US F1 keeping Charlotte base

US F1 has refuted rumours it is selling its F1 base in the USA.

The building the team operates from in Charlotte, North Carolina has appeared for sale prompting fresh speculation about the future of the team.

A US F1 spokesperson explained the team are tenants in the property and the owners have put the site up for sale, which will not affect their use of it as a base for their F1 programme this year.

The spokesperson added: “US F1 Team has a long term lease at the building, so no worries there. It is absolutely US F1 Team’s intention to compete this season.”

According to the property advert the team spent $620,000 (??395,000) on renovations to the site last year and have leased it until June 2014.

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64 comments on US F1 keeping Charlotte base

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  1. Ned Flanders said on 16th February 2010, 14:46

    Is it just me or has anyone else stopped believing anything USF1 has to say? In this case it seems like a reasonable explanation, but I have so little faith in the team and its occasional boasts and ramblings- led mainly by Peter Windsor- that I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re lying again and this is actually another huge setback for them.

    • Also why so quiet on their website, they were pretty active in January, but it’s been dead quiet for a couple of weeks. Marketing-wise and if everything was still going according to plan racing-wise, wouldn’t you like to keep producing news, and maybe some new vids? For fans, future sponsors, and us doubters?

    • GeeMac said on 16th February 2010, 15:21

      It’s not just you Ned, I have too. I had faith in USF1 and Campos’ ability to get their cars ready in time for Bahrain, but I have given up on them both now.

      I WANT to see both of them on the grid, but I don’t think they will be.

    • If you all remember correctly.. these new teams entered assuming there was going to be a budget cap, well… our favorite ‘big dog’ teams went and pulled the rug right out from under that idea… that would clearly explain the problems these new teams are having.

      best of luck to all who enter this circus of snobs

      • Although USF1 have stated they’ve been planning this entry for 4 years, way before the budget cap was proposed, so it in theory, has nothing to do with it.

    • CorradoVT said on 17th February 2010, 0:58

      I believe USF1 as much as I believe *any* F1 team. I thought they were scheduled to run their car last weekend at a track in Alabama @ Barber Motorsport Park. No “news” or pics coming out of from that coupled with only having a single driver lends support to the claim that they are no longer serious about being on the grid for Malaysia and maybe not for 2010 at all. I sincerely hope they do since America *needs* to put itself back on the F1 map and I do think Ken & Peter had the right idea.

  2. Adrian said on 16th February 2010, 15:06

    You know they’d silence a lot of their critics/doubters if they signed a second driver and actually launched their car…

    …at least with Campos we know the car can be built (thanks to them outsourcing it to Dalara) so it’s just a matter of money (just!!). But with USF1 they have so much to prove and nothing really concrete to dispel any doubts.

  3. If someone had the inclination to be a real jerk they could call the broker posing as a serious buyer “But I need that lease nullified and the place vacated, how much money will it take?” Just prod around and see if he is willing to even consider it.

    • Steve said on 17th February 2010, 5:41

      It wouldn’t really tell you anything. For the right price any lease can be broken. Its just a matter of if you are willing to pay enough to make the hassle of moving worthwhile for the tenant. This is a real non-story. Its VERY common for a company to lease and not own the building their in. Especially if they’re a new company and may end up outgrowing the building.

  4. Jameson said on 16th February 2010, 15:21

    From what I found, the USF1 team are not the owners of the property:

    Which is related to:

  5. HounslowBusGarage said on 16th February 2010, 15:31

    It’s Windsor; isn’t it. Whenever he says anything, I look for corroborating evidence. And when he says nothing at all, I’m suspicious.
    I want US F1 to race because we need a US team to build interest in the States. But also I want US F1 to race if only to stop Windsor later claiming that the sneekey European teams wouldn’t let them race because they knew that US F1 would be faster.

    • Adrian said on 16th February 2010, 16:38

      I’m dying to see USF1 race…or at the very least to see their car, if only to see how they’ve managed to put their transverse gearbox in…

  6. When Bernie starts to state that the team was sounding to be in trouble a few weeks back, then I pretty much took it as decided. Outside the team, he would have the best idea of what each team is up to.

    Considering this is the worst economic slump in many years, starting a new team would a gigantic undertaking, considering this is a sport relying almost exclusively on sponsorship to pay the bills.

  7. sato113 said on 16th February 2010, 15:47

    if Stephan Gp enters instead of Campos, i hope their lineup will not be NAK and ralf SCHU. Make it KLI and SAT, or even HEI.

    • Rob S said on 17th February 2010, 0:14

      I think it would be funny to see Ralf Schumacher back in F1 especially seeing as his much greater brother has returned. Would be good to see sato in that seat also though always liked that guy Gutsy to say the least.

