US F1 set to abandon F1 bid

US F1 appear to be on the verge of giving up on their plans to compete in the 2010 F1 season.

Reports in the Argentinean media claim Peter Windsor told Jose Maria Lopez the team will not race in F1 this year.

There has been little news from the team for several weeks. It planned to test its car at Barber Motorsport Park this month but no details about the test have been forthcoming.

There are also doubts over high-profile backer Chad Hurley’s commitment to the project.

As recently as yesterday the team asserted it was still on-track to race in Bahrain.

The team has not yet officially responded to the reports but keep an eye on their official Twitter and Facebook presences for developments.

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205 comments on US F1 set to abandon F1 bid

  1. “This country has been consistently shooting itself in the foot with regard to f1 for two decades now.”

    Sorry dude, it ain’t the country, it’s individual people.
    Windsor tried to sell the “American Team” concept, but unfortunately there were no buyers. And knuckleheads like you will gleefully continue to dump on America.

    Regardless, I’m personally gutted that they screwed the pooch on this effort.

  2. Plink Plonk Plunk said on 18th February 2010, 7:29

    Regardless if these rumours are true or not I’m done throwing my support to USF1.

    Yes, I desperately wanted them to make it and shine but with less than a month to go; no test, no second driver, no motor, no idea even when they will fire the car up?

    Seriously! For a team that was suppose to have been in the making for years…..they look a complete mess!

    I have to say….I never bought into the whole ‘were an American team’ nonesense. Windsor’s English as is half the other team members. Just cause you [failed to] build a car in the US doesnt make you an American team.

  3. Well, damn. I had high hopes. Here’s something semi-official, as it is from Lopez’s own website.

    “Taking into account the amount of information dumped on the participation of Jose Maria Lopez pilot in Formula 1 in the 2010 season is reported in yesterday Jose Maria Lopez (father) with Felipe Mc Gough and visited the headquarters Victor Rosso of USF1 in Charlotte, USA, to make contact with team officials.

    At that meeting several issues were touched to know in depth the state of affairs of the new squadron commanding Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson.

    After the meeting with a certain idea of the current state of the U.S. team last night set out for London, England.

    In London, several meetings were generated, one with executives of the FOM (Formula One Management) who presides over Bernie Ecclestone.

    The result of these was positive and expected for a similar agenda on Thursday to today.

    Lopez (p), Mc Gough and Rosso are scheduled to return to our country next weekend.”

    I think it is obvious things aren’t good, or else they wouldn’t have flown to London. Perhaps they are looking for another ride.

  4. Xanathos said on 18th February 2010, 8:51

    After all the promise in January, it looks like they are done. But there is still hope that we’ll have a full grid in Bahrain.
    The only way Stefan GP can get an entry is buying one of the existing ones (Virgin and Lotus will never agree to give them a new entry, as only the top10 in the constructor’s championship will get a share of the TV money). And if USF1 fails, they don’t have just some unhappy sponsors, but also the government of a not-so-small country that would want its money back. So selling their entry with Lopez attached to it might make sense…

    • You can’t sell an entry on its own. Stefan GP would have to actually buy the team, including its debt to Cosworth and its lease on the Charlotte facility. The alternative is that USF1 withdraws its entry entirely and a brand-new one is granted to Stefan GP, but that would require a lot of legal wrangling and the agreement of all the other teams (which, let’s face it, isn’t going to happen).

      • Maksutov said on 19th February 2010, 10:46

        It would be crazy if Stefan GP bought the team, since they have already bought one. The most likely scenario is that USF1 will have to withdraw based on bankruptcy. And I am not really sure if they will then have to pay a penalty under these conditions… :/

        Stefan GP is probably next in line to be granted a grid by FIA should any team fail to show up for the first race, or pull out… We’ll just have to wait and see what hpns

  5. I will keep hoping that USF1 make the grid until it is official that they won’t race, the same with Campos.

    On the bright side we are still due to have more cars on the grid than last season as there have already been 11 teams who have launched their car and are testing them, and if USF1 and/or Campos don’t make it looks like Stefan GP will.

  6. hoping stefan gp get in

    and hoping villeneuve and ralf are the drivers :)

  7. It would appear Villeneuve is closing in on a deal with Stefan GP.

    With the containers out in the Middle East and Malaysia and now the team doing deals with drivers you’d have to say that they have more than just a vague hope of a slot on the 2010 grid. They must be fairly confident at this stage.

  8. ajokay said on 18th February 2010, 10:54

    I want to know what’s going to happen to all those toasters.

    Or maybe they could make some money selling that rare and exclusive nosecone they made.

