Williams FW32 spied by Autosport

A second 2010 F1 car has broken cover today – Autosport have published a picture of the Williams FW32 being driven at a PR event at Silverstone.

Like the Ferrari F10, the FW32 has a long, high nose and a bulkier rear engine cover due to the larger fuel tank.

It’s not clear if the car is running in its definitive livery. The front wing appears to be unpainted and there are no Phillips logos on the sidepods as there were at the end of 2009.

Have a look at the Williams FW32 here.

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57 comments on Williams FW32 spied by Autosport

  1. Hairs said on 28th January 2010, 16:33

    Hmmm – RB front nose – Brawn sidepods – McLaren rear wing – I’m sensing a pattern here….

  2. Ned Flanders said on 28th January 2010, 16:43

    “AUTOSPORT’s exclusive spy shot of the new car show it to be a radical departure from the team’s 2009 challenger”

    Is it? The only major difference I can see is the raised nose cone, and apparently the design of the nose area is pretty superficial, it doesn’t generate that much downforce

    • There are also some interesting bits at the top of the wing, there is no central support of the rear wing, back is really tight and exhaust is positioned surprisingly low. Also, comparing it to the Ferrari front suspension looks a bit more compact.

      Nothing new all in all ;) And that is what can be seen from one angle.

  3. luigismen said on 28th January 2010, 16:50

    Another RBR like nose, we will be seeing plenty of those I’m thinking

  4. superted666 said on 28th January 2010, 16:57

    To be fair the teams did admit that a lot of the 2010 would follow the red-bull style.

    I do like to see the wheels properly again however, deffo an improvement!

  5. Chris Burland said on 28th January 2010, 17:05

    Looks like it really cuts away at the back, dropping very low. I like the look of it.

    • Bewildered said on 28th January 2010, 19:44

      The Red Bull last year was by far the best looking car. So I don’t think it’s a shame to see these cars look similar. I just wonder where the innovation is going to surface.

      Can’t wait for Newey’s new design. :)

      • sato113 said on 28th January 2010, 23:10

        the thing i didn’t like about last year’s red bull was the shark fin engine cover and the high nose. in terms of body shape i liked the brawn or the ferrari.

  6. Jezson said on 28th January 2010, 17:12

    Pretty much the Ferrari then…

  7. Kudos for linking to Autosport’s page, Keith. I’m sure other, less reputable sites are busy cropping in Photoshop as I type…

    The high nose is obviously a good way to go, if the keel, floor and diffuser all match the design philosophy – but I can’t help thinking how much more vulnerable it looks than Brawn’s design last year, for example, which withstood contact a few times.

  8. Jarred said on 28th January 2010, 17:27

    How come Hulkenburg is able to drive the car before the testing begins?

  9. Christian said on 28th January 2010, 17:40

    I’d absolutely love to see Williams back at the front.

    It will be interesting to see who wins the battle of the Cosworth engines as well.

    • Xanathos said on 28th January 2010, 18:15

      I think that Williams have to mess up big time if they want to loose against the other Cosworth teams ;)

  10. After the rules shake up for 2009 when we had a lot of variety in the looks of the cars I feared the 2010 cars would all follow the leader and have similar looks.

  11. Icthyes said on 28th January 2010, 18:56

    Looks pretty cool!

  12. No technical freedom, get used to see all cars looking the same!

  13. I Must be honest the rear end of the cars are a dramatic improvment from what i have seen. but i am getting really sick of this RBR-High Nose it is awfully ugly and ruins the looks. as a mclaren fan i am hoping that when the mp4-25 is unveiled tommorow it will not follow the trend of The 2009 RBR look because it is absolutely awful.

    • f1 fan said on 28th January 2010, 20:01

      The nose looks great actually. A bit like a missile :D . Mclaren wont follow the leader they always come out with something fresh and have had there nose dip very low for years. If mclaren has this pointed noise I would be surpirsed :\

  14. I think it looks great with that black front wing and bargeboards! And open wheels again, that’s a big improvement.

  15. Obviously some area at Silverstone is OK to test on. My money is the Stowe circuit – otherwise the Williams would have been avoiding lorries and diggers!

    • I was wondering about that too, I think works are being done on the inside of the current track only.

      • sato113 said on 28th January 2010, 23:13

        look at the pics from silverstone recently. u’ll see that trucks are all over the main circuit and run off areas are piles of mud atm :)

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