F1 Fanatic round-up: 1/2/2010

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It’s finally February and that means the first official F1 test of 2010 will start soon.

We’ll have a thread open for all the news from testing shortly. And it’ll be a busy day as we’re expecting to see the new Mercedes W01, Toro Rosso STR5 and Williams FW32 on the track along with the new cars from Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and BMW Sauber which have already had their official launches.

Here’s the first round-up of February:


De la Rosa may quit GPDA role (Autosport)

Pedro de la Rosa: “For me it’s going to be a lot more difficult to keep being the chairman, because I cannot dedicate as much time as I used to, so that’s something that I need to talk to the directors and members about. My personal view is that we need someone more dedicated than a race driver. When I was a test driver it was easy, now it’s a lot more complicated, so I will talk with them first.”

Terry super injunction raises privacy issues (Financial Times)

“Lawyers for John Terry, who plays for Chelsea, the Premier League leaders, had secured a super injunction after learning that the News of the World was planning to write about his private life. […] The judges approach has been contrasted with that of Mr Justice Eady, who has been accused by newspapers of creating a privacy law after awarding injunctions to individuals such as Max Mosley, the Formula One chief, although some lawyers argued that the attacks on the judge were overdone.”

Got any interesting F1 links to share? Post them in the comments…

Comment of the day

Much confusion and debate over whether Renault actually showed us a new car yesterday or just last year’s tarted up with a new colour scheme and some cosmetic changes. Renault maintain it was an R30, but three4three sums up the main reasons for doubting that:

Its a tough call, Id say weve been presented with an interim car. But on close inspection of the comparison shot from above, the cockpit is marginally forward on the ǣR30? compared to the R29 so who knows? If it is the R30 Renault have done a superb job of repackaging last years car with a significantly larger fuel tank. Surely we would be able to spot a 25cm wheelbase difference?

Site updates

The mobile site is back but I’m afraid the forum still isn’t. I’m taking another look at the forum problem today, sorry it’s taking so long.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Kutigz and Cliffery!

On this day in F1

Former F1 driver JJ Lehto turns 44 today. Lehto knows a thing or two about having Michael Schumacher as a team mate – perhaps he could offer a few words of advice for the son of his former manager Keke Rosberg…

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