2010 F1 testing: February 2nd

Nico Rosberg driving the Mercedes W01 at Valencia today

Nico Rosberg driving the Mercedes W01 at Valencia today

Lewis Hamilton joins F1 testing today and Kamui Kobayashi will get his first laps at the wheel of a BMW Sauber.

Join us as we follow the second F1 test day at Valencia.

Today’s testing times

Driver Car Best time Laps
Felipe Massa Ferrari F10 71.722 125
Kamui Kobayashi BMW Sauber-Ferrari C29 72.056 96
Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 72.256 108
Robert Kubica Renault R30 72.426 119
Nico Rosberg Mercedes W01 72.899 119
Rubens Barrichello Williams-Cosworth FW32 73.377 102
Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR5 73.823 107

Testing notes

Most of the teams are sticking with the same drivers they used yesterday, apart from the two exceptions mentioned above.

Nico Rosberg will get a full day in the Mercedes W01, with Michael Schumacher set to take over from him on Wednesday. The younger of the two Mercedes drivers has asked for some changes to be made to his seat to make him more comfortable in the car.

Surprisingly for the first day of testing, yesterday saw few interruptions and generally good reliability. The major exceptions were Toro Rosso, who had a problem with their gearbox actuator which they were unable to repair fully before the end of the session and were planning to work on overnight.

As well as getting our first look at three new cars yesterday, several teams had new parts on their cars. You can see pictures of those cars in yesterday’s post.

Today’s testing line-up

McLaren MP4-25Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes W01Nico Rosberg
Ferrari F10Felipe Massa
Williams FW32Rubens Barrichello
BMW Sauber C29Kamui Kobayashi
Renault R30Robert Kubica
Toro Rosso STR5Sebastien Buemi

Timing and other resources

The following sites often have live timing information:

Motor 21
F1 Today
Live GP

Inocencio also suggested Spanish sites La Sexta and The F1 for live information from Valencia.

If you know of any others, please post details in the comments.

Several drivers, teams and journalists are providing updates from the track. If you’re on Twitter and would like to follow them you can find links to their accounts in the F1 Twitter directory.

The latest Tweets from people at the track today will appear below:

You can find details of future F1 tests in the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

Testing so far

Felipe Massa set the fastest time around Valencia yesterday with a 1’12.574. He also did the most laps, racking up over 100. (See yesterday’s post for a full list of times).

The charts below show how much testing each driver, car and engine had done before the start of today’s test.

The teams have a maximum testing limit of 15,000km. They’ll struggle to do that much in the 15 days’ testing they have between now and the start of the season, but the allocation also has to cover any extra testing they may need to do during the season if they choose to bring in a driver with no previous experience.

The data below also shows how many laps have been logged by each of the four different engine manufacturers in F1:

Drivers’ test mileages

Drivers' test mileages (click to enlarge)

Drivers' test mileages (click to enlarge)

Car test mileages

F1 car test mileages (click to enlarge)

F1 car test mileages (click to enlarge)

Engine test mileages

Engine test mileages (click to enlarge)

Engine test mileages (click to enlarge)

The track

The teams remain at the Ricardo Tormo road course just outside Valencia in Spain (not the street track which is the venue for the European Grand Prix).

The weather is expected to remain much the same as yesterday – dry with temperatures peaking at around 14C.

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2010 F1 testing

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368 comments on 2010 F1 testing: February 2nd

  1. Prisoner Monkeys said on 2nd February 2010, 9:54

    News just in: F1 Commission has apparently approved the following:
    a) modified version of new points rules (greater difference between first and second)
    b) all drivers in Q3 must start race on tyres they qualified on
    c) weekend allotment of tyred dropped from 14 sets to 11

  2. bwells said on 2nd February 2010, 9:58

    That autosport site is awesome… no more translations!!
    lol… good to see Ferrari fast again today… :) and the F1Today site is working fine… :)



  3. K. Kobayashi Sauber C29 1:13.486

    kamui picking up the pace.

  4. bwells said on 2nd February 2010, 10:00

    why can’t they just stop with the changes!! It’s really getting ridiculous…

    • Prisoner Monkeys said on 2nd February 2010, 10:06

      Why can’t they stop? Because they’re trying to promote better racing. The reliance on aerodynamic grip and the freedom allowed with diffusers means that there is a serious risk that the sport will be down on overtaking. The teams are clearly trying to remedy that, even if the changes artifically promote overtaking.

