F1 Fanatic round-up: 24/2/2010

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The final F1 test session of the year gets started tomorrow. I should be heading out for at part of the test – I’ll have full details of my plans up later. For now, here’s the Wednesday round-up:


New Cosworth F1 website

A new website for returning engine supplier Cosworth is coming soon at this address.

US F1 insider: Hurley can save team (Autosport)

“In a meeting between the employees, Windsor and Anderson, Windsor put the question up to the employees: ‘Who here doesn’t think we’ll make Bahrain?’ I think Windsor might have meant it somewhat rhetorically, but he was answered nonetheless, and 100 per cent of the staff raised their hands. He was visibly shocked.”

Caption Contest: #102 (BlogF1)

Ollie’s caption contests are always a laugh but he’s really outdone himself with this one.

Comment of the day

Here’s Prisoner Monkeys’ interpretation of that notorious Ferrari tirade:

Ferrari are hurting, and it shows. They?ve just come off the back of their worst season in fifteen years, and they?ve seen the balance of power shift from two teams to four. And some believe there could be as many as six who are fighting at the front. Ferrari are in their most vulnerable position since the pre-Schumacher years, and it?s not really their fault ?ǣ the F60 might not have been the best, but even if it was, the other teams would have still caught up.

Ferrari?s comments have nothing to do with the state of play in sport and everything to do with Ferrari and their pride. They blame the FIA for accepting teams Ferrari considers undeserving, and given their precarious position, they feel threatened by those teams.
Prisoner Monkeys

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

It’s Pedro de la Rosa’s birthday topday. The Spanish driver turns 39 today as he prepares to make his F1 comeback with BMW Sauber.

Like his more illustrious fellow F1 returnee Michael Schumacher, de la Rosa’s last Grand Prix start was at Interlagos in 2006. He finished eighth, Schumacher fourth.