Red Bull to launch RB6 on February 10th

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

The Red Bull RB6 will be revealed on the February 10th – the first day of F1’s second pre-season test session at Jerez.

Force India’s VJM03 is expected to appear for the first time at the same test.

Red Bull will not be present at the first test at Valencia the week before.

For a full list of F1 car launch and test dates see the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar

21 comments on “Red Bull to launch RB6 on February 10th”

  1. CounterStrike
    26th January 2010, 14:50

    Red Bull will regret missing the first test for the rest of the season. That said, Newey is the master of design,expect them to be among the front runner. Just wish they dump the Ozzie Webber for Kimi.

    1. Maybe when Vettel leaves for Mercedes in a year or two, there’ll be room for Raikkonen at Redbull

      1. May be but what if the ICEMAN fall in love in Rally?

        1. the iceman is clearly better driver then vettel

      2. more likely that webber will leave and kimi goes to red bull. plus kimi and seb get on well!

      3. Maybe when webber beats vettel this year it will stop us wondering where he wil go.

        1. Hahaha, Webber doesnt have the talent to beat Vettel.

          1. webber was consitently beating seb mid season, so dont be to suprised! personally i seb is the most overated driver in f1, he doesnt really impress me and i think rosberg is the better german, he just has not had the same chances as Seb. roll on 10′

          2. Sebastian is very talented, Mark has got the talent,Mark has beaten Sebastian and Mark will beat him again. Again this year they both will have a winning car.

  2. Fitting that Red Bull and Force India are unveiling on the same day, they seem to have a similar ethos of racing spirit.

    That said, I wonder how much impact missing the first test will have. Quite a few teams seem to be leaving it late, and he we are thinking that’s a bad sign only when it’s Campos and USF1.

  3. I think nobody recalls if last year RedBull started before or after McLaren, or earlier than Brawn or Ferrari.
    If the design is good I don’t think that missing the first session is that bad.

  4. So by running less real miles on track, do they get extra wind tunnel hours? Maybe they think that more time testing the aero package would be more beneficial to their progress?

    1. They’re betting on that

  5. Eje Gustafsson
    26th January 2010, 16:47

    Just remember RedBull did NOT attend the first test session last year either and how did that turn out.. Becoming runner up but the main reason they “only” was runner ups was because of they didn’t start with a double diffuser so they had to quickly catch up with Brawn. Now if the double diffuser been deemed illegal I personally believe they would have taken both championships.

    1. Eje, another big reason was poor reliability of Renault engine.
      And I’m afraid no testing is going to increase it, since the engine developments are frozen.

    2. It did work well for them last year. Last year had lots of under developed cars with people trying to grasp the new rules. With less changes this year i dont think the extra few weeks will lead to a far more developed car this year.

      I hope so anyway….Come on Mclaren :-P !

  6. Rules haven’t changed much this year compared to last so I don’t see missing the first test that big of a deal.

  7. oh stop going on about kimi replacing webber. i doubt kimi is coming back and webber is going good enouph in my opinion. donr forget about his broken leg at the start of the season and a string of races involving bad luck.

    i think redbull will be quick again in 2010.

    1. I agree, people love to Webber bash and I am getting fed up with it.

  8. Webber World Champion 2010, well it does have a nice ring to it.

  9. I have lost all faith in Kimi after last season, it is clear that he can be quick when he wants to be. As far as Vettel being slower than Kimi the person writing that should be checked thourougly by a head doctor. Vettel is one of the top 3 drivers in the sport right now. Webber is a great driver, but for the most part is outpaced by his team mate.

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