Jean Todt’s Approval Rating II (Poll)

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FIA president Jean Todt with Michael Schumacher
FIA president Jean Todt with Michael Schumacher

It’s still early days for the Jean Todt presidency – but we’ve seen a few telling developments at the FIA in the last few weeks.

We’re monitoring Todt’s progress to see whether F1 fans think he is doing a good job. Join in below.

FIA developments since the last approval rating

Purnell and Donnelly

We’ve seen some minor but potentially significant developments since the first approval rating at the beginning of January.

The departure of two key figures from the Mosley era – Tony Purnell and Alan Donnelly – suggests we will see a different approach from Todt to handling FIA business compared to what we saw from Mosley.

Bernard Niclot has joined Gilles Simon as one of the faces of Todt-era Ferrari now employed by the FIA.

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The Briatore appeal

After Flavio Briatore won his court case over his lifetime ban from motor sport the FIA confirmed it would appeal.

But, significantly, it stepped down from its earlier demand that drivers represented by Briatore could not compete in F1. We’ve seen brinkmanship like this from the FIA in the past, and it’s encouraging to see it’s not being repeated.

However Todt is still left with the problem of how the FIA can punish Briatore – and future transgressors – given the limits of its power, which the Tribune de Grande Instance made so stark.

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“Improving the show”

The latest raft of changes to the F1 rules have not yet been given the blessing of the World Motor Sports Council. But they are a consequence of Todt’s request for further ideas to “Improve the show” in 2010.

Frankly I hope he throws out the “top ten drivers must start the race on the same tyres they qualified” nonsense, but that’s just me…

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How the Approval Rating works

Once a month, F1 fans are invited to vote on the following question: “As an F1 fan, do you approve or disapprove of the way Jean Todt is handling his job as FIA President?”

This is based on the system used in American politics where approval ratings are used to gauge public opinion of how well their president is performing.

Jean Todt’s Approval Rating so far

Date Approve Disapprove No opinion
January 2010 55% 16% 29%

Jean Todt’s Approval Rating: Vote here

Is Jean Todt doing a good job? Vote below and have your say in the comments:

As an F1 fan, do you approve or disapprove of the way Jean Todt is handling his job as FIA President?

  • Approve (57%)
  • Disapprove (14%)
  • No opinion (29%)

Total Voters: 1,272

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Jean Todt’s Approval Rating

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