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Your questions: Lewis Hamilton, F1 tickets and races in the snow 24th January 2010, 22:01

I’ve had a lot of questions sent in over the couple of weeks. I’ve finally got round to answering some of them covering topics as diverse as F1 tickets, avatars and getting a job in F1:

“The Science of Formula 1 Design” by David Tremayne (Book review)

With the launch season almost upon us it was quite timely that I received an updated copy of “The Science of Formula 1 Design” (though not timely enough to help with writing Five problems F1 designers face in 2010 earlier this week). The third edition of David Tremayne’s technical guide to F1 offers a clear […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 24/1/2010

A quiet day yesterday though for no obvious reason the discussion sprang back to life on a four year-old article on F1 vs NASCAR. We’ve also had a new idea for a future F1 Fanatic article suggested on Skribit. If you’ve got an idea for a post, or would like to vote on the ideas […]

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