      • As you, I and others have noted though, the simpleast way to promote overtaking would be to decrease the amount of aero grip, making the cars more reliant on mechanical grip. Why no one within the sport seems to pick up on this, I just don’t know…

        Here’s a controversial idea. Why not limit the wings to single plane, do away with diffusers (as they stand) and go back gto either a flat-bottomed car (no plank) or even introduce limited ground effect? When the cars last had ground effect the cars weren’t especially fast in a straight line but at least they could follow each other into the corners.

        Do Indycars still have limited G.E.?

  5. Bertie said on 2nd February 2010, 10:00

    Twitter is blocked at work :'(

  6. Everyone has a timed lap behind his name, and all have around 12 laps done.
    Summary for now:”
    1 F.Massa Ferrari 1:12.227 Laps: 13
    2 L.Hamilton McLaren 1:13.161 Laps: 11
    5 K.Kobayashi Sauber 1:13.486 Laps: 10
    3 N.Rosberg Mercedes 1:14.036 Laps: 11
    4 R.Kubica Renault 1:14.714 Laps: 13
    6 S.Buemi Toro Rosso 1:15.308 Laps: 12
    7 R.Barrichello Williams 1:15.493 Laps: 12

  7. Hopefully the new point system will encourage even more overtaking.

    • bwells said on 2nd February 2010, 10:06

      I agree with that aspect… but having to use your quali tyre to start the race is like handicapping the top ten!
      We were all excited about low fuel qualifying again now with this rule it will make teams rethink it.. silly…

      • Bertie said on 2nd February 2010, 10:10

        What i dont understand about this rule isL What is stop a team puttin in their fast lap at the start of the session then change their tryes and simply cruise round?

        • Adrian said on 2nd February 2010, 10:49

          I need to recheck the wording, but I believe they have to start on the same set of tyres with which they set their fastest lap.

          Otherwise as you say they’d all go hell-for-leather until right at the last minute, come in, change tyres to the ones they want to start the race on and cruise round to do an installation run.

        • Good point – I guess they won’t be allowed to use more then one set of tires in Q3.It will also lead to every car sitting in the pit untill last moment when they will go out and try to post fastest time on minimal ammount of fuel.

        • ajokay said on 2nd February 2010, 11:13

          Unless they make them use only one set of tyres in Q3. So they start Q3 on their race tyres, and aren’t allowed to change them until the first pitstop of the race.

          • DanThorn said on 2nd February 2010, 13:18

            They’ll probably have to nominate the tyre they’re going to qualify on before the session starts, like it used to be with the fuel loads.

        • It would be difficult to set the fastest time at the beginning of the Q3 when there is less rubber down on the track.

          You may use both compounds to set your times by. You may find that you actually go faster on the hard tyre!

  8. Puffy said on 2nd February 2010, 10:03

    And massa sets a 1:11.722 :)

  9. Cpt Chaos said on 2nd February 2010, 10:03

    massa is going fast
    F. Massa Ferrari F10 1:11.722 18 Laps

  10. the new kid on the block isn’t no slow coach! Kobayashi just put in a 1:13.486

  11. In suprised by the lack of speed by Barrichello yesterday, and also today.
    Keith or Andrew, anyone got a word about Williams only driving on higher volumes of petrol?

    • bwells said on 2nd February 2010, 10:07

      that seems to be the number they put out there… 3-4 seconds back means more fuel… :)

      • three4three said on 2nd February 2010, 10:38

        Also Barrichello said they weren’t running the Cosworth on full revs yesterday.

        • Barichello said yesterday that they didn’t run Cosworth to full power as it was its first run on the track. Williams also tested with higher fuel loads according to Sam Michael.

          • Skett said on 2nd February 2010, 15:56

            “Rubens is only doing long runs today on heavy tanks for race simulation work so don’t expect any really fast times!”

            Came straight off the williams twitter. A bit worrying though if they feel that they need to point it out!

  12. does anyone know the lap record on this track? massa is hammering that car!

