2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 side-by-side (Pictures)

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The Ferrari F10 and F60 side-by-side
The Ferrari F10 and F60 side-by-side

The Ferrari F10, revealed today, gives us our first look at how the 2010 F1 cars compare to last year’s models.

Like their rival teams, Ferrari have to get to grips with rules banning refuelling and imposing smaller front wheel widths on them. Here are some side-by-side comparisons of their old and new cars.


2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)

Right side

2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)


2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)

Ferrari F10 launch

Image (C) Ferrari spa

139 comments on “2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 side-by-side (Pictures)”

  1. here’s the RB-5 bulges on a 2009-spec ferrari. note the helmet of kimi. i believe this was taken in Valencia. inevitable that they would put it in this year’s car.


    1. yeah people need to remember that those photos are the beginning of 09, they realised how slow they were quickly and made lots of changes by the end of the year.

      year on year there’s a large difference, but lots of those mods were already on the car at the end of 09.

  2. Looks DAMN good. They’ve put the big tank in and actually improved the lines. With that long nose and much longer wheelbase though – I suspect it will be better on the faster tracks and a bit compromised on the tight twisty ones.

  3. The nose camera positions are now on the uprights rather than the nose cone. Not sure how much, if any, flexibility the teams have over their location.

    Curious as to what the vertical bit is with what looks like a bulbous part on the centerline below the nose.

    1. I believe that is a ride height sensor. I don’t think that will be there for the races but a lot of teams use them during testing.

  4. I don’t think the F10 has the narrower slicks on the front, just the ’09 spec ones. If you look closely the outside of the front tyres arn’t level with the rear ones.

    1. have a look at the overhead F60-F10 comparison. visibly thinner fronts

  5. there is a damper underneath the nose cone… or so it seems… is that allowed?

    1. I think they just add more weight to the front of the car (nose) and by utilising this version they can keep the centre of gravity much lower then if they would add it inside the nose cone.

    2. Inc0mmunicado
      29th January 2010, 4:39

      The thing sticking up from the tea tray? I think thats to stiffen it because its longer. Werent flexing tea trays the first scandals in 07?

  6. best pictures so far – nice work Keith!

  7. my first impression was a little like this

  8. The clear differences from F60 rear wing,side pods,length due to inclusion of larger fuel tank,cockpit is a bit smaller,front wing,nose cone and F10 is wider than F60.
    Although looks better than F60.

  9. The front looks more like force india’a…
    How do we know if its a push rod or a pull rod suspension ?

    1. It’s push rod front and rear – specs here: Ferrari 2010 F1 car pictures

  10. Looks like a real winner to me…hahaha…man I’m starting to sound like a Ferrari fan!!

    The car looks great, hopefully it will go as well taking Fernando to the WDC!

  11. are the tyres now exactly the same as in 97?

    1. Same size, yeah.

  12. Looks like a cross between Stretch Armstrong and Pinnochio

  13. the-muffin-man
    28th January 2010, 11:47

    Nice ‘bullet’ wheelnuts!!!

  14. If looks could kill!!! It’s a murder on the race track!!

  15. Somehow I was expecting the car to look more extreme than this. In some ways it looks like the F60 but longer and with RB5 design elements. Any pics of the diffuser?

      1. Oh great, another year of diffuser wars…xD

        1. Unless that is the diffuser! Looks a little inefficient to me :)

  16. Somehow I suspected the 2010 front tyres would be more noticeably different.

    1. They are 2009 spec tyres. As per Ferarri’s spec notes.

  17. Yes Robert, same for me. But it they really appear undistinguishable.

  18. What is the official wheelbase of this car?

    1. F1 teams rarely give out that information. During the Spygate trial one of the details McLaren was accused of having was Ferrari’s wheelbase.

  19. It’s hideous! My eyes!! All that white…

  20. Seems like the “Alice” logos have been removed from the car. I didn’t know there deal was over.

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