FOTA launch F1 fan survey

The F1 teams’ association has launched a new survey of fans’ opinions of the sport.

It promises to be the “most exhaustive” survey yet and they’re not kidding – the questions cover pretty much every topic including where races should be held, overtaking, safety, broadcasting and more.

One of the more controversial questions asks whether F1 races should be ‘Longer, shorter or much shorter’. The weighting of the question is a bit of a giveaway – there’s no option for ‘much longer’ or even ‘keep them the same length’ which I think a lot of fans would go for.

The results promise to make interesting reading – hopefully FOTA will publish the responses in full and not just cherry-pick the bits they like best.

Take the survey here.

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160 comments on FOTA launch F1 fan survey

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  1. Prisoner Monkeys said on 2nd February 2010, 11:13

    Hmmmm …were the questions relationg to how much we knew about LG really necessary?

    And why could we only give quantitative data? Why no qualitative stuff?

    • I noticed the LG questions too. Cute. But I guess since they are putting up the money for the survey they felt entitled to toss in a few questions of their own as well. I really didn’t mind, but I thought that one question about how their products were viewed was funny. The only options were postive ones.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 2nd February 2010, 11:50

      Yeah I might have just been clicking buttons randomly by that point.

      • I doubt any changes would be made from the fans opinions anyway. Seems like they’re on their own agenda.

    • DEANO said on 2nd February 2010, 13:32

      Why must a survey about f1 be conducted by a company that, i think, makes toasters!!
      i really dont see what good will come of the survey as i found myself compromising on most answers! F! is an intellectual sport, please allow us to at least give the oppertunity to give honest, informitive answers!!

      • sato113 said on 2nd February 2010, 15:43

        i forgot they also make air conditioners.

      • Prisoner Monkeys said on 2nd February 2010, 23:32

        LG does all of Formula 1’s time-keeping. They don’t just make toasters.

        • LG does **** all time keeping in F1, so far they have paid to get their logo displayed, timing systems were exctly the same in 2009 as they were in 2008, and 2010 should be the same as well.

          Seriously, they pay probably a lot of money to be “F1 partner”, it’s fair game to check how much impact it has on their image.

          • well if they do do the timing, they seriously stuffed it up in qualifying in hungary. that was mildly amusing

  2. Umm, Keith, thats so not the question they are asking (re: race lenght). The don’t ask what length people would prefer, they ask “If we WERE to change it, would you change your viewing habits?”
    So if you say “I would watch less” for all 3 options, its pretty obvious you feel strongly that race lengths shouldn’t be changed. If the made the races shorter, would you watch more, less or the same? Longer, more, less or the same?

    The question is NOT “Should races be longer or shorter” with no option of them staying the same.

    • NomadIndian said on 2nd February 2010, 11:20

      Exactly, thats how I figured it out while filling it… But some blank space for comments would have been good…

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 2nd February 2010, 11:48

      They’re asking for people’s opinions on changing the race length, albeit rather clumsily, as if they didn’t want to actually come out and say “should F1 races be shorter”.

      • CNSZU said on 2nd February 2010, 12:24

        The question is more precise and subtle than simply “should F1 races be shorter”. They want to know HOW MUCH TIME you would spend watching the race on TV. Thus, you could still spend more minutes watching a longer race even though you don’t watch all of it. More time spent in front of the TV = more advertising money for the TV companies.

      • LewisC said on 2nd February 2010, 12:31

        Clumsy is right.
        Much simpler just to say “What do you think about the length of races? – Much too short, too short, about right, too long, much too long.”

        • Well no, because what they want to know is if they go ahead and shorten it, will you stop watching?

          Thats something they won’t find out by asking what you think of the race distance.

          • Hairs said on 2nd February 2010, 13:07

            Exactly – it wasn’t clumsy, it was very clever. They want to know how changing the race distance will change your behaviour.

            I notice the section on “record it later if it’s on at 1am” doesn’t have an option for “Wait for the BBC coverage to show up on a torrent” :)

          • LewisC said on 2nd February 2010, 16:23

            Fair point.

