F1 Fanatic round-up: 20/2/2010

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The third F1 test of 2010 wraps up at Jerez today. Here’s the Saturday round-up:


Jenson Button Q&A (Autosport)

“I think the Ferrari is a very strong car. If you look at their runs today, they’re very consistent. I think they have better consistency than anyone at the moment. It’s always interesting to observe what they’re up to. I think our pace is good, but there are still areas we need to work on for me to be happy with the car.”

Comment of the day

Will having two drivers with distinctly different driving styles help or hinder McLaren? Here’s Tim’s take:

The car is generally developed to suit the driving style, not the other way round. If both drivers have similar driving styles and struggle to overcome the same problem with the car, then the team only has one set of problems to solve. If the drivers have very different styles, one may struggle with one set of problems with the car and the other may struggle with a different problems. Then the team has two sets of problems to deal with, and it effectively has to develop the car in two different directions at the same time to suit each driver. This means either twice as much work for the team(or only making half as much progress for each driver) or focusing all the team?s effort on one driver only.

In 2006 McLaren had Raikkonen and Montoya, who wanted very different things from their cars, and the results were not good. Similar driving styles helps to provide consistency of feedback and helps the team focus.

Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes to MondoL!

On this day in F1

Roger Penske turns 73 today. Though better known for his Indy Car outfit Penske entered an F1 team from 1974 to 1977. They won a single race, courtesy of John Watson at Austria in 1976, one year after his predecessor at the team Mark Donohue had been killed at the circuit.

Penske himself raced in F1 in the United States Grands Prix of 1961 and 1962.

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