Mercedes launch 2010 F1 car livery (Pictures and video)

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Mercedes have revealed the colour scheme they will use on their return to F1 in 2010.

With their 2010 F1 car – to be called the W01 – not due to appear until February 1st the team used the car raced last year by Brawn for the unveiling at the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart.

Michael Schumacher will drive car number three and Nico Rosberg will have number four. Petronas are the team’s title sponsor for 2010.

Speaking at the launch Daimler chairman and Mercedes chief Dieter Zetsche said there was “a new impetus and optimism” at the team but added: “We are a new team, so please give us a little time” – a claim that doesn’t really wash coming from the reigning world champions!

Here’s Mercedes’ explanation for their new livery:

The new silver and green livery creates a true marriage between the heritage of the Silver Arrows and the team?s title partner Petronas. The legacy of the Silver Arrows goes back to the 1934 Eifel Race when, on the evening before the event, the white paint was sanded off the Mercedes W25 race car to fulfil weight regulations (750kg formula) and the silver colour of the aluminium surface of the car appeared. This season, with the return of the Silver Arrows, the MGP W01 will shine in silver combined with a flow of iridescent silver and green shading. On the nose and other parts of the car, traces of black carbon fibre are visible ?ǣ a reminder of the first Silver Arrow of 1934.

More on that here: Have Mercedes got their history wrong?

Quotes from the team:

Michael Schumacher:

Finally the 2010 Formula One season is firing up! I have to say that I am totally committed to this new challenge. This season feels like a re-start for me and I am so motivated. We have a very exciting combination at Mercedes. We have a World Champion team in every sense of the word and I cannot wait to get into the car for the first time in Valencia. I am convinced that Mercedes will be in a very good position to fight for the championships this season and I will definitely give it a go. Driving for Mercedes-Benz again is like the closing of a circle for me as I started my racing driver career with the three-pointed star on my helmet. This is another reason why I cannot wait for the competition to get underway.

Nico Rosberg:

You can really feel the successful motorsport history of Mercedes-Benz here at the Museum in Stuttgart and to be part of the new Silver Arrows team and that racing heritage makes me feel extremely proud and motivated. Since joining the team in November, I have spent a lot of time at the factory in Brackley, at Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines in Brixworth and here in Stuttgart, which has given me the opportunity to settle in and get to know everyone. I have seen how hard the team is working on the new car and I really can?t wait for the opportunity to drive it for the first time in Valencia next week. I am looking forward to working with everyone at Mercedes and will give it my all to reward their fantastic efforts with good on-track results this season.

Ross Brawn, team principal:

It is a privilege to be here at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart today for the official presentation of the Mercedes Formula One Team. With your first look around the Museum, you realise the fantastic racing heritage of Mercedes-Benz and we hope to be able to contribute to those successes going forward. Our team have been working extremely hard throughout last year and over the winter on the development of the MGP W01 and everyone at the team is looking forward to the start of testing in Valencia next week. We have two excellent drivers in Nico and Michael, who will form one of the most exciting and one of the best partnerships on the grid, and with the support of Mercedes-Benz, Aabar, our new title partner Petronas and all of our team partners, everyone is looking forward to the 2010 Formula One season with anticipation.

Norbert Haug, vice-president Mercedes-Benz motor sport:

With today?s presentation of our new Mercedes PFormula One Team, a new and certainly the most important chapter of over 100 years of Mercedes-Benz motorsport history begins. The new Formula One season will offer challenges which will be bigger than ever before in over sixty years of the sport?s history. We look forward to the cooperation with our drivers Nico Rosberg who has enormous capabilities and perspectives, and with seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher who is no less motivated than at the time when he began his professional motor racing career with Mercedes-Benz and then made his first step into such a successful Formula One career with our support. Today I also cordially welcome our new title partner Petronas as well as our co-investor Aabar/IPIC together with all of our team partners. I warmly welcome all our colleagues from last year?s World Championship team Brawn GP headed by Ross Brawn and Nick Fry to the Mercedes family. There are challenging tasks ahead of us and we will tackle them with power, consistency and full motivation.

Mercedes 2010 F1 car livery pictures

Mercedes launch videos

Livery unveiling

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg talk about the team


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  1. So they’re putting Petronas turqoise on the car and trying to pass it off as a tribute to Brawn’s fluoresecnt yellow?

    Or are they just referring to the black stripes?

  2. Mercedes must have just wanted to get the formalities out of the way by this launch. The new car the W01 will not necessarily look like this when we first see it at the 1st Feb testing session. They may take public opinion onboard and alter the colour scheme. But then I’m only interested in the car and drivers and what they can do with it!

  3. I do not see any green or turqoise. Can anyone point out where to look?

  4. The black spray paint with Mercedes on it looks strange. Otherwise it’s pretty coherent design. I’m glad they’ve not gone overboard on the turquoise.

    1. The turquoise has been very smartly used in an understated way.
      I agree the black spray paint on the nose looks funny. It might have been better to have dark grey spray with a fluorescent white star.

