F1 testing pictures: 11th February

Robert Kubica heads for the pits in the Renault R30
Robert Kubica heads for the pits in the Renault R30

The second day of F1 testing is under way on a much drier track at Jerez. Here’s a selection of my pictures from the circuit.

Image (C) F1Fanatic.co.uk

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  1. Pics are always fabulous around here…..except sometimes for the comment with them. The last pic isn’t Schumi, it’s Webber RB6. Keep up the good work…..everybody loves it.

  2. Great pictures Keith!
    Just out of curiosity, is the W01 as dull/ugly in the metal (or carbon fibre?) as they seem in all pictures, studio and otherwise, I’ve seen so far?
    I know looks aren’t everything but I think the Merc looks the worst of the lot.

    1. It catches the light quite attractively, and I do think the livery looks better on the W01 than it did on the BGP-001 they revealed it on. But I think on a dull day (like we had yesterday) it doesn’t look that great.

      However I think the combinations of Schumacher’s bright red helmet with the red camera mount, and Rosberg’s yellow-topped helmet with the yellow camera mount will look very good. In fact, quite reminiscent of the wing mirrors on their ’80s and ’90s sportscars (pics of those here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2009/11/23/michael-schumacher-the-mercedes-years/).

    2. I agree it’s not great – though I don’t know about worst. Actually I think it would look a lot betternif the black of the nose tip didn’t extend backwards along the sides in that not-very-successful spray paint motif.

      1. Thanks Keith! I guess as it’s silver the W01 will look great in places like Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Also good point about the helmets and camera mounts matching.
        Yeah Maciek, that graffiti spray paint effect doesn’t do it any good IMO, plus the bent/broken nose. But like I said, it’s just appearances… :)

  3. Does anyone else think that the Virgin VR-01 looks like woody the woodpecker? I love that sharp nose and the livery is quite nice. But does anyone know if they have a more complicated front wing coming or that they’ll start with that fairly simple looking one? (by comparison)

    1. No that corner has two configurations – a plain right-hand bend or a right-left-right chicane called the Senna S. The F1 cars use the chicane, but Kubica cut it and used the corner on his in-lap. Schumacher did too at least once.

  4. Some of those picture look as if you are ontop of the car, do you have a media pass or is it just a characteristic of the track?

    Also why is there cones on the track? Is it to stop the cars going to quick and if so, what part of the track are they on?

  5. @ BliNnk

    Robert basically is testing helmets of two different producers. I do not know which one (yellow or black) but one is said to be much lighter than the other.

  6. Ive done a quick comaprison of the nose areas with some of the pics you have taken Keith:


    I am interested in the ‘cutoff’ nature of the V-nose on the red bull as nobody else has this at the moment. It looks to me as if the air flowing over the nose at the edges will be put to better use by having it flow over and outwards then down each side of the nose towards the sidepod openings? Something the others may copy perhaps?

    I have no aerodynamic knowledge so I could be wrong :)

    1. Nice comparisons Invoke, I agree this could be beneficial in directing the air as you say. One thing I keep wondering, with the new trend of higher nose cones for better airflow to the diffuser, it must be a weird body position for the drivers compared to previous years as their legs and feet will be higher up. I wonder if we can find out from one of the drivers in the high-nosed cars (Keith maybe)?

      Also, your image looks like it could be of different Japanese bullet trains! :)

  7. Hi Keith,

    Great pics so far. Any chance you could take 30 seconds and just detail for us camera fanatics what gear you are using for your shots, and any special settings etc

    Have you thought about recruiting readers for on-the-ground reporting / photgraphing from this year’s races? AFAIK because it’s editorial it still counts as “non-commercial use” :D

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