Virgin VR-01’s track debut (Pictures)

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Lucas di Grassi sampled the Virgin VR-01 on Friday
Lucas di Grassi sampled the Virgin VR-01 on Friday

Virgin Racing have run their VR-01 for the first time at Silverstone.

See below for pictures of Timo Glock driving the car around the Stowe circuit.

Update: Pictures of Lucas di Grassi’s Friday test in the VR-01 added.

It’s the first chance for the team to see if their VR-01, designed without wind tunnel testing, behaves the same way in real life that computer simulations predicted.

The team will conduct a longer test tomorrow with Lucas di Grassi getting his first taste of the car.

After that they will join the other teams for the second group test at Jerez on Wednesday.

Meanwhile there are rumours Portugal’s Alvaro Parente will lose his place as the team’s third driver after a sponsorship deal fell through. That would leave Luiz Razia as the team’s sole reserve driver.

See more pictures of the Virgin VR-01: Virgin Racing VR-01 launch pictures

Image (C) Virgin Racing

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  1. I am happy to see Glock keeping a place on F1 and driving this good looking VR-01.

    Good also to see that Virgin (it was Manor before right?) decided to go with Glock. I think he’s a good driver, and will do right for a new team!

    Very bad is for Parente (I’m portuguese also) because again politics seemed to got in the way, and a good driver inserted in a good programm (F1 reserve driver, driving in GP2 and good chance to be on the F1 rostrum next year) is now just waiting in the corner.
    And we’ll not see Portugal’s name in a F1 car, which has a lot of visibility and doesn’t cost as much as other advertising campaings, will far less exposure…

  2. I guess Glock didn’t drive her to hard. After all, she is a Virgin (god, this is going to be the best season ever!)

    I’d love it if the car ended up being competitive. Would tell us that we (humans, engineers) have done great strides in modelisation (is it the right word in English?)

  3. To be honest, i think Di Grassi will be in a good shape to fight versus Glock. But Razia is very green to take a third driver role.

  4. I hope virgin racing are the best out of the rookie teams. I just have a good feeling about them!

    1. I’m waiting till we see the lotus. I feel a curious sense of duty with regards to Kovalinen. I feel he deserves his now.

  5. Nick Somebody
    5th February 2010, 22:50

    It’s a shame but I can’t find a lot of video of the shake down. only this:

    It all sounds very tentative. I guess they are sensibly being super cautious and have the RPM on the engine turned right down. It sounds rather low and rumbly to me compared to a normal F1 car.

    I wonder if the Cosworth has the facility to not run on all its cylinders like the other F1 engines. I’ll listen out for that when they are waiting at the end of the pit lane in Bahrain.

    1. Jarred Walmsley
      7th February 2010, 20:46

      Yes, you’re right it does sound alot deeper than the mercedes or ferrari or renault engines. It sounds alot more traditonaly V8 than the screaming V8’s normally in F1

  6. It would be great if you could write about Parente’s situation. This situation needs to be known. I’ve sent alredy an e-mail to Portuguese Tourism Institute but no answer yet. Meanwhile, there is a petition on a portuguese website to support Álvaro Parente. That petition could then be sent to the Portuguese Parliament and to Portuguese Tourism Institute. There’s a manifestation being prepared too. They are thinking in inviting Portugal’s drivers and ask them to bring their cars to do some noise on Lisbon streets.

  7. Love the livery, looks great

  8. We want turbos
    7th February 2010, 16:26

    Dosent matter how fast it is it’ll be made of steel so they should just ram their way through

  9. i can’t but admire the great look of this VR-01 f1 car it looks great, although im supporting Lotus this year :)

  10. Not bad looking at all. Very slick and tidy looking. It does not have that middle heavy look which makes it look a little more nimble but its the track times that will tell…

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