F1 Fanatic round-up: 27/1/2010

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Technical stuff aside, on with today’s round-up:


Campos insists 2010 F1 preparations on track (USA Today / PA)

Head of strategy Daniel Eisen: “Bahrain is a test, it’s not a first race for us. The cars are very advanced, we have a driver under contract and our intention is to be in Bahrain for the first race. Everybody’s worried and that’s logical because the season is long and we’re the new ones. But first things first, we want to be there with the best of everything, especially the cars.”

La livr?®e 2010 Renault F1 se d?®voile (Confidential Renault, French)

Renault blogger Confidential Renault claims to have a picture showing the team’s intended livery for 2010. It looks very similar to the version that was rumoured in the French press before last year’s Japanese Grand Prix (see below).

Rumoured Renault livery, 2009
Rumoured Renault livery, 2009

Comment of the day

Here’s Hairs’ take on Jose Maria Lopez joining US F1:

Lopez is no worse than any of the people Toro Rosso have incompetently flung onto the F1 scene only to throw back out again a few months later. With this singing, Windsor and Anderson are finally admitting that;
a) TheyÔÇÖre not operating from a position of unassailable genius
b) They have to get as far as the grid before they can do anything else
c) TheyÔÇÖre not going to be able to flog the entry to someone else at a profit.

None of those things are good for the teamÔÇÖs Ego, but theyÔÇÖre all signs that hard truths are being faced and rhetoric is being replaced with hard nosed decision making. ThatÔÇÖs a good thing. Fact remains they should have hired this guy and a Team Principal about five months ago, though.

Happy birthday!

It’s TNFox’s birthday today so happy birthday to you!

On this day in F1

Rene Arnoux scored his first F1 victory 30 years ago today, in the second round of the 1980 world championship. He also won the next race at South Africa in his Renault but struggled to pick up points from then on and ended the season sixth in the championship.