Red Bull launch the RB6

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Red Bull launches their RB6 at Jerez this morning
Red Bull launches their RB6 at Jerez this morning

Red Bull have revealed their 2010 F1 car, the RB6.

Here are the first pictures of the new car.

Red Bull have taken a gamble by missing the first test of 2010 to work on the design of their RB6. Designer Adrian Newey expalined the changes on the new car:

The RB6 is very much an evolution of the 2009 car. We tried to refine and evolve it rather than go to new concepts.

As a result, the car looks similar with elements such as the chassis and pull-rod rear suspension retained. The two main challenges were the larger fuel tank and the smaller front tyre. With the fuel tank, there was more to it than simply putting a bigger tank in the car – it puts more load on the brakes, so the brake cooling has to cope with that and you also have to consider what effect that extra fuel will have on the tyre degradation early in the race and if there’s anything we should change mechanically to cope with that.

The narrower front tyre changes weight distribution and the balance of the car. I think it’s a sensible evolution of the 2009 car. One obvious difference is that the 2009 car was not designed to suit a double-diffuser and we had to try to put one on as best we could around the existing rear suspension and gear box. With this car we’ve been able to design that part of the car from scratch.
Adrian Newey

Red Bull RB6 launch pictures

See here for pictures of the RB6 on-track: F1 testing pictures: 10th February

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  1. STRFerrari4Ever
    10th February 2010, 7:57

    Mmm definetly looks good seems like they’ve kept the pullrod suspension but more pics later on will tell us the full story.
    Also it’s great to see they’ve got some more sponsors on their car good on them!

    Thank you Keith for getting this before anyone else!

    1. They have kept the pullrod arrangement – it’s visible in at least two of the photos.

      1. That’s interesting – BBC are saying the pullrod system has been dropped.

        Looks just like the RB5 to me though – looking forward to the comparison images.

        1. is describing the RB6 as retaining the pullrod system –

        2. Hmmmmm… Are the raised sides of the cockpit no longer a requirement?

          1. That’s an important question. Either the cockpit sides aren’t raised enough or the cockpit has actually become smaller, since drivers’ helmets look to be jutting out of the cckpit substantially more than last year. That can’t happen unless all the drivers have grown taller! Did the need for a larger or longer fuel tank cause the cockpit size to be reduced?

        3. Adrian Newey is saying that they’ve retained the pull rod suspension and I think he should know.

        4. its the same car an evolution like the STR this year the str had to design on their own but it doesnt seems the case

  2. mercedes nose? mclaren fin?

    1. No, what you don’t realize is RBR designed them first, ages ago! (2007 for the fin, last year for the nose)

    2. lol get real…
      RBR nose and RBR shark fin…my friend!

      Notice how close they parked the rear end to the wall….no pics from rear LOL

      1. i think there’s actually something covering the diffuser at the back, it looks flat all the way across…?

        1. Yes there was a cover on the diffuser – and people standing in front of it to prevent a clear view.

          1. From BBC Sport:
            While waiting for a recovery truck, he positioned his helmet and head protection behind the car so photographers could not take pictures of the car’s diffuser, a crucial part of the rear of the car that promotes aerodynamic downforce.

      2. Shark Fins been around for a little bit longer than 3 years:

        It’s very hard to come up with genuinely original and innovative solutions in F1.

    3. I think he’s joking

      1. Lost the pull rod suspension?
        And the other thing I picked up by overlaying the RB5 on top on new car is they seem around the same length…

        Very rough measure but looks very similar.

        1. The pullrod arrangement is still there – visible in two of the photos above.

  3. At last we get to see it. Can’t wait for a few more pictures.

    Webber testing today and tomorrow.

  4. It’s certainly a Red Bull nose and fin (they created the first shark fin, and the first shark fin that attached to the rear wing). Very much evolutionary, as you’d expect from the car that won the last 3 GPs last year.

    1. Not sure if its the picture angle but that look like a seriously high nose with a big void under it.

    2. LH – I think you’ll find they won 6 GPs last year. Seb 4 and Mark 2

      1. Jarred Walmsley
        10th February 2010, 8:34

        What other GP did Webber win besides Germany?

        1. Brazil, though noone noticed because Jenson won the championship there. I hope he gets a win this season too. Top chap.

          The leading edges of the nose bumps are more severe and further back. Diffuser will probably be the biggest change though. As an aero-centric engineer Newey was probably rather more annoyed than everyone else that they were made legal last year.

      2. He said the last 3 GPs – that is to say, the final three races of last season, in addition to the three they won earlier on.

      3. I think you’ll find that he mentioned the *last three* gp’s were won by red bull.

    3. Red Bull fin?

      First was the McLaren MP4/10 maybe?

      Ferrari aparently had one too in the seventies.

