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Hamilton and Button off to a smiling start but the test is yet to come 29th January 2010, 18:11

If yesterday’s Ferrari launch left us all worried that all the 2010 F1 cars were going to look like fat RB5s, the revealing of the McLaren MP4-25 put that thought from our minds. But just as interesting as the car was our first glimpse of how Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button get on as team […]

Stefan GP agree deal with Toyota

Stefan GP claim they are on course to enter an F1 car in the world championship having agreed a deal with Toyota Motorsport. A statement on the Stefan GP website said: Stefan GP has just come to a basic agreement with Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) that Stefan GP will receive technical supports from TMG. Stefan […]

Virgin VR-01 to launch online

Virgin Racing will launch their first F1 car in an online event on February 3rd. The car, to be called the VR-01, will have what the team calls an “all-digital” launch to complement the cars all-digital design process which shunned wind tunnel testing for CFD design. The VR-01’s debut will happen at 10am GMT. I […]

McLaren and Ferrari’s 2010 cars side-by-side (Pictures)

The McLaren MP4-25 has been launched today. So now we can see how it compares to arch-rival Ferrari’s 2010 car, the F10, which was launched yesterday. Have a look at the two cars side-by-side in these pictures to see how two of F1’s powerhouse teams have tackled the 2010 regulations.

Compare the new McLaren MP4-25 with last year’s car (Pictures)

McLaren got their 2009 car badly wrong and spent much of the year catching up to their rivals. They needs the MP4-25 to be on the pace from the first race – but is it a big enough step forward over its predecessor? Here’s how the two cars compare.

McLaren MP4-25 launch pictures

First pictures of the new McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25. The team’s 2010 F1 car will be driven by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

McLaren MP4-25 launch today

I’m heading to Vodafone’s headquarters today for the launch of McLaren’s 2010 F1 car, the MP4-25. I intend to post updates from there throughout the day and McLaren are also broadcasting the launch online.

F1 Fanatic round-up: 29/1/2010

Yesterday was a record-breaking day at F1 Fanatic which saw the most visits in a single day as people flocked to see the new Ferrari F10. Unfortunately some people weren’t able to see it because the new server wasn’t accessible from every location. However that problem should be fixed fairly soon. There will be some […]

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