Renault R30 launched (Pictures)

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Renault has gone retro with its 2010 F1 livery
Renault has gone retro with its 2010 F1 livery

The Renault R30 has been unveiled by the team at Valencia. See the first pictures of the new car below.

Renault R30 launch

As was widely expected, the new livery marks a return to classic Renault yellow and black colours. The team used a similar scheme for its first F1 team from 1977 to 1985.

Since its return to F1 as a full constructor in 2002 Renault’s colour scheme has been largely dictated by sponsors.

Renault has lost 2009 title sponsors ING, who intended to pull out before 2010 but hastened their departure after the Singapore crash scandal. Mutua Madrilena also left the team at the same time.

Renault has also announced Vitaly Petrov will race for the team alongside Robert Kubica and revealed its two reserve drivers for 2010. More here:

Renault R30 launch pictures

Pictures of the R30 at its launch plus some studio images of the new car:

Renault R30 studio video

2010 F1 car launches

Image (C) Renault/LAT

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  1. says that: “With the striking new livery revealed on one of last year’s R29 models, Renault’s R30 remains concealed in the team garage and will be out on track in the hands of Kubica on Monday morning.” So that’s a relief, it might not be a suck-fest after all.

  2. If you look VERY carefully, on the CGI shot of the new car from behind, you can still see ING on the rear side of the rear wing :p

    1. i already mentioned that above ;)

      1. Ah so you have! My apologies, lol, there’s so many posts and a lack of forum, its easy to overlook things!

  3. Do they have 2 fuel providers ? elf and total….
    The elf branding is shown on the engine cover …

    If yes then which fuel would they use..
    can anyone please clarify ?

    1. Total owns Elf.

    2. Elf own Total, or Total on Elf. They just promoting both brands.

      1. Wikipedia says:

        [blockquote]In 1991 the company name became simply Total. After Total’s takeover of Petrofina in 1999, it became known as Total Fina. Afterwards it also acquired Elf Aquitaine. First named TotalFinaElf after the merger in 2000, it was later renamed back to Total in May 2003.[/blockquote]

        So Total own both Fina and Elf. Elf are the traditional petrol, oil and lubricant suppliers of Renault. Even the Renaults of the 80’s had Elf branding on the side.

  4. They have indeed modified the front wing… It looks like a very innovative solution of generating enough downforce. Have a look at the top view

    1. It has rakes much like the McLaren last year at Monaco – other than that I think it looks pretty conservative.

  5. that “R30” looks extremely short for 2010 standars :P

  6. Black and Yellow is nice and also there is team’s history connection but i think the two colours could have been done much better design wise. Yellow colour especially on sidepods is looking very plain. Maybe if they could find more sponsors so their names would fill the place, it would look better.

    1. Give them a chance, Petrov was only announced an hour ago ;)

  7. KilledByDeath
    31st January 2010, 16:38

    I like the livery, but it looks slow… And just like the r29.

  8. Noway the new fuel tanks are in that body!
    Why bother to launch today??

  9. Hmmm ……… not as good looking as Photoshop pictures I have seen on internet. The car could have used some silver and more flowing lines of the cour areas. Still on time to change before the first race.

    I think that black wheels are old news. Black wheels plus bright body colour is not a good match.

  10. Reminds me of Jordon of the late 90s and early 2000.

    Nice to see some colors. bored of so much white and grey stuff there.

  11. Great livery on the whole, shame about the Total rted having to be there, but these days you can never have everything.

    1. It is the R30. Is actually longer than the R29. And the front suspension is totally different.

  12. Great livery, would change that red colour for a black but still looks nice. A hornet! Hope will be quick.
    And i really dont know what Jezson is talkin about Jordan. Jordan lookes better!? Not really, maybe if you like pickups :P R30 livery is much better imho.
    Waiting to see R30 car now in this livery.

  13. Glad I’m not the only one who thought it looks like a Jordan!

    Livery could have been better, but it’s far superior to the ING of the last two years.

    Why are so many teams releasing the liveries and not the cars too? Okay, Mercedes will have theirs soon and just released the livery to try and overshadow other news that day, but you’d think Renault would actually have a car to build by now.

  14. I must say I’m mad about livery of this car!!

  15. it IS R29. Wait for R30 till tomorrow.

  16. That’s the best looking car on the grid… and I don’t know why I think that

  17. Cheers for finally again a Belgian (test driver) driver in formula 1.

  18. Very interesting, GPUpdate have now changed that story, removing the reference to the R29?!

  19. The car has a nice retro look. Could have been a little more true to the ’79 car in terms of color scheme. I think it looks very similar to the Jordan, Buzzin Hornet paint job!


    Photos match 100 percent.

    And this is a mistake in GFX on the so called “studio photos” which are in fact photoshoped photos of last year’s car.

    This should give you a clue ;)

    1. Crikey, the photoshop student placement needs to be fired!

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