Do you want three-car teams? (Poll)

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Ferrari want three-car teams in Formula 1
Ferrari want three-car teams in Formula 1

Yesterday we saw Ferrari banging the drum for three-car teams once again. But our debate around their now-infamous rant led us to a very different idea – why not let teams run a single car if they choose to?

I decided it’s time to put the question to a vote among F1 Fanatic readers:

How many cars should F1 teams be allowed to enter?

  • Two (the current rule) (47%)
  • One or two (15%)
  • Two or three (18%)
  • One, two or three (13%)
  • Any number (6%)

Total Voters: 4,593

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In the past, teams could enter any number of cars they liked in any race.

But this created the problem of fluctuating grid sizes. Typically the European rounds would be very well-attended but only a handful of cars made it to the ‘flyaway’ rounds.

Requiring teams to enter the same number of cars at each race is definitely the correct approach. But how many cars should that be?

At the moment every team has to enter two cars at every round. In other series where teams have to build their own cars it’s typical to see teams of more than two cars: like endurance racing, for example.

Ferrari wants to be able to enter a third car in F1 which, as discussed before, would boost grid sizes but could make it easer for one team to dominate and squeeze out their smaller rivals.

On the other hand I think there’s something to be said for letting teams enter just one car instead of two if they choose. It could help new teams get started in F1 by running a cheaper one-car effort in their first season but requiring them to run a full two-car squad after that.

Should F1 follow Ferrari’s repeated demands to be allowed to run a third car? Should one-car teams be allowed again? Or are we best off not tampering with the two-car system? Cast your vote above and have your say in the comments.

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