      1. Gawd there were some ugly cars in the nineties.

        1. I like the Mclaren of 1995, it was different to everything else that year,

      2. You beat me to this one Patrickl.

  5. well it would be a bit ironic after all the fuss over noses over the last couple of weeks, if they didn’t have a ”nose”redbull

  6. Man that looks so cool! Hope it goes as good as it looks!

  7. It looks a lot like a carbon copy of last year’s car, the RB5, just adapted to 2010 standards. But then again it shouldn’t because the aero design of the RB5 (except for the DDD) really set the standard for the aero of the cars post new rule regulations. With less mistakes, and the Renault expecting to be strong on mileage and reliability, Vettel’s got a shot at the title.

    1. and webber…

  8. it seems those nose bumps have been exaggerated a tad more and the front wing looks a bit more sophisticated. hope it delivers even better results than last year. GO WEBBER!!!

  9. Haha, love it. Can anybody tell me, if vettel wins this season, is he a younger drivers champion than Lewis? I’d quite happily see red bull win the constructors this year, they have invested loads into f1 and are starting to really come on. Good on them I say. I can’t wait for Keith comparisons on this car.

    1. the thing with the comparisons to last year’s car, it’s way different from the 2009 launch version, more similar to the round 1 one and almost identical to the one that appeared in abu dhabi…

    2. Yes he would be the youngest.

  10. Jonesracing82
    10th February 2010, 8:17

    even with the other cars, they have covered the diffusers with a cover with “no photographers please” on it! class…..

    1. McLaren did the exact same thing, probably because it could be contrued as controversial.

      Ferrari didn’t allow many photos but the car span an the diffuser wasn’t covered.

      Just strikingly simple. You get the feeling this new, “diffuser war” is going to begin with Ferrari going to the stewards in Bahrain.

    2. I think the teams should get creative with the diffuser covers on write things on them like “Hire a better engineer” or “Quit taking pictures of my ass.” You know, just for kicks. That would be classy…

      1. *…and write…

  11. Guys, i always wonder what’s it with Vettel and his head-warmer (winter cap)!! It just gives him a look of a demolition derby racer rather than an inspiring F1 racer of which he’s every inch of!!
    I say the look is really dull!!
    What say you?!

    1. It’s called a beanie, and it’s far better than wearing an identikit basecall cap like all the rest do. I’ve noticed a few of the Red Bull drivers wearing them, as well as the Virgin guys at their shakedown last week.

      Also, it makes far more sense to wear a beanie in the winter than a baseball cap.

      1. Ok Ajokay..u win!
        But i still feel he’ll look a whole lot better without them though.

      2. Baseball caps are hideous in my opinion, I wish they didn’t have to wear them. Vettel’s beanie looks nicer.

        1. I love Vettle’s Beanie. I had hoped he’d wear it to a post race conferance.

      3. You might not have noticed, but the choice was “condom hat” or “no condom hat”. There are no people wearing baseball caps in the pictures …

  12. Aside from what seems like a more metallic blue paint, it looks very similar to what finished at Abu Dhabi. Which makes sense, I guess.

    1. The thing is we’re not seing the magic. Which’ll be the diffuser. Regardless that’s a highly developed car, New front wing, new V interpretation, more cut away on the side pods. Fully intergrated diffuser pull rod combanation. Don’t know if they’ve been able to do as Renault an keep a shortish wheel base but if you look carefully, there’s quite a bit different on that car.

  13. Yet another car that tries to imitate the Red Bull nose, a Red Bull fin …. oh wait, it is actually a Red Bull…

    1. Yes I know. I couldn’t tell because so many other teams have copied red bull apparently. But here she i the rb6 this is the one ;D .

  14. The best front brake ducts so far!

    I still don’t get why the cover the diffuser – they are testing the car later on today, is that few hours really going to make a difference?… I presume it’s just because they can and others have done as Jones82 mentions above.

    1. Becasue no moving photo is ever going to be as good as a fully focused, light prepared sitting photo of your diffuser.

  15. It looks pretty clean from the design perspective, look at the slope from the highest point in the nose (the ‘V’) till the rear diffuser… awesome. Looks fast, and it is very likely that it’ll be so! Nice, design from Newey… but, still I hate these shark-fins

  16. Looks great as expected.

    1. eh?
      looks like a racing car, not asthetically pleased with it myself.

  17. Looks exactly like last years car. Nothing new to look at.
    Plus… Toro Rosso… what exactly did they design? because both look identical

  18. wow this site is faster than the f1 official site.

    ugly vertical stabilizer not only this but all other cars with this. ferrari is awesome

  19. The nose looks a lot more pronounced than the RB5. It looks ready to race!

  20. Yep, looks like the extra week of design time has gone into doing.. err nothing. Exactly the same as the last iteration of the RB5. We can assume that they’ve spent all their time making the diffuser work.

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