Renault R30 launched (Pictures)

Renault has gone retro with its 2010 F1 livery

Renault has gone retro with its 2010 F1 livery

The Renault R30 has been unveiled by the team at Valencia. See the first pictures of the new car below.

Renault R30 launch

As was widely expected, the new livery marks a return to classic Renault yellow and black colours. The team used a similar scheme for its first F1 team from 1977 to 1985.

Since its return to F1 as a full constructor in 2002 Renault’s colour scheme has been largely dictated by sponsors.

Renault has lost 2009 title sponsors ING, who intended to pull out before 2010 but hastened their departure after the Singapore crash scandal. Mutua Madrilena also left the team at the same time.

Renault has also announced Vitaly Petrov will race for the team alongside Robert Kubica and revealed its two reserve drivers for 2010. More here:

Renault R30 launch pictures

Pictures of the R30 at its launch plus some studio images of the new car:

Renault R30 studio video

2010 F1 car launches

Image (C) Renault/LAT

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153 comments on Renault R30 launched (Pictures)

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  1. Penelope Pitstop said on 31st January 2010, 23:37

    F1 is supposed to have the world’s most talented designers creating blindingly fast cars. It looks like Renault hired a bunch of Boy Scouts to carve one out of a block of pine!

  2. I don’t think that it looks any less sophisticated than the Ferrari for example.

    • Penelope Pitstop said on 1st February 2010, 3:42

      It’s the color. Yellow is an awful color for a car, especially a race car. Just as wearing yellow can make almost anyone look fat, I think it makes a car look bulky and slow. The Ferrari looks better and faster because red is a sexy, racy color (though I personally think the white on the front and rear wings of the new Ferrari spoil the look).

  3. wasiF1 said on 1st February 2010, 1:30

    The new livery looks good,I hope their luck changes as the season progress.

  4. Horrible car. Petrov is a good news!

  5. Macca said on 1st February 2010, 5:19

    Looks to me like a very conservetive design.

  6. Toddjamin said on 1st February 2010, 10:59

    The first photos from the test are kicking about, the front wing on the renault is COMPLETELY different. looks like this could have been the r29

  7. There is a distinct lack of sponsors. But other than that when I look at the car I just get zebra’s and africa swirling around my mind…

  8. Steve L said on 2nd February 2010, 1:39

    Great livery, still not sure about the “shark fin” on any of the F1 cars though…

  9. NEW R30 is out on track with “W” rear wing and quadruple front wing…..!!

  10. R30 is out on track with “W” rear wing and quadruple front wing…..!!

  11. Strontium (@strontium) said on 15th May 2015, 0:30

    Looking back on this one now, I would like to say that this is seriously one of the nicest liveries to ever exist.

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