          • Agreed.

  3. yelrom said on 2nd February 2010, 11:23

    umm, where was the survey, all i cld do was fill out my contact info…

    • The Dutch Bear said on 2nd February 2010, 11:58

      I have that problem as well, I only get to fill in my name and e-mailaddress, no questions about F1 whatsoever

      • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 12:30

        Can somebody please tell us what we are doing wrong? I have wanted something like this for years. Until I get it working, is there a question regarding onboard cameras? Every car should be fitted with at least a roll hoop mounted camera so we don’t have any more controversy caused by lack of cameras.

        • I wonder if it is a browser issue. I had no problem with the link.

          And yes, there were several questions about onboard cameras and how we would like to use them.

        • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 12:38

          Ok got it working, just say you are above 18. It wasn’t working whilst I was entering my actual age. If that isn’t how it worked for me, then try 3 or more times because it worked on my third attempt.

      • The Dutch Bear said on 2nd February 2010, 12:35

        I would like to correct to that, first I filled in that I was younger than 18 (I’m 16 in fact). Now I have filled in that I was 45-54 years old (my father’s age) and I managed to get through. Somehow Fota isn’t interested in my opinion, because i’m too young. Why? I’m a F1 fanatic from the Netherlands that has been watching F1 since 1998. Quite high educated (I’ll be in university in two years) and it would hard to find a bigger F1 diehard than me. Can you hear me, FOTA? Age doesn’t matter, I have an opinion and I want you to hear it!

        • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 12:47

          Yep, I did that too and it worked straight away. In other words; FOTA only care about the fact that we have bothered to try and are only interested in our age. I too am 16 years old and F1 is my life, I couldn’t live without it now. I am probably one of the biggest fans in Australia and I have so many opinions and concerns I have wanted to voice for so long. Now we finally get the chance, you have to be an adult or your place in society is as irrelevant as your opinions in the eyes of FOTA. Oh well, thats my gripe, I have it working now.

        • Maciek said on 2nd February 2010, 13:07

          Companies care about the demographic with the most disposable income – and, on average, 16 year olds aren’t it.

          • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 13:23

            But they should see us as future consumers and while I am not spending thousands of dollars a year on F1 related products, I am a person who is likely to follow F1 for the entirity of my life. (should F1 exist for such a period is questionable given the current direction)

            I can only speak for myself but I know for a fact there are thousands of fans my age worldwide that appreciate F1 as I do, therefore FOM, FOA or Bernie himself; whoever it is calling the shots regarding the future of my favourite thing on Earth should be doing all they can to retain interest within everyone, disregarding age. This will in turn, gernerate new interest and new fans will continue to be bred. F1 should remain as is, it just needs to be patched up on the broadcasting side.

        • It might be legal issues, because they are also offering prizes. Perhaps those under the age of majority are not allowed to enter such contests?

          • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 14:02

            Well I have entered anyway. I suppose that is the reason, but if that is the case, I don’t see why they even put the under 18 option there… Under 18s are always going to say they are over if they want to be part of it anyway.

  4. djdaveyp said on 2nd February 2010, 11:45

    Done it!

    • John H said on 2nd February 2010, 18:39

      Why am I allowed to keep doing it time after time?

      That’s a bit of a flaw in the survey isn’t it…

  5. Salty said on 2nd February 2010, 11:55

    Laughed at the WDC top 3 winter world tour idea. Oh how Kimi would have loved that one!

    • lol Yeah can you imagine?

      What a ridiculous idea. It sounds like the kind of thing that was brainstormed using a white board and a spider chart in a marketing and outreach development strategy meeting in an office in Milton Keynes by people in suits who’ve never really watched a race but have had paddock passes Silverstone and didn’t leave hospitality even to see the start.

  6. The technology page, if you get to around 40% into the survey, is the one where I bet most of us get to vent our spleen :)

  7. Remember, when filling out this survey, make out you’re a casual fan (i.e. only watch a few races a season etc.) I read somewhere FOTA are only interested in attracting the casual fan, not the enthusiasts (I guess they take us for granted!) some important bits – say your less likely to watch if the races are shorter, say you want classic venues and don’t like the new ones, and finally that there should be a bigger gap between first and second in the points.

    • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 12:34

      Good idea, I will be lying in that case but it is for the better if there is a chance to restore some normality to the sport… I will follow your advice as soon as I get it working! Why won’t it work for some?

      • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 12:49

        Answering my above question for those who are still unsure; when you start, make sure you say you are over 18.

    • I could easily believe that they are more interested about casual fans than people like us, coupled with the way the question about race length is supposed to be worded makes me worry what changes they will try to implement by using the results of this survey to justify them.

    • Hazel J said on 2nd February 2010, 17:23

      That does make sense, it felt so wrong saying i was a moderate fan!

    • Airborne Williams Cap said on 2nd February 2010, 18:30

      I wonder how many “casual” fans will even know about the survey, let alone spend the time to answer all the questions..? Can’t help thinking they’re targeting the wrong people in the wrong way

      • Good points.

        • scunnyman said on 2nd February 2010, 21:33

          I mentioned this before in a different thread.

          Casual fans will not fill out surveys. It is just the proper fans, but those in charge will not take our views seriously. And for those teams whose members mention
          “TO IMPROVE THE SHOW” should have 100 points deducted from both championships each and every time they do it.

  8. Steve_P83 said on 2nd February 2010, 12:04

    Interesting that Kimi and Sebastian Bourdais are still options for favorite driver!!!

  9. Magnificent Geoffrey said on 2nd February 2010, 12:10

    Just wondering, how did we all answer the questions on the new points system and potential ‘bonus’ points for pole, fastest-lap etc?

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 2nd February 2010, 12:26

      potential ‘bonus’ points for pole, fastest-lap etc?

      Was there a question on that? I don’t remember it.

      • Magnificent Geoffrey said on 2nd February 2010, 12:52

        There was a section with a question on your thoughts on the new points system introduced, and then I believe the second question was about your opinion on points being awarded for the most overtakes in a race and for other achievements or something like that, I think. I may have read the question wrong or just be going bonkers.

    • I reckon there are different versions of the survey depending on where you are from. Remember they offer English and American as different language options but that is total bs. They’re not asking us about faucets and pants. I’m going to take the American version as well to see. You can take the survey as many times as you like from what I tell.

  10. Ned Flanders said on 2nd February 2010, 12:15

    Interesting that Nelson Piquet Jr wasn’t an option on the Favourite Driver question, even though the likes of Badoer, Bourdais and Nakajima were. I wonder why that might be…

  11. F1Yankee said on 2nd February 2010, 12:33

    i thought this was the best survey yet. as a sponsor, lucky goldstar is entitled to a little self-promotion here. the ing-sponsored surveys were no different.

  12. GeeMac said on 2nd February 2010, 12:40

    Well that’s not exactly what I would call the most exhaustive or hard hitting bit of consumer research I have ever been a part of…

  13. Hairs said on 2nd February 2010, 13:11

    “Informative and engaging TV commentary ”

    ++++ Very very important.

    I suppose as it’s for international markets they can’t just put down “Is Legard Useless?”
    “Should it be a three man team between Crofty, Ant, and Brundle in there?”

    • three4three said on 2nd February 2010, 13:41

      Haha, I also put very important of course with Legard in mind!
      Keith, you mentioned that Legard said hi to you at the McLaren launch, does this mean he’ll be commentating again? God help us (and my TV which I may kick or throw something at)lol.

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 2nd February 2010, 21:59

        All the BBC team were re-signed for this year a few weeks ago. I didn’t have a problem with Legard before and now I’ve met him all I can add to that is he’s a nice bloke who’s excited about the new season for the same reasons most of us are – the intra-McLaren battle, the return of Schumacher, Alonso and Massa at Ferrari and so on.

        • three4three said on 2nd February 2010, 22:36

          Thanks Keith, I never doubted that he was a nice guy it’s just that I didn’t think he was up to the job as a tv commentator, but that’s a personal preference really. Good to know the rest of the team are back.

