Stefan GP to test two drivers in February

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Stefan GP have announced they are sending race equipment to the first round of the championship at Bahrain – even though they don’t have an entry for the 2010 championship yet.

A statement on their site says:

SGP becomes the first team in F1 history who [sent] a 40 foot container full of equipment to the race in Bahrain without having entry for 2010 season!
Stefan GP statement

The team announced last week it has a deal with Toyota Motorsport to receive technical support.

With the entry list unlikely to expand, they must feel fairly confident that one of the new 2010 teams will not make it to the first race.

Update: In a further statement Stefan GP claim they will launch their car on February 25th in Portugal and will test two drivers, one of which “has already two years in F1.”

That could potentially mean Toyota-backed Kazuki Nakajima, former Toro Rosso pilot Sebastien Bourdais or potentially Nelson Piquet Jnr, though the latter is now racing in NASCAR.

Stefan GP

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  1. But which suckers will they get to turn up as drivers?

    1. That Ex-Toyota chassis will be a half decent car straight out of the box. You couldn’t say that for any of the other ‘newbies’.

      1. Pardon? Toyota? A decent chassis?

        Maybe that’s who Ralf Schumacher is going to drive for – Team #2 to sign ‘the wrong Schumacher’ :D

        1. Remember, that the chief aero guy at Toyota, is now at Ferrari, and has taken knowledge of a defuser with a hole in it, the size of an A3 sheet of paper. If that’s the case, the Toyota, may well be an excellent car… esp for a turn key operation.

    2. They’ve been linked with Kazuki Nakajima

      1. Then they deserve to fail.

    3. Heidfeld and Nakajima w with the Toyota isnt bad at all.

      1. It is if they’re not allowed to race. Who is going to sign with a team who has no position on the grid? Especially when there are other seats still open, and other series to race in. They are relying on teams to withdraw AND the FIA to say ok. The first may happen if we (the public) are unlucky, but even if the first happens it doesn’t mean the second will.

        Stefan GP can speculate and hope, but they’re going to be the most ridiculed team in history if they just turn up at Bahrain expecting to be allowed out without a position on the grid.

        1. East Londoner
          3rd February 2010, 16:27

          It’s going to be a rerun of the imfamous Andrea Moda from 1992!

          1. Why not have 28 cars though? Some other high level racing categories have at least 28 if not more, so why not F1? With limited testing who, other than mid pack/backmarker teams will give most rookies a shot?

            If the team are ok then let ’em race. Surely it would be easy to claim this and that about how good you are when all you have to do is test, but to commit to a full F1 schedule?

            Let ’em in. Just stipulate that if they want in NO RALF!!!!!

        2. Take it easy,mate,Serbian Team will be on the greed in Bahrain… ;)

  2. Will they be allowed to test and then race there?

  3. Maybe Milos Pavlovic will be with the team?

  4. I heard they were going to do a race ticket lottery at Bahrain, draw two numbers out and get two crowd members to drive….

    1. If I were choosing a car from any of the ‘new’ teams, that would be the car that I’d choose.

      1. I’d have to agree, but they’re leaving it a little late to get drivers. Unless they have drivers who have agreed to race if they get a slot, but not announced them.

        They have some confidence shipping it all over there that some teams arn’t going to make it.

  5. Well they don’t give up do they :P

    1. Zoran Stefanovic is about as tenacious as Simon Gillett… and we all know what happened to him!

      But if Stefan F1 does materialise, I reckon they’ll be my new favourite team. They’re hialrious… I reckon their PR department might actually use google translate for their English press releases!

      1. I think thats half the beauty. Completely serious broken English.

        I’m gunning for these guys all the way.

        1. haha, yes me too, i like theses guys, their never say die attitude and their pr department are oddball… great stuff

      2. You might have a point there.
        I’m imagining a cross between Borat and Alexander Orlov (apologies to non-UK readers).

        1. Although if you look at the picture, there’s a striking resemblance to Dara O’Braian…

      3. Yeah I reckon Borat may well be their PR man

        By the way I’ve just read my original comment again, and I admit it was hypocrtical of me to criticise Stefan F1’s English when I can’t even spell the word ‘hilarious’ properly…

  6. bring pre qualifying back!!!! :P

    1. Screw that, just add them in. There’s room for 28 cars. It’ll be fine.

      1. and in monaco?

