Harder tyres for the Australian Grand Prix

Bridgestone will bring tyres one stage harder than those used at last year’s Australian Grand Prix when the teams return to the track this year.

F1’s official tyre supplier has revealed the compounds that will be provided for the first three races of 2010:

Circuit 2010 tyres 2009 tyres
Bahrain Medium / Super Soft Medium / Super Soft
Albert Park Hard / Soft Medium / Super Soft
Sepang Hard / Soft Hard / Soft

Last year there were complaints from some drivers that the super soft tyre was too soft for the Melbourne circuit.

This year drivers will have six sets of the harder (‘prime’) tyres and five sets of the softer (‘option’) tyres available to them at each race – last year they had seven of each.

Drivers will still have to use each compound of tyre at least once per race in 2010, meaning they will need to make at least one tyre change per race.

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48 comments on Harder tyres for the Australian Grand Prix

  1. HounslowBusGarage said on 10th February 2010, 23:37

    Are the actual Bridgestone compounds the same as last year, or have they altered the compound and ‘improved’ its wear rate to respond to the increased car weights?
    In other words, if a set of super-softs did a stint of 15 laps last year, have they been improved so that they still do 15 laps even though the car’s 100kg heavier this year?

    • Scribe said on 10th February 2010, 23:50

      I will try and find the link but I read something about the tyre structures being distinctly different this year an therfore much more able to cope with the weight.
      Ever since the tyre War ended Bridgestone has been hocking the teams fairly shoddy ware in comparison to say a 2006 tyre so I reckon this years tyres will be a significant step up because of the rule change.

      Come to think of it that might even be why they’re leaving.

      • graigchq said on 11th February 2010, 1:08

        i thought that too, as i read somewhere that they’re not getting any extra investment for the increased development needed for the changes, hence leaving the sport.

  2. Icthyes said on 11th February 2010, 0:01

    I would gladly see a new tyre war, but only if there were more than 2 suppliers and selection was based on choice, not price.

  3. steve said on 11th February 2010, 5:04

    what i dont understand is,

    the aero problem and 2 cars following each other, has already been solved.

    http://www.indycar.com are introducing their new car in 2012, and they’re designing it in a way which makes the car following have more front downforce, not less….. strange the FIA cant figure this out…

    that being said, IRL season starts march 14th on the streets of sao paulo, with what could be, the longest straight on a street circuit ever!!!


  4. steve said on 11th February 2010, 5:45


    a real street circuit,,,

    too bad F1 couldn’t figure this out

  5. matt90 said on 11th February 2010, 20:16

    Does anybody else think it’s a bit bizzare having the rule where the top 10 qualifiers start on used tyres, largely just because it’ll be hard enough managing the tyres with heavy fuel even without the difficulty of those tyres being used.

    • Scribe said on 11th February 2010, 20:22

      It’s an “improving the show” idea which translates into

      100% Garanteed to fustrate and annoy fanatics.
      It’s a complete fallacy as far as im concerned what it mostly means is the fourth row will be highly vunerable to the fith. Which isn’t fair really, I think as low as p6 they’ll probably end up vunrable in the opening laps to a fast car that had trouble in qualifiying.
      Will they be able to scrub the tyres? Does anyone know.

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