4 comments on “Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari F10”

  1. nooooooooooooooooooooo, ferrari have a sharkfin too, they are hideous!

  2. I am confused. Did Ferrari change this during todays test? I see pictures with and without the shark fin. Is that an “easy” change?
    If so, will they be allowed to choose per race, or even race-day, different in qual then in race?

  3. I am confused. I see pictures from today with and without a sharkfin on the ferrari. Did they just test it? Can they change it so easily?

    IF it can be changed easily, would it during the season be allowed to change from sharkfin to no sharkfin and vise versa between races? Or even between quals and raceday?

  4. I don’t like shark fins because it alters the lines of the car a lot. It’s purely an aesthetic reason I don’t like them.

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