F1 testing pictures: 10th February

McLaren ran an aerodynamic measuring device on Button\'s

McLaren ran an aerodynamic measuring device on Button's car

Here’s the pictures I’ve taken at the first day of the the F1 test at Jerez.

More to follow

Images (C) F1Fanatic.co.uk

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86 comments on F1 testing pictures: 10th February

  1. ElChiva said on 10th February 2010, 20:34

    3 options.
    Validating windtunnel and CFD data.
    They suspect they messed up.
    They know they messed up and are working on it.

    • Option 4.

      They want to improve their modelling in the wind-tunnel when there is limited track testing.

      As yet there is no sign that they have messed up.

    • PS Ferrai used the same device last week… have they messed up as well?

  2. Shark fins are the most ugly thing I have seen on F1 cars for quite some time. Wether they are an advantage or not, they are UGLY. They detract from the rear wing and the engine cover and the overall shape of the body. The Mclaren looks so much worse than last year, the shark fin looks like a horn! I think the Ferrari looks better, nice clean lines.

    But its about speed isn’t it. That is all.

    • Prateek said on 11th February 2010, 2:25

      If only they could mould the fin part out of something clear and sturdy like fiberglass! Of course i don’t know anything about the difficulties of moulding glass onto metal…

  3. Braking news, you heard them at f1fanatic first.
    The campos team will be wv in 2011. Campos has sold the team to a partner and is out of it. The team will use campos factory in spain this year. Colin Kolles will be the team manager.

  4. Vikas said on 11th February 2010, 7:25

    Thanks jose…. good now we have another manufacturer…and another engine :-)

  5. Luvin the photo’s folks…

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