Lotus T127 launched (Pictures)

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Test driver Fairuz Fauzy shook down the Lotus T127 at Silverstone
Test driver Fairuz Fauzy shook down the Lotus T127 at Silverstone

Lotus has officially revealed the car it will return to F1 with in 2010 at a launch ceremony in London.

See below for pictures of the Lotus T127 – the first Lotus since 1994.

Image (C) Lotus F1

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  1. if i had my choice of fake lotus, i’ll take a caterham.

  2. if you look on F1 website the car looks pretty advanced, Lotus have my vote as the best of the newbies!

  3. i like it a lot. It looks a little bit more old school, with the straight sidepods and and the colour scheme, and i like the yellow wheels.

    1. and no shark fin, a big tick for that

  4. thanks so much Keith, i now have access to pretty much a full set of this years cars for comparison. No other site offers this kind of service… absolutely fantastic work.

    And if my reading memory serves me right, you’re doing all this from a hotel in Spain.. great work!!!

  5. I like the colors, but as for the actual design of the car I think it’s far from the best looking. The short nose makes it look very strange. Like Kovalainen has said, there is a lot to improve. They had to put it together very quickly so it won’t be very advanced. Kovalainen said that by the Spanish GP they’ll have significant improvements to the car.

  6. The green on the drivers’ suits looks better than the one on the car to me.

  7. colours don’t make a fast car. This is as much of a Lotus as I am Queen Isabel of Castille in the 15th century. A complete joke to use such a name.

  8. there seems to be a third exhaust behind the fin

    1. scratch that. the dark colours and picture angle threw me

      1. Well. Wrigley’s Doublemint on wheels!
        Hope the car is better than the livery.

  9. quite funny that everyone seems to believe the front wings a force india copy, to me it seems to be a rather well developed higher downforce design than some, yes in some ways very similar to the Force india design, as well as a bit like sauber/williams and Brawn, quite different to the Ferarri/Mclaren stylee. And of course the Red bull/Torro Rosso which is similar but even more extreme.

    IMO if they manage to keep it attached to its mounds(unlike the VR01s obviously less developed variant), i’d bet this is a better front end, mid and rear i wouldn’t know yet. but im sure Wirth will drop a V-bomb and bust out an awesome front wing at some point once their sure the all CFD VR01 is working as predicted.

    maybe they wanted to take no risks from the offset with chassis design, anyone else notice a similar straight-edgedness to the USF1 tub in the electrical wiring video. easier to make a simple shape pass crash tests… maybe it’ll get rounded with new bodywork.

    Also the diffuser, the bottom half is very visible in their press photos, but… two key points:
    1. Its the upper levels/double/triple decker areas which are most significant at the moment
    2. You can see their upper level much less than in the many, many images of the current cars at the tests so far, photographers and tv crews are going to see them and there’ll be a lovely article with many pretty images in autosport and on various websites/blogs. so it doesn’t really matter.

    Although i’m sure some advanced geeky photo analysis could use the light visible to understand partially the upper level of their diffuser.

    1. The Last Pope
      14th February 2010, 0:46

      Of course some of the aerodynamics parts are a close copy of last years Force India. The lotus was designed in the same wind tunnel as the 2009 Force india by the same man (Mike Gascoyne). Yes, the original design belongs to Force India but no one can expect Gascoyne to forget all he knew from Force India and design a car from scatch in such a short time. Look closely at the Lotus and Force India front wings and you can see slight diferences which shows that it isn’t a complete rip off of the Force India design, Gascoyne knew that design worked and just designed the same thing again.

      Same with the parts that look similar to previous Toyotas designed by Gascoyne, he knows how those shapes work and has reused them on the Lotus. As long as he doesn’t have a big book with technical designs of all his previous cars, there is no problem.

      Remember Adrian Newey’s first Red Bull design looked just like a McLaren.

  10. theRoswellite
    13th February 2010, 0:25

    I called this car more than a bit simplistic, based only on that first Pop-photo; it now looks rather developed, if straight forward in design.

    Having worshiped at the alter that was Lotus-Chapman-Clark, I’ll just enjoy seeing a green machine back on the grid; and the yellow wheels are a nice touch…but then I would, having the Lotus 25 as my all time F1 icon.

    Hope they’re quick beyond expectation.

  11. Well over the years and in this flat world especially the heritage or rather the blood-line is bound to change and blurred.
    Why is Fiat buying over Ferrari more acceptable? Or VW owning Lamborhgini which was at one time also owned by Malaysians? Is Chelsea less English or London with Russian ownership or MU for that matter?
    Malaysian money has supported Lotus cars and kept it a viable business and a significant employer in that neck of the woods. Mclarenites claim it is a British company but in actual fact it has New Zealand parentage with Middle Eatern money. The list goes on.
    Let’s just enjoy the racing

    1. Jarred Walmsley
      13th February 2010, 22:00

      You make very good points in that comment some people have selective memories in order to further their point.

  12. The front nose is too small.

  13. BritishRacing
    13th February 2010, 3:00

    why there was no British company like British Petrolem or others to support this ‘British’ team?

    1. Now that’s a lame question! Are you new to F1 or to the idea of sponsorship?

      1. BritishRacing
        13th February 2010, 6:00

        they dont have any pride anymore about British

  14. wow the green is amazing! LOVE THE COLOR we need some bigger pics so I can use as a desktop!

    1. there are a lot of pic on their official website..you ccan download from there

  15. Invald Character
    13th February 2010, 5:34

    Same as the “Lotus 25”.
    Lotus’ 1st World championship crown with Jim Clark (1963).
    And one of the most significant F1 car of the 60s for having the first fully stressed monocoque chassis indroduced in F1.
    Reading these comments, I was left with the impression that most of the comments come from people who are clueless as of anything that happened prior to 2007 (or 2008?).

  16. Don’t really like the colour (I prefer the black colour scheme) & the car design, but I reckon this car will be faster than Virgin

  17. It’s a very narrow nose.

  18. Just to say for the record that cosworth built the most successful engine ever the ford cosworth dfv v8.Lotus done amazingly well with that engine so i can’t see why they can’t do it again cosworth are so underestimated and at lest they are makeing f1 more excessable.

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