Red Bull launch the RB6

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Red Bull launches their RB6 at Jerez this morning
Red Bull launches their RB6 at Jerez this morning

Red Bull have revealed their 2010 F1 car, the RB6.

Here are the first pictures of the new car.

Red Bull have taken a gamble by missing the first test of 2010 to work on the design of their RB6. Designer Adrian Newey expalined the changes on the new car:

The RB6 is very much an evolution of the 2009 car. We tried to refine and evolve it rather than go to new concepts.

As a result, the car looks similar with elements such as the chassis and pull-rod rear suspension retained. The two main challenges were the larger fuel tank and the smaller front tyre. With the fuel tank, there was more to it than simply putting a bigger tank in the car – it puts more load on the brakes, so the brake cooling has to cope with that and you also have to consider what effect that extra fuel will have on the tyre degradation early in the race and if there’s anything we should change mechanically to cope with that.

The narrower front tyre changes weight distribution and the balance of the car. I think it’s a sensible evolution of the 2009 car. One obvious difference is that the 2009 car was not designed to suit a double-diffuser and we had to try to put one on as best we could around the existing rear suspension and gear box. With this car we’ve been able to design that part of the car from scratch.
Adrian Newey

Red Bull RB6 launch pictures

See here for pictures of the RB6 on-track: F1 testing pictures: 10th February

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  1. Is it just me, or is it very difficult to spot the differences between this and last year’s car? Seems like different wing supports, slightly more rounded sidepods, and slightly different barge boards, but thats all I can see. That said, I cant blame them for not changing it much. It has a very form-follows-function sense of purpose and beauty. Well done Newey.

  2. Last year they finished having the fastest car on track,hope they have a good start.Expecting a dry track tomorrow hope we will find out some true pace of the RB6.

  3. Would be interesting to see some comparison photos of the RB6 and the STR5 — both based on the RB5, but one by Adrian Newey and one, erm, not…

  4. Looks pretty good, but I expected a surprise or two. Maybe we’ll see some come Bahrain.

  5. shark fin like many other cars this season.

  6. Aleksandar Serbia
    10th February 2010, 21:59

    These years cars are ugly, they need to switch to 97 spec and just get rid of all the protuberance sticking out of every cm of the car!

    1. 2010 cars using 97 spec would not look like 97 spec cars. Aerodynamics, materials, and whatever else (electronics, blah blah) have advanced so far since then. Without knowing the 97 regs that well, you’d probably see more crap all over the cars than you did in 2008.

  7. Prisoner Monkeys
    10th February 2010, 22:40

    I’m curious – is it just me, or does the RB6 look pretty small in comparison to the other 2010 machines?

  8. Here’s an interesting picture. What’s that central outlet then?

    Why do they bother going to the hassle of trying to cover up the rear when as soon as it leave the garage everyone can see it anyway? It’s definitely tight like a tiger.

    They’ve really gone for the myspace angles on those studio shots, it looks like a teenage pouting as she looks up to the camera. How are suppose to make our inaccurate wheelbase comparisons now? God damn funky hip young Red Bull.

  9. fantasticplanet
    11th February 2010, 1:44

    Yeah, it looks like the RB5, hideous.

  10. Prisoner Monkeys
    11th February 2010, 2:31

    Well, I’m liking it. I don’t know what people were expecting of Adrian Newey; he’s a great designer, but that doesn’t mean he’s obligated to come up with something dramatic every time. I wasn’t expecting too much more than this because why fix what isn’t broken? The only major change that was to be expected was the team designing the car around the diffuser.

  11. love that single central outlet..
    am i right in guessing this is the exhaust..?

  12. Absolutely sensational design by Newey yet again. Wow wow and wow again…

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