  8. Steve_P83 said on 16th February 2010, 16:12

    I read online last week that USF1 was supposed to do the FIA crash test for their car on 15 FEB. If the crash test was passed, the plan was to test the car in the U.S. this weekend. Has their been any news about the crash test yesterday? Does anyone know?

  9. Andrew White said on 16th February 2010, 16:14

    So people think Windsor is lying, yet the property advert itself says that USF1 are tenants until 2014 and that this won’t change. I think deep down, some people just want USF1 to fail. They are supposed to be launching their car 20-25 February, and will probably announce their second driver at the same time. If, by the 26 February, we have heard nothing then I’ll get worried. Until then, lets just wait and see and drop this ‘I want them to be there but I don’t think they will be’ act.

    • MuzzleFlash said on 16th February 2010, 16:34

      While I’m not one of them, I think those who would rather see them fail would at least prefer to see them do it on the track rather than just closing down and withdrawing their entry.

      Personally I hope they do make it, Lotus vs. Virgin F1 is already getting me excited, some plucky yanks being thrown into the mix would be great.

      • I don’t think people “want to see them fail” – the naysayers want to see a viable, professional US Formula 1 team – the problem is that there is a very real danger that these guys either won’t make the grid at all, or will be a disaster of Lola-Mastercard proportions if they do – and that makes them a potential laughing stock, and will do immense damage to the image of F1 in the states.

        • HounslowBusGarage said on 16th February 2010, 20:37


        • +1, i want to see them there, but i have no faith in it at the moment. Different things

          • Jarred Walmsley said on 17th February 2010, 6:11

            That is exactly right, some of us actually do want USF1 to get to bahrain and race, however what we are saying is look at the facts, no pics of the car, only 1 driver, and the season is less than a month away. We don’t even know if they have passed the crash tests or not. However it is not just USF1 I am just as concerned or even more so about Campos for the same reasons as above. And they have the Senna name so sponsers should be less of an issue and they are european based so costs should also be lower

        • sajonaraman said on 16th February 2010, 23:58

          Bring it on US F1. I would really like to see a story of the likes of Adrea Moda rewritten.

  10. Just watched the race edit of the British GP on, has anyone else heard vettels crazy frog impression at the end? it made me laugh so much!!

  11. So I think that Stefan GP are a better choice then. Bring them on.

    • I reckon you’re right. Stefan have infrastructure, a plan, and we have heard from them in the last month. We all want USF1 to get on the grid and be competitive but why the delays? Windsor kept saying on Aussie TV that the team had been a multi year plan to enter F1 in 2010, not just since the rule changes and budget restrictions were announced (even though the budget restrictions were scrapped it’s really only been in the past 12 months that Campos, Lotus and Virgin appeared). If that was the case how can Lotus, in a couple of months, get a team and a car built and on track yet USF1 with all their american know-how, cannot?

      By all rights they should have been first of the new boys on track, not one of the last. Very concerning indeed. Windsor’s reputation will not benefit from this at all…

      • Yeah, as much as i want a stable team in f1 than a team that could drop out, just because stefan gp is making more noise doesn’t make them stable and race ready.

        i hope usf1 make it, campos aren’t making noise but dallara is a solid partner to rely on so i’m not so worried about them.

        the next week or two will be interesting to see if usf1 launch a car or not.

  12. banned from J.Allen site said on 16th February 2010, 17:01

    they will be there, they just need time. Bernie will give it to them, he just have other team knocking on the door. He can’t afford to waste them.
    If the story was different, they would be already dead.

  13. Fer no.65 said on 16th February 2010, 17:15

    As far as i know, USF1 was going to get their chassis crash tested today or tomorrow…

    what happened to that? no rumours?

  14. So, if USF1 and Campos dont make it to the grid, then how will qualifying go, as there will only be 6 cars in the ‘top ten’ shoot out?

    • If the number of cars is reduced then the numbers knocked out in Q1 and Q2 changes. For 26 cars it’s 8/8/10, for 24 it’s 7/7/10, for 22 it’s 6/6/10 and for 20 it’s 5/5/10.

  15. But surely there is a time limit given to these two teams??? I mean if Virgin were able to do it well within the time limits then why not the other two?

    Can the teams not be forced to reveal where they are in respect to the design and launch of their car. If they are not ready for the season start then remove them and let Stefen GP in?

    I personally dont think a team should be allowed to miss up to 3 races in a season. Makes you wonder, there were quite alot of teams that applied to enter F1 and places were given to USF1 and Campos. I wonder, on what grounds.

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