Join our live blogging team for 2010

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

The ever-popular F1 Fanatic live blogs will return for every practice session, qualifying hour and Grand Prix this year.

We’re looking for volunteers to help moderate and run the sessions. Each session is typically supported by around half-a-dozen moderators who put comments live, run polls and generally keep the sessions running smoothly.

You don’t need to commit to helping in every session or even every race weekend.

If you’d like to help out please get in touch by emailling me, using Twitter or leave a comment below.

You can check the times of every F1 session using the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

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  • 32 comments on “Join our live blogging team for 2010”

    1. Hi you know me….I can help…

    2. Yeah I’d love to help in any way I can.

    3. sounds interesting I’d love to help.

    4. I would be happy to help!

    5. I’d be willing to help Keith.

    6. I will gladly help

    7. Same here :)

    8. My computer is still tempermental (or just plain mental) but if ever the live blog gets stuck I can help.

      I can’t waitn for the live blog, it’s a personal highlight of this site and I’ve missed it nearly as much as the racing. It’s great to be able to read fellow fanatics reactions to the race as it unfolds and we can get some good debate on there too. It’s perfect too if there is a lack of action…Brazil was fairly dull in qualifying when we were waiting for the rain to go away but you all kept me entertained. There were even quite a few on when it was Japan and for many fanatics it was the early hours of the morning!

    9. I’m just a normal F1 fan. Would be happy to help.

    10. I would say my predictions for F1 2010 here and these are my final predictions:-

      1. Button
      2. Hamilton

      3. Schumacher
      4. Rosberg

      Red Bull:-
      5. Vettel
      6. Webber

      7. Massa
      8. Alonso

      9. Barrichello
      10. Hulkenberg

      11. Kubica
      12. Petrov

      Force India:-
      14. Sutil
      15. Liuzzi

      Toro Rosso:-
      16. Buemi
      17. Alguersuari

      18. Trulli
      19. Kovalainen

      20. Chandhok **
      21. Senna

      24. Glock
      25. di Grassi

      26. de la Rosa
      27. Kobayashi

      #. Nakajima
      #. Villeneuve **

      ** =Unconfirmed
      Note:- US F1 are not going to make it

      1. hard to believe that every team’s drivers will line up consecutively in the standings….

      2. Which part is the prediction part?

        1. Jarred Walmsley
          27th February 2010, 8:48

          I believe that he is still predicting the drivers due to Chandhok being in Campos

    11. i would love to help and ill give 100%

    12. I’ve helped before, and I’ve love to help again!
      Where do I sign?!

    13. I’m more than happy to help on the live blogging if needed.

    14. 36% in favour of teams being allowed to run 3 cars – “not much interest”?

      Not a majority for sure, but more than the 2nd place party in most UK general elections. If a fringe party like the Greens or the BNP suddenly polled 36 % no-one would call that ‘not much interest’

      1. Does it matter what we think?
        FIA and FOTA don’t listen to fans.

    15. Prisoner Monkeys
      26th February 2010, 22:58

      I’m in.

      The university has changed its internet system, so I don’t think I’ll have the problems I had last year with moderating.

    16. Looks like lots of folks will be helping out this year. :) I’ll be decreasing my involvement in the live blogs, Keith, but I would still love to help moderate if you’re short on hands. Keep me in the e-mail list? ;)

      1. Last year I gave some support on Fridays and Saturdays.

        This year I’ll will not be able for Fridays but if you need some help during Saturdays, I’ll be available.

        Keep me also in the e-mail list!

        1. Keep me on the emailing list, i’ll be able to be part of a lot of the practice sessions.

          For any iPhone/iPod Touch owners Cover It Live are releasing/have just released a live blog app, so you’ll be able to follow and help out on your iPhone/iPod!

          Also Keith, I’ve been looking at the CiL software and it looks like they have added the capability to play video/webcam live in the blog. There are a number of programs out there that allow you to turn a tv feed into a webcam feed for messenger programs. Although you would have to look into the legalities of it all, and whether it will significantly affect the running speed of the blog.

          1. Thanks Dan, the CiL app for the iPhone is already available here:


            Anyway, I have already bought F1 Live Timining for 2010 and I don’t know how I’ll handle two apps in the same phone at the same time!!!

    17. Keith.. I’ll be glad to volunteer!

    18. Jarred Walmsley
      27th February 2010, 8:54

      I’ll be happy to help out on some however most will be in the middle of the night for me so, only I will only be able to help on Australia, Japan and possibly some others as well.

    19. I’d be very happy to join up, if you’ll have me. Due to some incredibly absent minded planning i’m not going to be able to watch the first race live (I am so annoyed about this.) but i’ll be for pretty much every race following Bahrain.

    20. I’d love to help out :) I absolutely agree with Steph, the live blogs are great! They really enhance the experience of watching the race. Following discussions and comments make it much more exciting than watching the race alone..

    21. Thanks to everyone who’s offered to help, you should all have received an email from me now. If not, let me know using the contact form.

    22. Nathan Bradley
      8th March 2010, 13:02

      Hi Keith, add me to the list

    23. Eje Gustafsson
      8th March 2010, 16:57

      if you need a extra hand still I’m in.

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