  5. CounterStrike
    25th January 2010, 16:15

    I really pity the Mercedes logo on the front wing. Its hardly visible in the black background.

    The same usually happened during the 07 & 08 season with McLaren. That stupid ugly endplate connector used to completely obscure the merc logo on the nosecone.

    Stupid colour scheme.

    1. CounterStrike
      25th January 2010, 17:06

      Cornia’s hot!

      But my thoughts at this moment are with HHF :( What a tragedy :( We could have very well seen him driving the very first silver arrows in 55 years.

  6. It’s interesting to see how this still evolved from the concepts already published a while ago.

    What I really want to compliment is that they made the effort of making the numbers on the car legible.

    1. What I really want to compliment is that they made the effort of making the numbers on the car legible.

      Hear, hear! They look really old-school as well with the circles.

  7. Not bad looking car. Shame they did not roll out this years new car, after all I thought that was the point…

    1. Seems to me they could do with a few more sponsors. I’m surprised not to see Deutsche Vermogensberatung or is it Deutsche Post on Michael’s helmet, or maybe I just missed it…

  8. I must say I really like it and the main reason why is it’s different.

  9. I can’t remember where i saw it but i thought that the Mercedes car was going to start with the innitials ‘RB’ (or just ‘B’ for Brawn) in it’s title for the year’s car.

    Wonder why they havn’t done that.

    Overall like the colour scheme, it just looks very clean and looks far better than the Brawn livery from last year. Now just want to know about the other liveries, any ideas as to what colour Sauber will be – please can they go back to their old blue, they’ve been too similar to Williams recently.

    1. I heard this too. RB is Red Bull’s code for the cars.

      If they want to have Brawns name in it have it as MB. Then it will be Mercedes-Benz or “Mr.Brawn” :P

    2. I remember reading something about this but I think the RB was only ever meant as an interim name for the car until the official launch.

    3. I can’t remember where i saw it but i thought that the Mercedes car was going to start with the innitials ‘RB’ (or just ‘B’ for Brawn) in it’s title for the year’s car.

      Some nonsense written by someone who wasn’t familiar with the model designation for Red Bull’s cars.

    4. I read that, too. In fact, it was more or less official: RB1 for Ross Brawn. I´m glad they changed their mind, ´cuz it was just an idiotic idea. What team calls his car like their team principal? That didn´t happen even when it was BrawnGP!!!

  10. Seems a bit of a damp squib just to launch the livery so close to testing and then _nothing_ regarding the car – oh well any excuse for a party I guess.

    And check out the wingmirrors.. they forgot to overspray those!

  11. I dunno what colour this is, but it looks like a boring white… overalls are plain bad. Maybe it is just the lights, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  12. I thought any sort of aerodynamic ‘winglets’ were banned?!

    This is starting to make the cars look ugly again, and I don’t understand how the teams get away with it!

    Clearly a barge board on the side pod.

    1. Its the 2009 Brawn so it was pretty much the same all last year winglets and all.

      On the livery, I like it…makes the car look a lot nicer than the Brawn highlighter pen job did.

  13. I really think Merc have got a cheek to paint the Brawn 2009 car in their colours. Primerily it was a Brawn / Honda design. Mercedes are strutting about pretending that they are the 2009 constructors champions. They may be on paper as the owner of the Brawn assets but not on merit.

    Whilst its great to have Michael back in F1 I really hope Alonso, Lewis, Massa and JB show him what the current crop are made from.

    I’m not against Mercedes, but you need to deliver before being bullish.

    1. Mercedes are strutting about pretending that they are the 2009 constructors champions.

      Looking at that quote from Dieter Zetsche I’d say they’re doing the exact opposite.

  14. José Baudaier
    25th January 2010, 20:45

    Nice livery.

  15. Well done Mercedes you managed to make a good looking car look good!

    Hopefully this all looks good on next years car hmm?

    Is it me or is that a new nose cone?

  16. It looks ok. And its SILVER. How utterly sick does Rosberg look in the main top picture while Scummy is all smiles. Its reminiscent of the podium at Imola 94.

  17. Silver with turquoise highlights is one of my favourite combinations, in fact the shirt i’m wearing now reflects that. Needless to say I like this, even if it is a little predictable /conservative(?) even. And I like the way they avoided using hard edges

  18. Looks ruddy awful to me and I think it will be terrible on tv. Not really one thing or another and rather insipid. But then I suppose McLaren have rather stolen the march with the chrome effect…

    1. o concur…wake. its better than the brawn livery…but that isn’t saying much at all. its a clean livery, but its also very uninspiring. i understand the silver arrows heritage n all that…but this is 2010…not 1950

      1. lol excuse the typos…”i concur” and i forgot to finish the other sentence….”wake me up when they decide to come with something better”

  19. Colours not looking very good especially because of green.
    BTW can anybody help what is the full form of ‘W’ in MGP-W01?

    Also i hope Mclaren’s livery is quite different and easily distinguishable from Mercedes.

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