  13. 1 F.Massa Ferrari 1:11.722 +-.— 18
    2 L.Hamilton McLaren 1:13.161 +-.— 11
    5 K.Kobayashi Sauber 1:13.486 +-.— 10
    3 N.Rosberg Mercedes 1:14.036 +-.— 11
    4 R.Kubica Renault 1:14.714 +-.— 13
    6 S.Buemi Toro Rosso 1:14.928 +-.— 19
    7 R.Barrichello Williams 1:15.493 +-.— 12

  14. Cpt Chaos said on 2nd February 2010, 10:09

    1. F. Massa Ferrari F10 1:11.722 18 pit
    2. N. Rosberg Mercedes GP W01 1:12.899 +1.177 17 pit
    3. L. Hamilton McLaren MP4-25 1:13.161 +1.439 11 pit
    4. K. Kobayashi Sauber C29 1:13.486 +1.764 10 pit
    5. R. Kubica Renault R30 1:14.714 +2.992 13 pit
    6. S. Buemi Toro Rosso STR5 1:14.928 +3.206 19 pit
    7. R. Barrichello Williams FW32 1:15.493 +3.771 12 pit

  15. chaostheory said on 2nd February 2010, 10:10

    Why Massa and Kubica are wearing black helmets today?

    • i think they are trying new helmets. could be for better aero or safety.

      • Probably they are the new 2010 helmets by Bell. Upgraded and better fit on the head of the driver. Maybe some tweeks and gadgets added as well.

    • Prisoner Monkeys said on 2nd February 2010, 10:12

      It has to do with testing a new design, I think. I’d say they’re still the property of Bell or Schubert or Arai or whoever is running them, and that’s why neither helmet has their usual colours and both have only minimal team branding on them.

    • bwells said on 2nd February 2010, 10:13

      “A man in black is driving the F10! No worries, he is Felipe! The Brazilian driver is using a new concept of helmet, prepared by Schubert.”… lol

      • I thought Kubica, also in black, drove with a Bell helmet?
        Would that mean that both Schuberth and Bell both have new concept helmets?

  16. Hey guys here is some footage from yesterday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcNYJ3fPZBI&feature=related
    seems like it’s only till lunch time as schumacher is not shown there. Anyway it’s good to hear the engine sounds the first time :P

  17. S Hughes said on 2nd February 2010, 10:12

    Not too encouraged by this. :(


    • Adrian said on 2nd February 2010, 10:15

      Erm…why? It all sounds pretty standard stuff, nothing to worry about in there.

    • thats a good thing! looks like mclaren could be going back to the front where they belong! cant wait to see hamilton and jenson in the first race!!! :-D

    • CounterStrike said on 2nd February 2010, 10:19

      Q. So no green paint tomorrow?

      GP: You never know.

      Makes me quite nervous tbvh. Massive understeer, Button would like it.

    • Tango said on 2nd February 2010, 10:19

      I really can’t manage to read anything in there. Standard PR “not telling anything and yet managing to speak for half an hour” thing.

  18. Schumi_the_greatest said on 2nd February 2010, 10:21

    I dont think anyone needs to worry about mclaren too much, this time last year they were only ahead of force india in the times, now theyre behind ferrari and mercedes, id expect hamitlon to go much quicker later once hes familiar with the car and get closer to massa’s time (who lets face it has had a whole days running to optimise set up etc) plus only having 1 day worht of testing per driver im sure mclaren will be making sure hamilton tries every fuel load etc to get used to it all.

    times are more irrelevant than ever this year because of the fuel loads. ferrari looked good this time last year too…..

  19. sugoi said on 2nd February 2010, 10:23

    1. F. Massa (Ferrari) 1:11.722 (25v)
    2. K. Kobayashi (BMW Sauber) 1:12.384 (20v)
    3. N. Rosberg (Mercedes GP) 1:12.899 (20v)
    4. L. Hamilton (McLaren) 1:13.161 (11v)
    5. R. Kubica (Renault) 1:14.714 (22v)
    6. S. Buemi (Toro Rosso) 1:14.928 (23v)
    7. R. Barrichello (Williams) 1:15.493 (13v)

  20. CounterStrike said on 2nd February 2010, 10:23

    Kobayashi goes second fastest,+0.662 behind Massa’s 1:11.722.

    Surely they are running low on gas.

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