Fuel heavy car “like a bus” – Liuzzi

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Vitantonio Liuzzi says the ban on refuelling in F1 this year means cars handle “like a bus” when their tanks are full.

He drove the the Force India VJM03 for the first time today with both heavy and low fuel loads and said the difference between the two was “like a Lotus Elise and a bus!”

He added:

When it’s full of fuel everything’s lazier – the steering, the brakes, changing direction. It was very hard to drive it in the wet with a full fuel load.

It will be more challenging for the teams and the drivers – and good for the show.

It’s a drastic change. The drivers will have to take care of their cars more this year. There will have to be more communication between the driver and team. But I like having more things to handle like that.
Vitantonio Liuzzi

The team’s design director Mark Smith said they will use harder brake materials in 2010 to cope with the increased demands owing to the heavier cars, while maximum brake sizes remain the same as last year.