Robert Kubica reveals new helmet design

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Robert Kubica will use a new helmet design having switch teams from BMW to Renault in 2010.

The Pole’s helmet is now painted in yellow and black colours to match Renault’s livery.

New team mate Vitaly Petrov also showed off his helmet design at Renault’s launch today. He will use a design much the same as the one he had in GP2 last year, with ‘Russia’ emblazoned across the top of his visor.

Have a look at the Renault drivers’ helmets in the pictures:

Robert Kubica poses with his new helmet for 2010 (click to enlarge)
Robert Kubica poses with his new helmet for 2010 (click to enlarge)
Renault's new driver Vitaly Petrov with his helmet (click to enlarge)
Renault's new driver Vitaly Petrov with his helmet (click to enlarge)

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  1. If you didn’t notice Robert’s design is more-less the same as in the past, it just has new colours on it. The Polish flag is exactly where it was. Plus I won’t be surprised if this design is just for the tests period and he will be back with his red helmet in Bahrain. He likes coming with one-off designs from time to time.

  2. I see a big polish flag on the back of his helmet but he should have more black instead of yellow on it. Petrov helmet is just silly with this “GO GO” RUSSIA!

  3. Considering how much the Poles hate the Russians, this should be one of the most interesting personal rivalries this season..

    1. Poles and Hungarians on the other hand are well known for their friendship. If I were Renault, I would have picked the only ever Hungarian F1 driver. Now that would’ve been an interesting driver pair…

  4. The first thing that comes to mind looking at Kubica is Bumble Bee! :x I agree with Zarathustra, a black helmet would look much better, maybe with a little red.. I prefer Petrov’s even though it clashes a bit at least it shows a bit of his identity..

  5. I’m not overly keen on Kubica’s ‘manufacturer’ helmet or other helmets that are changed to match the car. They should be the individuals helmet, something that means something to them. I like Petrovs ‘RUSSIA!!!!’, it’s def something to shout about :D

    Slightly off topic: There not the most handsome pair in the world are they?

  6. Not the best lookig f1 team on the grid!!

  7. I suspect Kubica may have changed his helmet colors to make it easier to differentiate with Petrov’s, as they would’ve shared the same base helmet colors.

  8. I think Kubica will change the colours to Black and Gold for 2011.

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