2010 F1 testing live: 26th February

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Lewis Hamilton in action today
Lewis Hamilton in action today

It’s day two at Barcelona and Fernando Alonso is among the drivers finishing off their planned test programmes ahead of the first race of 2010.

Join us and follow testing as it happens below.

Times from today’s test

Driver Car Best time Laps Difference
Nico H???lkenberg Williams-Cosworth FW32 80.614 99 0
Fernando Alonso Ferrari F10 80.637 134 0.023
Pedro de la Rosa BMW Sauber-Ferrari C29 80.973 114 0.359
Vitantonio Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes VJM03 81.056 90 0.442
Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault RB6 81.258 125 0.644
Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR5 81.571 104 0.957
Michael Schumacher Mercedes W01 81.689 85 1.075
Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 82.152 93 1.538
Robert Kubica Renault R30 84.912 53 4.298
Jarno Trulli Lotus-Cosworth T127 85.524 70 4.91
Timo Glock Virgin-Cosworth VR-01 85.942 52 5.328

Testing notes

Mark Webber was fastest of all yesterday but expect the times to get faster over today, tomorrow and Sunday as more rubber goes down on the track.

McLaren ran a set of sensors on the rear of Jenson Button’s car early in the session but the team suffered a blow when the car came to a stop late in the session.

But they were far from the only team to suffer problems. Fernando Alonso lost a lot of running after an electrical problem (he also tried a shark fin wing on the Ferrari F10) and Virgin’s test efforts suffered another setback after Lucas di Grassi crashed.

Several drivers are expected to make their last appearances in testing today before the Bahrain Grand Prix, including Alonso, Nico H???lkenberg, Pedro de la Rosa, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Jaime Alguersuari.

Today’s testing line-up

McLaren MP4-25Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes W01Michael Schumacher
Red Bull RB6Sebastian Vettel
Ferrari F10Fernando Alonso
Williams FW32Nico H???lkenberg
BMW Sauber C29Pedro de la Rosa
Renault R30Robert Kubica
Force India VJM03Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso STR5Jaime Alguersuari
Virgin VR-01Timo Glock
Lotus T127Jarno Trulli

The track: Circuit de Catalunya

The final test of 2010 is being held at the Circuit de Catalunya, where the teams will return later this year for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Rubens Barrichello set the fastest time during last year’s Spanish Grand Prix race weekend with a 1’19.954 in Q2. The fastest lap of the race itself was also set by Barrichello, a 1’22.762,

For further comparison, Valentino Rossi lapped the track in a 2008-specification Ferrari on GP2 slick tyres in a time of 1’21.900 earlier this year.

Live Tweets and times

Check out MSFree.gr for live times from the track during the test.

Here’s the latest Tweets from people at the track (plus me):

If you would like to suggest a Twitter feed to add to the list, please name them in the comments. The list only updates when this page is refreshed.

2010 F1 testing

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  1. The fact that Ferrari tested the “shark fin” yesterday, shows they are not yet satisfied with their base car.

    Sometimes you develop in the wrong direction just as BGP did last year :-(

    1. It’s like building an upside down pyramid, you can go on building thinking you are doing fine then suddenly the pyramid falls because you have done too much!!

      1. If you build a pyramid it doesnt really matter when it falls over :-).

        1. Yes it does… a pyramid has a square bottom.

          You’re thinking of a tetrahedron ;)

          (Sorry for the pedantry!)

          1. Read again, “upside down pyramid”, that will get top heavy and fall.

            For an upside down pyramid your square bottom is the square top!! ;)

    2. I don’t think that testing new components means that they are in trouble. I personally think that meclaren are in troubles because they are testing the same components with all those aero devices on it exactly like last year. I hope I am wrong because I am JB`s fan.

  2. I Maybe jumping the gun here with this one, as i know everyone is saying you cant take anything from the times.

    But Virgin Racing i think nearly every session has been quicker than Lotus!? Not bad.

    I think there car is one of the best looking on the grid also, and no offense, i like lotus cars but this F1 car looks very boxy.

    1. That’s Gascoyne, he did the same when he started at Toyota. Apparantly to get a ‘baseline’, calibrate everything around that and then improve.

      Before we could see the result he was gone…

      Now Im wondering if he did the same at Renault?

  3. Is still Ferrari using the shark fin today?

  4. ferrari now using shark fin :P wonder what took them?

    1. Just copying McLaren!

      1. copying mclaren! red bull used it first in 2008 pre season, lool and ferrari used it in hungary 08 mclaren have never used it before 2010 launch.

      2. How does Mclaren get credit for the shark fin!?!?!

        Did they use it all of last year when Renault did?
        Did they develop it the way Redbull did?

