At the McLaren launch on Friday

Hamilton and Kovalainen reveal the MP4-24 at last year's McLaren launch

Hamilton and Kovalainen reveal the MP4-24 at last year's McLaren launch

Of all the F1 car launches this year the McLaren launch on Friday is the one I’m most looking forward to.

Why? Because I’m going to be there – it’ll be the first F1 car launch I’ve attended.

I’ve had a talk to McLaren about what will happen on the day and wanted to get your thoughts on what you’re most interested in seeing from the event.

Anyone who struggled to find a live feed for the Mercedes livery launch yesterday will be glad to know McLaren are streaming their launch live – here’s the link for where the stream will be.

The stream will include coverage of the unveiling and of the press conference after the launch with Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Martin Whitmarsh, Jonathan Neale and Paddy Lowe.

There are many interesting changes at McLaren at the moment including their all-British, all-world champion driver line-up, the change of relationship with Mercedes and, of course, the new car.

But what are you most interested in finding out the team as they head into 2010? If you’ve got any suggestions for questions to the drivers or the top men at the team, let me know in the comments.

Oh, and I’ll keep an eye out for geej77 who won a place at the launch through the McLaren fan club – lucky thing!

A list of all confirmed launches, tests and every 2010 F1 Grand Prix session can be found on the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar

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77 comments on At the McLaren launch on Friday

  1. Take a good picture of the back-part of the car ;-)

    Congrats. :-)

  2. Josh D said on 26th January 2010, 21:01

    Will i be able to watch the launch after its finished (Like on this website or not..)
    (Just short videos)

    When is it exactly as well???

  3. Dave in NZL said on 26th January 2010, 21:30

    Keith – do you really think that they will reveal the car as it will be tested? I know that they can try to contain photographs of certain portions of the car, but other than using cloths to hide portions the easiest way to prevent early leaks is by not installing any new parts. There are no rules saying the launch car has to conform to the 2010 tech. regs.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 26th January 2010, 23:06

      Think you’ve answered your own question there! Yes, I expect we’ll see an early aerodynamic treatment as we have in the past. For any team this could be because some parts aren’t finished yet, they’re bring kept secret or – one must wonder – because they’d make some sponsor logos too difficult to see.

      For example, we didn’t see many close-up shots of double diffusers until testing began last year.

  4. I’d imagine they’d launch the car in near-enough 2010 spec bodywork (engine cover etc) but with older spec wings painted in new colours. I doubt the diffuser etc will be current…

  5. Enjoy man

  6. Glynn said on 26th January 2010, 23:07

    I can’t wait for the Mclaren launch I will be attending for the first time ever!! I won the access via the Mclaren fan club but thought loads of other F1 fans would be going too. Hopefully it will be a great day but I can’t help thinking we will just be left in a corner miles away from the car and drivers, but still very grateful to be going!!! I ve never won anything before and it feels good!!

  7. Rob Wilson said on 26th January 2010, 23:27

    You could ask them that based on the numbers from aero testing etc, how confident are you that this car will bring you success in 2010 and will be competitive from the start.

  8. I’m curious to know how many victories they predict they can achieve in a season where Red Bull/Merc/Ferrari and McLaren are being tipped to be winners.

    Alonso does that annual prediction :) If they were all competitive I’d expect winning more than 4 races is very optimistic!

  9. Serious question.

    To Martin Whitmarsh:

    In the last 7 years F1 has seen superfluous changes to the sporting rules made almost every year in an attempt to coerce a greater entertainment rating out of what has become known as “The Show”. In the past we’ve had to put up such ill thought out changes as single lap qualifying with race fuel, last year there was an attempt to introduce medals and we still have the two tyre compounds per race rule. Now we face more extraneous sporting rules with amongst others the possibility that the top ten cars will have to start on old tyres. How do the teams (and the FIA) continue to justify making these changes that the majority of fans feel to be needless and unnecessary and basically ruin the sport?

    • Monad said on 27th January 2010, 22:57

      Yes, please ask this. What the hell is going on in there heads with all this changes. Why don’t they just let qualifying be qualifying like the good old days. This new rule about used tyres is annoying to the fans.

  10. HounslowBusGarage said on 27th January 2010, 8:39

    You might ask something about KERS. Does MacLaren regret the resources invested in it last year, or does the team recouping that investment if KERS returns in 2011.
    Apart from that Keith, well done and have great day!

  11. wasiF1 said on 27th January 2010, 8:48

    Will McLaren produce their own engine in the near future?

    How will be their relationship with Mercedes now?

  12. S Hughes said on 27th January 2010, 9:35

    I’m looking forward to this too. Shame Button will be there, but looking forward to Lewis’ interview.

    • ajokay said on 27th January 2010, 10:18

      It’s a shame Button will be there? At the launch of the car he will drive for this season… yes… that’s a right shame. /rollseyes

    • Someone needs to climb out of Lewis’s rear end, and I’m not talking about his car ;)

  13. Thandi said on 27th January 2010, 10:50

    Congrats Keith
    Well deserved. I am so jealous!

    Pls take as many pics of Lewis as possible. He’s such a cutie!

  14. If you get the opportunity to ask Whitmarsh about FOTA issues ask him why the powers that be in F1 keep referring to it as ‘The Show’ and does he realise how much some of us fans dislike it, also does he see a time when there will be no major rule changes for at least one season and end to gimmicks to try and spice up racing such as forcing drivers to pit.

    A light hearted question for the drivers would be how do they think they will do in the 2010 For Sure Championship.

  15. silv13 said on 27th January 2010, 14:36

    Is it true that Lewis has a new coach? What makes Adam Costanzo?

  16. DGR-F1 said on 27th January 2010, 16:54

    I am just waiting to see what livery the cars will carry now, and if they have anything apart from ‘powered by Mercedes’ on the body…..

  17. f1ar00 said on 27th January 2010, 17:20

    1. Since fuel consumption and efficiency is sooo important this year, please ask Paddy Lowe what properties do they monitor in their fuel flow sensors–volume or mass, etc. And what contributing factors do they monitor(temp, line pressure, viscosity, vapor pressures? Who is their fuel guru? The engineers will appreciate your question. It gives them a chance to spout out some nerd info.

    2. Would Jensen and Lewis ever consider sharing a suite to help save money and bond a bit more(assuming no WAGs along)?

    Keith, asking other-than-normal brain-dead journalist questions might afford you more access down the road.

  18. Gusto said on 27th January 2010, 19:21

    I would like to see whether this car is a millimetre example of what turns up on the 1st. And will beardy be rid of the beard.

  19. Nice one Keith. Call me strange but I just want to see this years car, and not be cheated by a silly fake mock-up that Mercedes embarrisingly produced…

  20. Peter Rippon said on 27th January 2010, 21:41

    Pleeeeeese a return to traditional McClaren Orange!! This will start the “äll McClaren” process, which when we get the engine will make for a really interesting situation with direct Ferrari comparisons.
    Keith if you see Max at the launch keep an eye out for his red tape measure!

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