H???lkenberg happy with Cosworth power

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico H???lkenberg thinks Williams has benefitted from a boost in power since switching to Cosworth engines.

H?lkenberg drove the car with the Toyota engine – thought to be one of the least powerful in F1 last year – in December.

It’s good, I’m very positively surprised about it. There’s been no issues with reliability and drive-ability’s very good. It feels better, it feels stronger [than the Toyota].
Nico H???lkenberg

H?lkenberg was delayed by a hydraulic problem this morning which cost the team three hours of track time, meaning they weren’t able to complete the programme they planned:

The running we did was not bad I think we got some good results from our testing. But we targetted a lot more mileage and laps than we did today, so that’s a bit disappointing.
Nico H???lkenberg

The rookie driver has been making the most of the experience of team mate Rubens Barrichello to accelerate his development with the FW32:

At Valencia I was there one day early so I could listen in on the radio and go to the debrief, see the way he drives and look at the data.

I don’t think his approach is much different [to mine]. Obviously he has all the experience from his thousands of races.

We’re different drivers so one prefers this, one prefers that. There’s always a compromise. I will work with my engineer but we will always keep an eye on which direction he’s going and what we’re doing.

I’m just starting in Formula 1 so I think I can improve in every area.
Nico H???lkenberg

Barrichello will drive for the team in the next two days of the test.