        1. i know :P red bull get all the credit for this

        2. I think he’s suggesting that Ferrari are doing because McLaren are, not that McLaren pioneered it..

  5. Have a delicious lunch Keith.

  6. The only teams that aren’t using the shark fin is Mercedes and the new teams.

  7. P Pilotes Equipes Temps Ecarts Trs
    1 F.Alonso Ferrari 1.20.637 +-.— 60
    2 P.De La Rosa Sauber 1.20.973 +-.— 46
    3 V.Liuzzi Force India 1.21.056 +-.— 23
    4 S.Vettel Red Bull 1.21.258 +-.— 55
    5 J.Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1.21.571 +-.— 36
    6 M.Schumacher Mercedes 1.21.689 +-.— 45
    7 L.Hamilton McLaren 1.22.152 +-.— 39
    8 N.Hulkenberg Williams 1.23.513 +-.— 82
    9 R.Kubica Renault 1.24.912 +-.— 44
    10 T.Glock Virgin 1.26.622 +-.— 18
    11 J.Trulli Lotus 1.26.677 +-.— 40

  8. Please, can someone on site at Barcelona give the management a swift kick up the B*tt and get them to re-activate the webcams. Why would ya advertise, install, and run 2 webcams then deliberatley redirect them to the home page when we want to use them.
    Or is it another commercial rights issue?
    I for one would love to be able to see the cars on the pit lane.

    1. It will definitely be a broadcasting rights matter. Only official F1 broadcasters are allowed to film at tests, and if they choose not to then there won’t be any footage.

  9. http://twitter.com/clubforce/status/9676197865

    Force India about to start a full race simulation – this should give some great stats on the fuel usage as the laptimes come down, if they’re running at ‘proper speed’…

  10. Lap count
    Alonso 60
    De la Rosa 46
    Liuzzi 26
    Vettel 55
    Alguersuari 36
    Schumacher 45
    Hamilton 39
    Hulkenberg 82
    Kubica 44
    Glock 18
    Trulli 40

    1. Lap time before lunch time

      1 Alonso Ferrari 1m20.637s
      2 De la Rosa Sauber 1m20.973s +0.336
      3 Liuzzi Force India 1m21.056s +0.419
      4 Vettel Red Bull 1m21.455s +0.818
      5 Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1m21.571s +0.934
      6 Schumacher Mercedes 1m21.689s +1.052
      7 Hamilton McLaren 1m22.152s +1.515
      8 Hulkenberg Williams 1m23.513s +2.876
      9 Kubica Renault 1m24.912s +4.275
      10 Glock Virgin 1m26.622s +5.985
      11 Trulli Lotus 1m26.941s +6.304

  11. Hamilton, Hulkenberg, Kubica and Glock are still to emerge after the break. Big lunches maybe (autosport) lol

  12. Another red flag.
    I think that during this official test the teams could agree to use the safety car, so that run simulation are not interrupted, and the simulation is complete.
    This could be a training session for SF driver also, and would avoid wasting time for the teams.

  13. What up with McLaren they’ve only done 49 laps!!!!

    Lets se Hammy do a quick lap!

  14. hi all.. can anyone share what is the latest time per lap

    1. Just take a look at the Live section of autosport.com


  15. P Pilotes Equipes Temps Ecarts Trs
    1 F.Alonso Ferrari 1.20.637 +-.— 78
    2 P.De La Rosa Sauber 1.20.973 +-.— 60
    3 V.Liuzzi Force India 1.21.056 +-.— 70
    4 N.Hulkenberg Williams 1.21.199 +-.— 85
    5 S.Vettel Red Bull 1.21.258 +-.— 88
    6 J.Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1.21.571 +-.— 70
    7 M.Schumacher Mercedes 1.21.689 +-.— 61
    8 L.Hamilton McLaren 1.22.152 +-.— 49
    9 R.Kubica Renault 1.24.912 +-.— 47
    10 J.Trulli Lotus 1.25.524 +-.— 62
    11 T.Glock Virgin 1.26.425 +-.— 32

  16. GO HULKBERG, GO!!! FASTEST with 1m20.614s!!

    1. on a 2 lap run… cheater.. lol

  17. P Pilotes Equipes Temps Ecarts Trs
    1 N.Hulkenberg Williams 1.20.614 +-.— 92
    2 F.Alonso Ferrari 1.20.637 +-.— 83
    3 P.De La Rosa Sauber 1.20.973 +-.— 65
    4 V.Liuzzi Force India 1.21.056 +-.— 74
    5 S.Vettel Red Bull 1.21.258 +-.— 88
    6 J.Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1.21.571 +-.— 72
    7 M.Schumacher Mercedes 1.21.689 +-.— 61
    8 L.Hamilton McLaren 1.22.152 +-.— 49
    9 R.Kubica Renault 1.24.912 +-.— 47
    10 J.Trulli Lotus 1.25.524 +-.— 63
    11 T.Glock Virgin 1.25.942 +-.— 35

    In fairness, Williams have been showing really good pace for the past few test days, they are looking good one would have to say.

    1. It is about time they were at the sharp end of the grid. It is has been far too long.

  18. I agree… this testing season has been great because just about all the teams have had a quick day.. so I think we’ll have to wait until Bahrain to see the real order.. man I can’t wait!! 16 days… 3 hours… 45 minutes and 35 seconds!!

  19. Looks like Fernando’s on a race sim and he’s lapping consistently in the 24’s… 38 laps so far.. :)

  20. with McLaren on 33 laps in high 27’s. don’t think Vettel or Alonso are going to lose much sleep !!

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