F1 Fanatic round-up: 31/1/2010

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Two more car launches today – the BMW Sauber breaks cover at 1.30pm British time followed by the Renault R30 around two hours later. Neither team has released details of any live broadcasts for the unveilings, but once the cars appear for the first time I’ll try to get pictures up as quickly as possible.

Until then, here’s the Sunday round-up:


Remember when… Mastercard Lola existed

Dank takes a look back at the disastrous Lola F1 entry of 1997.

Kimi Raikkonen (official site)

Following Kimi R?ikk?nen’s move to the world rally champinship? Make sure you get a look at his re-launched website with video of him in the Citroen C4 WRC.

Michael Schumacher’s motor boat for sale (eBay)

The boat is called “Corinna” and is selling for 62,050 (?53,800).

Comment of the day

Tim made a good recommendation for a non-F1 series to watch this year, but he faces a classic F1 Fanatic dilemma…

The FIA historic F1 series is usually good value a field full of Cosworth DFVs, historic Lotus, Williams, Arrows, Brabhams, Tyrrells, McLarens, Marches and maybe the odd Ferrari as well. They make a fantastic noise and the drivers actually race.

Ive tentatively put the Brands Hatch round in the diary but it falls on my wedding anniversary so Ill have to convince the wife to let me go.

Site updates

Still working on the forum problem I’m afraid.

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

It’s ten years to the day since Jordan launched the EJ10. Although the team expected to build on its strong form of the previous year – when Heinz-Harald Frentzen won twice and remained in the championship hunt until late in the year – the team had hit its peak and 2000 was the beginning of their slip down the field. At the time it must have only seemed like a setback, but within a few years Eddie Jordan had sold his team to the Midland Group.

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  • 44 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 31/1/2010”

    1. kimi’s eyes move about on his homepage, really creepy!

    2. Yeah Kimi’s eyes are a tad weird!

      As its the Renault launch today, I thought I would post this livery I designed. http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/6973/2010renaultf1.jpg

      Would normally post it in the forum, but as we know, its temporarily dead. I have faith in you Keith!

      1. Excellent design, It will be interesting to see if the real car matches up!

      2. Not a big Renault fan, but if that were their livery I wouldn’t mind them at all! I’m sick of the “McDonald’s Happy Meal get a free Renault car for your kid” look! This is a much more attractive design. Its no wonder they lost sponsors! Take away some more red and make it the old blue and I’d be a fan.

      3. CounterStrike
        31st January 2010, 4:40

        Superb job Jezson. But I still don’t like that Total red on the end plates lol.

      4. Another cool design Jezson, although I still prefer your black and yellow Renault’s from last week

      5. Love the design, wish teams looked on F1 Fanatic for design tips, then we could get some really interesting ones on the grid.

        1. Much Better than the real one! looks like a formula renault livery i saw. or was that you?

    3. I live across from a harbour that had another boat belonging to schumacher up for sale. It was a good bit bigger and it was 360,000.
      I got to have a look inside it too and it was like a 5 star hotel!

    4. Kimi’s new website looks good.
      Why is Schumi selling Corinna for ?

      1. CounterStrike
        31st January 2010, 4:41

        Maybe HHF asked for lol :D :P

      2. Indeed, she’s got Merc engines too.

    5. Keith, the marina bay track looks like it will be changed! making it faster, less chichanes and more straights it seems! take a look at it, and if you want do an article.

      1. The FIA, Bernie, and “typical” Tilke wont be happy.

      2. I just googled, looking for news stories about this and i found this interesting quote

        “The garages at the Pit Building for each of the teams will also be smaller as there are 12 teams taking part in this year’s championship, two more than the year before.”

        12 teams!?! Do they know something we dont? Or is it just a typo?

        Heres the link to the story http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story/A1Story20100130-195436.html

        1. try autosport.

        2. I think it’s more likely it’s a mistake.

      3. Harvs – yep it was in the Friday round-up: F1 Fanatic round-up: 29/1/2010

        1. my bad, i read it was for this year though!

    6. Ive tentatively put the Brands Hatch round in the diary but it falls on my wedding anniversary so Ill have to convince the wife to let me go.

      Don’t forget to ask when she will let you return back home, Tim. :-)

    7. Hey, greetings from Poland. Keith U said that between Poland and Russia is bad blood, yeah agree it’s but only between politicians. Hope that Robert and Vitek will make great pair each other in this season.

    8. Will Renault show the 2nd driver?
      What colours will be for R30 and BMW?

      1. “2nd driver” will be Vitaly Petrov.

        1. CounterStrike
          31st January 2010, 12:17

          I think Renault will revert back to their retro 80’s livery.

          BMW? They’ve chickened out. Sauber, now that Petronas have parted ways may revert back to that black of the early 90’s.


    9. Ferrari have changed their Valencia programme: Massa will do the first two days to compare the F10 with the F60, then Alonso will drive on Wednesday.

      1. CounterStrike
        31st January 2010, 12:12

        Oh mother mary! They are indeed in deep trouble :(

    10. Have you fixed the mobile site yet Keith?

      Since the forum move it seems to load the actually site when viewing from a mobile, rather than the cut down mobile site.

      1. It should do if you refresh – if you (or anyone else) have any problems it would be useful to know what mobile device and OS you’re using.

      2. Ah there is a problem with the theme though which I need to fix – some stories aren’t appearing on the mobile site home page.

        1. CounterStrike
          31st January 2010, 12:38

          The forums works perfectly for me on my mobile GPRS connection.

          Phone: Nokia 5300

          OS: Symbian S40

          But doesn’t work on Wi-Fi on laptop & PSP. Really strange.

          1. Works ok here on my Nokia 6120. It shows now the full site, where i used to be redirected to the ‘stripped down’ mobile version (with the ‘half pictures’)

            Only last few days I got the message to press F5, which I don’t have available, so erasing history and restarting the phone was then the only option.

            Now it works ok. Hope this helps you troubleshooting

    11. Hi keith. lovin the mobile sitd. the only problen now is that i’ll never have credit for my phone! :P

      1. Yeah it needs a bit of work but it’s a start!

    12. Abu Dhabi wants to keep its place as the last race on the calendar:


      1. Well they need to have some better racing then this year,

        1. CounterStrike
          31st January 2010, 12:30

          Shame hammi boy retired so early, it would have been a close one between him & seb for sure.

          1. surely HAM would have jus fallen down the field with his growing brake problem. but yeah, without that problem it would have been interesting…

        2. I enjoyed JB vs Webber last year. Hope they follow the current fashion for new track layouts at Abu Dhabi and take a few corners out.

          1. Yeah I also very much enjoyed the JB/MW battle, it was a nice way to end the season though the overall race was dull.

    13. Hi keith, just to let you know I’m browsing with my iPod touch and the mobile site is back for me.

    14. Without the brake problem, Hamilton would have walked all over everyone. It only looked close because the brakes were dying.

      Keith, liking the updated mobile site but there’s still two issues:

      a) You can’t reply to a specific post throught the mobile site.
      b) If anyone has replied to a post on the main site, on the mobile site it’s posted at the bottom, which makes following the replies difficult.

    15. http://www.comunitatvalenciana.com/webcam/valencia-terra-i-mar-cheste-cheste-0

      Webcam of finishline at Circuito Ricardo Tormo

      maybe it’ll be still online tomorrow

    16. Has the credit crunch affected Michael Schumacher that he needs to drive again and sell his boat lol.

      Who’s Kimi Raikkonen anyway (lol only joking)…

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