        • Hairs said on 2nd February 2010, 22:46

          I’d second that Legard is clearly a good bloke, and outside the commentary box, knows his stuff. Inside the commentary box, he’s a disaster of epic proportions.

          • F1Yankee said on 4th February 2010, 1:48

            he has a few diamonds in the rough, tho. i’m re-watching the entire 2009 season now, and during the german gp:
            brundle: since he’s retired from the race, the incident involving raikkonen will be investigated after the race.
            legard (without missing a beat): well, how’s that help anybody?

            i was laughing for 5 minutes.

  14. damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 13:13

    I wonder if they will take any of our answers onboard and actually improve some things? I think that F1 should not be changed at all, just the broadcasting so the fan gets better entertainment. All these rule changes are supposed to improve the show but I bet they are driving people away.

    Things like HD, more onboard cameras, more team radio and improved broadcasting are of greater concern to everyone rather than shortcuts, medals, rule changes, bland modern circuits and lengthening the already appropriate duration of the race.

  15. Alex Bkk said on 2nd February 2010, 13:17

    Name 5 sponsors of F1 racing…
    1. Marlboro
    2. Shell
    3. Hugo Boss
    4. Mercedes
    5. Vodaphone

    Hmmm…What does that say about me?

    • Salty said on 2nd February 2010, 13:25

      LOL, ditto

      4.Red Bull

      Odd thing is, you never tend to see ‘Marlboro’, not in Euro part of season anyway, guess the dumb bar-code does work after all.

      • ajokay said on 2nd February 2010, 15:37

        I took it as current sponsors/brands (2009/10).

        so i put:

        Bridgestone (it’s on ever car, several times)
        Red Bull

    • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 13:26

      Are you by any chance, a long term supporter of McLaren?

    • GeeMac said on 2nd February 2010, 13:29

      I delibrately made them all cigarette companies!

      John Player Special
      Gold Leaf

      • Salty said on 2nd February 2010, 13:33

        Gold Leaf! Blimey GeeMac, Lucky Strike or Rothmans were a little more recent. When was GL – about 68?

        • damonsmedley said on 2nd February 2010, 13:44

          Marlboro, Vodafone, Virgin, Red Bull, West. My top five that spring to mind.

        • GeeMac said on 2nd February 2010, 13:47

          Yeah I know, realised that after I pressed next page! I had Lotus on the brain, I just finished reading an article which went on about Heikki’s new Lotus Evora…so I just rattled off all the ciggie companies who sponsored Lotus!

      • We want turbos said on 2nd February 2010, 14:56

        I thought it said sponsor? Not sponsored??

      • sato113 said on 2nd February 2010, 15:48

        ha good man GeeMac, give the nanny state a good kick! ha.
        i put

        tag heur
        LG (just to please them!)
        can’t remember the last one.

      • LewisC said on 2nd February 2010, 16:31

        Haha – I did exactly that too! Except:

        Mild Seven
        John Player Special


    • matt90 said on 2nd February 2010, 16:49

      Red Bull
      something else

    • I put Santander, Vodafone, Red Bull, Petronas and Kingfisher.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 2nd February 2010, 21:59

      My first one was Marlboro too! And ING got in as well despite leaving.

    • Hairs said on 2nd February 2010, 22:52

      Think I put down 7up as #1 (that first Jordan is so memorable I forget it wasn’t their constant livery!), then Rothmans, Vodafone, Marlboro, and something non-cigarettey to finish. I had to spend at least 5 minutes preventing myself from leaving “Yore Ma” down as a memorable sponsor though.

      The problem is that the ciggie companies tended to have their livery dominate the car, and other sponsors, though they plastered the side, had to toe the colour line. So the classic Marlboro McLarens, Rothmans Williams, B&H Jordans, JPS Lotus were all one “block” of branding. Whereas now, it’s rare to see one sponsor dominate, unless it’s a Red Bull, and they’re so busy and complicated they just don’t have the impact.

    • Stephen said on 2nd February 2010, 23:12

      I put in:

      Red Bull

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