2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 side-by-side (Pictures)

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The Ferrari F10 and F60 side-by-side
The Ferrari F10 and F60 side-by-side

The Ferrari F10, revealed today, gives us our first look at how the 2010 F1 cars compare to last year’s models.

Like their rival teams, Ferrari have to get to grips with rules banning refuelling and imposing smaller front wheel widths on them. Here are some side-by-side comparisons of their old and new cars.


2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)

Right side

2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)


2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)
2010 Ferrari F10 and 2009 Ferrari F60 (click to enlarge)

Ferrari F10 launch

Image (C) Ferrari spa

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  1. I prefer the head on shot of this years car, but I think I prefer the more sculpted sidepods on last years car.

  2. I notice by the nose profile a similarity with last years Red Bull , but I would not put it down to straight copying , obviously the engineers got a basic idea , then from there. Anyway , looks are one thing , but performance is where the real test lies , so lets see next week what happens.

  3. The nose is very aggresive, it looks like a halfpipe for goodness sake

  4. a beautiful car is a fast one

    1. Erm, remember the MP4-24 during the first half of the season…

  5. You know, the car actually looks quite good in the video. In the pictures it looks like a limo. I still hate the Santander white though, the previous paintjob was awesome.

  6. Can we have a side-by-side with the RB5?

  7. Wow I love it, love the shapley hips of the sidepods, and that nose is not a direct Red Bull copy, as the RB was scoop like, and the two ridges have been used by Ferrari since Valencia last year. I think that they released to early though, as they have shown their hand. I think Red Bull will be another Revolution, Im thinking new sidepod shape, maybe a new endplate design, both on the front and rear wings, just something that makes other designers stare and think to themselves ‘Damn, I didn’t think to do that!’

  8. the-muffin-man
    28th January 2010, 14:17

    Considering they’ve had to fit a larger fuel tank in – from looking at the exhaust exits in relation to the rear axle line, the engine looks like it might be sitting a fair bit further forward than last years.

  9. Alice telecom is gone….hm, i guess Santander more then makes up for it..

  10. Anyone notice the difference in the two wing mirrors on the f10? What’s that all about?

    1. I hadn’t until you pointed it out – looks like there’s an extra part to the left-hand one.

      1. Looks like another camera housing although it is strange that they would show add this on a car that is used for a photo shoot. I don’t think it is that much work to change a mirror for the car showdown.

        Oh, and here a close up:

    2. That’s the small scope camera that views the driver in action shots.

  11. Ferrari rarely produce an ugly car, but for me this is the best since the F2002

  12. I think F60 looked better

  13. Red & White looks cooler.It does have a longer wheelbase for it’s fat tank.

  14. I think Ferrari, Mclaren, and Possibly Renault and BMW
    will have more of an advantage with regards to adapting the larger fuel tank into the car. These cars were racing around last year with a heavy KERS and battery system that took up extra space and weight, and they were still able to balance the cars respectably enough to win races and be ‘somewhat’ competitive. How much extra space did they actually need to find once they removed the KERS package, where Merc and RedBull may have had to start chopping their cars to bits to get everything to fit properly.

  15. The real F10 would appear on the 1st Feb becoz I seriously think that its not a work of team which relinquished the development of F60 before hungarian GP. It was just for the sponsors.

    The frony wing is the same as last year’s car. The front wing is the most important part coz its the `st component of the car which comes in contact with the air.
    Honda took a whole of 2008 t produce BGP001 and have a look at their front wing. It was the most evolved wing since the start coz they worked on it. And I think ferrari would be having a different setting for testing.

  16. spanky the wonder monkey
    28th January 2010, 15:39

    i like the sculpted top edge profile of the side pods and the nose on the head on shot. shame those mirrors-on-bargeboards are still allowed. should’ve been booted out last year.

  17. Keith, Would It Be Possible For This To Be Compared To The RB6.

    It Looks Very Similar!

    1. We dont even know how would RB6 look like. Why do u want to compare ? Let them launch their car first.

  18. This is something I read on a poll “Here in Italy someone is talking about a “triple” diffuser instead of a “double” one. Do you know something more about it?”.
    How would that be? sounds interesting

  19. Keith,

    Love the side by side. I think it looks good.

  20. It’s less red that the 2009! i would like to see totally red =)

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