  9. qazuhb said on 18th February 2010, 12:02

    How sad to see the kind of reputation we Argentinian people have in the rest of the world, in the light of some comments here…

  10. Villeneuve (Jacque, LeBebe) is like a vampire feeding off his own fleeting moment of glory. Until someone drives a wooden stake through his ego driven self image he’ll be trying to catch rides forever. Everyone deserves a second chance, he had more than his share of failed opportunities. Give the seat to a newbie.

    If Stefan GP give the ride to LeBebe, that’s one team that will not receive any kind thoughts from yours truly.

    • maciek said on 18th February 2010, 13:35

      Geez, that’s a little bit brutal. I mean I agree on the ego thing, but he really was not well surrounded with Craig Pollock – that guy always seemed like slimy piece of work to me.

      Anyhoo – when you own a team you’ll get to decide who not to give race seats to, I guess.

    • hahahahaha @ GeorgeK…true. He WAS fast and fun to watch…but it’s over…

  11. Matty55 said on 18th February 2010, 13:01

    I’d say Lola are pretty happy right now!! If it becomes official that USF1 are dead then Mastercard Lola will no longer be the most unsucessful entrant in F1 history!!!

    • R.E.M. said on 18th February 2010, 16:02

      No, they fall into the same class as Prodrive as failing to come together before the season started. So in essence, they can’t have that honor, because they didn’t make the grid.

      Besides, Life is the worst F1 team ever.

  12. Ellesse said on 18th February 2010, 13:30

    I’m shocked at the 1) lack of American corporate support for such a project (F1 is the MOST WATCHED sporting event/s on a yearly basis and could be gold for a fortune 500 co.), 2) the lack of “buzz” in the USA surrounding the fact we’ve finally got an F1 team. What about some P.R. from a celebrity or two? Some more Youtube videos of the car being built? EPSN doing a piece or two on them? Other than hardcore F1 fans, NOBODY IN THE USA (corporate or otherwise) EVEN KNOWS USF1 EXISTS! That’s not good enough nor does it bode well for the future of the team.

    On a similiar note – notice the lack of Fortune 500 sponsors in F1? Other than Ferrari and McLaren, you’re seeing Renault, Virgin, Lotus, Sauber, Force India, USF1, with sponsors that are anything short of global (or lack of sponsors altogether in the case of Sauber). Even RedBull is having to totally rely on their energy drink empire for the most part. Cost cutting better be working……..

    • Hallard said on 18th February 2010, 16:00

      “the lack of “buzz” in the USA surrounding the fact we’ve finally got an F1 team. What about some P.R. from a celebrity or two? Some more Youtube videos of the car being built? EPSN doing a piece or two on them? Other than hardcore F1 fans, NOBODY IN THE USA (corporate or otherwise) EVEN KNOWS USF1 EXISTS!”

      I think that youre right. There is just a lack of interest for F1 here in the states. A few of us are fanatics, but the majority simply arent aware of F1.

    • i have seen a lot of senterminet along the lines of

      Is this true? I was listening to the sports radio last sat at about ~2 to ~3am local time, and the station had switched to “fox sports radio’ or something like that, and the had a show on motorsport where along with nascar, F1 was talked about, and quite comprehensively as well. From USf1 troubles and “the ghost car” as they were calling it,
      to the ban on refulleing, tyre managment etc – they spent about 1/2 hr on it in total, then skipped back to it couple of time when talking about the impending Daytona 500. Commercial reality must dictate that they wouldn’t spend time talking about something motorsport fans had no / little intrest in. maybe???

      • No, I don’t think it is true. I’m guessing that the people posting those statements don’t live in the US and therefore have no idea what they are talking about. I know many F1 fans that are very in to the sport and I know a lot of people who are knowledgeable of the sport and watch a few races, but are not die-hard fans. Also, since I am into the sport and frequently talk about it, I have realized that most people have some knowledge of the sport…Ferrari, Shumacher, etc…

        However, I do agree with a statement I read earlier that the general US public (non-F1 and non-Indy fan) could not easily tell the difference between an F1 car and an ‘Indy’ car.

  13. doncakes said on 18th February 2010, 14:25

    “As I thought from the outset, the whole thing was only going to be an embarrassment for America”
    I am American, and trust me, I am not embarressed.

    Most Americans are sleeping when these races are on TV. It is hard for them to get backing from American companies for that reason alone.

  14. Rob Wilson said on 18th February 2010, 16:04

    Unlucky America.

  15. newnhamlea1 said on 18th February 2010, 16:13

    a sort of official statement from usf1 on twitter The US F1 Team web server is down and is being repaired as this is written. We are not gone, as many have reported. More news soon.

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