F1 Fanatic round-up: 9/2/2010

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Today sees the eighth F1 car launch of 2010 as the Force India VJM03 breaks cover. We’ll have pictures and hopefully some video of the car around 9am British time.

Later on I’m off to Spain in time for the resumption of F1 testing tomorrow. If you’ve got an opinion on what you’d like to see or hear from the test join the discussion here.

Here’s today’s round-up:


Williams Enter Agreement with Williams Sports (Williams)

“Initial CFD analysis has shown that the aerodynamic profiling of a top surface trip and diffuser geometry to the underside of a driver* head, does, under control conditions, lend the club a smaller wake and improved pressure recovery. The net gain for the golfer is a reduced loss of swing energy in addressing the ball and a more stable head angle better enabling a clean and directional ball strike. In simulations, the Williams Sports’ FW32 driver demonstrated 19% less drag force and an 11.5% decrease in drag coefficient as against a similarly-specified TaylorMade Burner driver.” *As in golf driver, not racing car driver!

Petrov’s Renault Seat is Not 100% Secure (Will Buxton)

As posted in the comments yesterday. There’s a bit more background on the story from Joe Saward too.

Comment of the day

Are race promoters squeezing fans out of General Admission areas? Here’s Jeff’s experience:

I attended the ’07 USGP for $90 for three day seats in the grandstand about 300 meters before T1. Indy, although not a great F1 course, offered numerous excellent vantage points to take in the practice and race from.

I attended the Canadian GP in 08, and since Indy had so many open viewing areas with great views of the track I decided not to buy a grandstand seat. Big mistake. The event organizers/powers-that-be took nearly every opportunity to put up plywood, trees, privacy screes, and to outright restrict access to certain parts of the track for GA ticket holders. It was a terrible waste of money.

Now if I want to see the race I’ve got to buy a grandstand seat and pay $230 minimum to sit in the worst seats. That’s way to much money. I can see Indycar for $70 a weekend and ALMS for less. Granted I much prefer F1, but the ticket prices are still way out of line.

Site updates

I’ve been working on implementing comments from Twitter into certain articles – you should see the results on the F1 testing posts starting tomorrow.

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Ten years ago today Sylvester Stallone gave up on his plan to make a film about F1 racing. He eventually made a film, “Driven”, about CART, which was widely panned. F1 dodged a bullet, there, though I still say it was better than Will Ferrell’s execrable “Talladega Nights”.

Can someone please make a decent film about motor racing?