F1 Fanatic round-up: 2/2/2010

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A very busy day on the site yesterday with so much interest in the start of F1 testing, Michael Schumacher’s and the launch of three more new cars.

We’ll have a new testing post open soon but for now here’s the Tuesday round-up:


Rosberg should ‘get out’ says Barrichello (Autosport)

“When asked if he had any advice for Schumacher’s new team-mate Rosberg, Barrichello’s cheeky response was: ‘Yeah. Get out of there! That is the only thing I can tell him.'”

2010 Formula 1 predictions (Doctorvee)

A light-hearted look ahead to 2010.

Mercs Classy Attention to Historical Detail (Will Buxton)

“It is… heartening to see that on the ultra sleek and very 21st Century Mercedes GP W01, the team has payed homage to its history and is continuing a design trait it carried on its cars 55 years ago.”

Comment of the day

Were the media getting just a bit carried away with Schumacher’s lap time yesterday? Nick Somebody is our voice of reason:

You dont know what the fuel loads are (there is going to be a huge variation in lap time based on fuel load this year).

You dont know what tyres are being used and the amount of laps they have done.

You dont know what they are doing in their testing program.

You dont know how the track temp and wind has changed. it was windy to begin with. I saw that in some video on YouTube.

Its natural that through the day you improve your set-up.

Im expecting Schumacher to beat Rosberg and to be on good form this year, but its all to soon to say that he has destroyed Rosberg or anything like that.
Nick Somebody

If you spot a comment that you think is worthy of comment of the day, please post a link below.

From the archive

A feature I thought I should introduce to the daily round-up from time to time is a re-posting of an earlier article that seems relevant at the moment. With Vitaly Petrov set to become Russia’s first F1 driver this year, here’s an earlier look at Bernie Ecclestone’s attempts to hold a Russian Grand Prix.

Happy birthday!

Another pair of birthdays today – best wishes to Sriram and Invoke!

On this day in F1

Roger Williamson was born on this day in 1948. The British driver was killed in his first F1 start at the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix.

His car hit an improperly secured barrier, flipped over and burst into flames. Marshals mistakenly believed Williamson had escaped the wreckage but he remained trapped in the car and burned to death. The horrific event was widely seen on television and spurred on efforts to improve safety at Formula 1 races, but it was too late to save poor Williamson.

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