Harder tyres for the Australian Grand Prix

Bridgestone will bring tyres one stage harder than those used at last year’s Australian Grand Prix when the teams return to the track this year.

F1’s official tyre supplier has revealed the compounds that will be provided for the first three races of 2010:

Circuit 2010 tyres 2009 tyres
Bahrain Medium / Super Soft Medium / Super Soft
Albert Park Hard / Soft Medium / Super Soft
Sepang Hard / Soft Hard / Soft

Last year there were complaints from some drivers that the super soft tyre was too soft for the Melbourne circuit.

This year drivers will have six sets of the harder (‘prime’) tyres and five sets of the softer (‘option’) tyres available to them at each race – last year they had seven of each.

Drivers will still have to use each compound of tyre at least once per race in 2010, meaning they will need to make at least one tyre change per race.

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