hadnt seen lap times mentioned anywhere else –

    “Rossi lapped Barcelona in 1m 21.9 seconds, in a 2008 car with 2009 tyres. The following day Massa put the performance in context when he went almost three seconds faster, setting a time in the 1m 18s”

    and yeah i know it appears they were driving different chasis/wings as per the 268 chasis sticker on the nose on Massa’s car which was missing from the car Rossi drove and the smaller wing from what i can from photos was the same/similar to that Kimi won with in 08 on the same circuit but interesting none the less.

  8. when kimi won in 2008 he was using a 2 piece rear wing as rossi did.

    massa one piece would be slower, and done to emulate the 2009-10 lower downforce levels.

  9. Massa said after the test:
    “It was a perfect way to optimise my form here in Barcelona. I’m really happy that I had this new opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 single-seater on a race track. I can’t wait to sit in the new car and get stuck in.”

    I think we can read between the lines that mass was actually SLOWER than at lease what he expected.

    The 1.18 James Allens is mere speculation.

    I bet Alonso is excited by the non-news :)

    We should wait and see how much testing Ferrari will give to Fisi as he might be needed within few races.

    Shame, I really like Massa and his never-weaving determination. (Unlike some icecream suckers :)

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