        1. Its fine, the back of the grid will be just in front of pole sitter.

        2. They might have to extend the pitlane into the Mediteranean as well

          1. Maybe someone will start the race in Rascasse…

  7. Sounds like they’re expecting a shout out to the Bahrain crowd on Friday: “We’re two cars short, anyone who’s come along today with a fully operational Grand Prix team, get your tyres on, you’re racing”…

    Someone tried this with the old Prost cars didn’t they – I think they called themselves Phoenix.

    1. The people who picked up the assets of the Prost team were indeed called Phoenix and, I think, linked to Tom Walkinshaw.

      They hadn’t realised they were just buying the equipment, not Prost’s entry.

      Andrea Moda did the same thing back in 1992, i.e. they bought Coloni’s equipment but not its entry.

    2. I’m turing up at Bahrain with my Helmet, gloves and boots in case the call comes out; has anyone here brought their kit.. and it’ll be race to see whether me or Anthony davidson gets their first..

  8. Ah, the Stefan GP story just gets more crazy as time goes on.

    Good to know though. Even if the new teams all make it to Bahrain, there’s no guarantee they’ll be around for 19 races. Might be helpful to have a mid-season replacement at short notice.

    But if Stefan GP are actually ready then ideally they should be “accommodated” somehow, even if everyone else turns up, but I doubt that would happen.

  9. Accidental Mick
    2nd February 2010, 12:54

    I have obviously missed s point here. Did they annouce what engine they would be using?

    1. Apparently they’ve bought some old Toyota engines along with the chassis, according to one of the links here.

      1. From a corolla, they still think they can beat Renault.. (which is using an old clio engine)

  10. If Stefan GP have gone to all the trouble of sending equipment to Bahrain are they actually planning to do any pre season testing? The Autosport report said if they donít race this year they plan to test instead but didnít mention pre season testing.

    1. Presumably they plan to pre-season test in Bahrain.

  11. Well can’t knock em for their persistance. But with Tony Teixeira backing Campos now, don’t see there being an available berth for Stefan GP. Shame really.

    @matty55 Pre-quali would be fun, but with the cost of this sport these days, doubt anyone can afford to run a team that might not get to race some weekends.

    1. “with Tony Teixeira backing Campos now” – has that been confirmed?

    2. Your probably right. I’d say if the 1994 season was replayed in 2010 Pacific wouldve probably quit half way through the season.

  12. It’s prolly just an empty container shipped as a joke. Or some ploy to get sponsors and investors for a nonexistant team

  13. Again, are they just hopelessly optimistic or do they know something we don’t?

    1. Praveen Titus
      2nd February 2010, 18:48

      Either Zoran Stefanovich is totally crazy, or there is something big moving in the darkness, and we fans are groping in the dark. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!

  14. No photos? No rumors? if Stefan GP is ready to race, why aren’t there any photos?
    If everything is true, please mr Stefanovic, let us to see your car and your team.
    FIA please adds this team as reserve!!!! :-D

    1. I think it’s just a container full of Toyota parts at this point. Why the hell did USF1 not buy the Toyota chassis…too much American pride from a Brit???

      1. Probably the deal came with all sorts of strings attached, like a requirement to keep on a certain number of Toyota staff – or even to move part of the outfit to Cologne. The new teams were not in a position to do that.

  15. This is like something out of a soap opera! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the meeting where they decided to fly their equipment to Bahrain:

    “Let’s just fly our stuff to Bahrain! If we are there, they can’t not let us race!”\

    I sense a NPJ and Seb Bourdais comeback… lol!

    1. Mabye Bernie will just lock them out of the paddock… that’s what he did to Super Aguri back at the 2008 Turkish GP

  16. Well thats just a cheap Advertisement. Shipping a Container is cheap those days. And everyone is discussing about this Arms Dealers pasttime.

  17. Zoran Stefanovic is Andrea Sassetti reincarnated!

    Not all is bad I guess. Its nice to see the return of hairbrained idiots trying to run a Formula 1 team as bad as they can. Purely just to provide some comic relief.

  18. I cant imagine the owners faces if it was a helicoptor that dropped the container off with stefan go on it and buffered off.
    I would be happy if stefan gp won the race.

  19. Is Campos Meta out?

  20. Can not decide whether to consider this a gimmick or a clever ploy to put pressure on USF1 & Campos as well as their backers/sponsors.
    Is this Stefan guy a clown or what? OK, I am so desperate to own a team in F1 that I ship stuff to races without an invite or an entry!

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