F1 Fanatic round-up: 3/2/2010

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As well as being the last day of the Valencia test, today we will also see the launch of the first of the ‘new’ F1 teams.

Virgin Racing are revealing the car online at 10am (British time) – you can watch it all on their website and we’ll have pictures of the car here too.

Here’s the Wednesday round-up:


New Stefan GP team to replace Campos Meta F1? (Autoweek)

“Team boss Zoran Stefanovich is associated closely with F1 czar Bernie Ecclestone, and we would presume that the new team’s passage to the grid in Bahrain will be eased by the sport’s supremo.”

Why two top drivers are better than one (Autosport – sub. req.)

“Know what I really admire? The fact that after having their fingers so severely scorched in 2007 with Lewis and Fernando, McLaren is prepared to have another crack at it with two top class drivers quite so soon. Truly masochistic!”

Comment of the day

Stefan GP are hoping to get a last-minute entry into F1 – but Red Andy isn’t convinced it’ll happen:

The procedure for granting Stefan GP a grid slot will be more complicated than simply, “Campos hasn’t turned up, so there you go.” Such a late change would have to be agreed by all the teams and the FIA, which would not happen’- firstly because some of the teams may not be too happy about a new team turning up with a car that promises to be reasonably competitive and taking away points/prize money; and secondly because of the involvement of Mike Coughlan in Stefan GP, which would almost certainly be a sticking point with the FIA.
Red Andy

From the archive

The F1 Teams’ Association has launched a new survey of fans’ opinions. Of course it’s not the first time we’ve had a survey like this – here’s the last two:

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Controversy hit F1 testing on this day two years ago when photographs of a group of spectators at the Circuit de Catalunya were spotted aiming racial abuse at Lewis Hamilton. The FIA warned the organisers of the Spanish Grand Prix at the same track to ensure a repeat did not happen.